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  • 100% sustainable

Smoked Oak

Floer the wall with the Floer Akupanel Wall Panel – Smoked Oak! With the stylish black oak wooden wall panel, you can give your interior a complete makeover in no time. The Floer Akupanel XL Wall Panels are delivered individually. The black oak wooden wall panel has a length of 300 cm and a width of 60 cm.

Oak akupanels

Does your home meet the latest building code requirements? Even then, the wooden wall panels will cover the wall from top to Floer. The wooden wall panels are made of a layer of recycled black felt and wooden slats with an MDF core. Thanks to the smoking of the wood, each wall panel features a unique appearance, creating a natural colour difference. In addition, the wood of the slats is produced by sustainable forestry! This makes the wall panel wood not only an asset for the interior, but also extremely durable!

The soft felt backing enhances room acoustics. Moreover, the combination of the felt and the slats has a sound-absorbing effect and a smoked oak wooden wall panel reduces a reverberant room. The Floer Akupanel XL Wall Panel – Smoked Oak are fully in line with current home trends and have an oak texture on the slats. Akupanels are also ideal DIY products.

Akupanel installation

Because the wall panels have a consistent look, they are easy to place side by side and the panels appear to run continuously. Installing the wooden akupanel wall panels is very easy using Floer High Tack sealant! Cut the wall panels to size, get the adhesive sealant out and install them. Quickly and easily do it yourself! Looking for another way to fix the wall panels? You can do this by using screws! Could you use some extra help with this challenging DIY job? Then watch the handy FloerTube video.

Article number



300 cm


60 cm


1.9 cm



Veneer Finish


PET-Felt Colour


Slat Distance

1.3 cm

Slat Width

2.7 cm

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