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Discover the most matt Vinyl in the Netherlands, the MEGAMAT© Vinyl from Floer! Thanks to new innovations and technologies, this is the new superlative in flooring. Floors with the MEGAMAT quality mark are therefore even more matt than before, so that your Floer does not shine, but you shine with your floor! Natural oak looks even more realistic than ever with the addition of the MEGAMAT finish to the popular Whalebone Vinyl. Thanks to this revolutionary development, shiny Vinyl is a thing of the past!

Floors with the MEGAMAT© quality mark


The most matt Vinyl in the Netherlands!

The gloss value or gloss level of a Vinyl floor is determined by the PU finish. The rule of thumb is: the lower the gloss level, the more matt the floor. Until now, there have only been PU finishes that could achieve minimum gloss levels between 3 and 5; we call this gloss level ‘super matt’ and it is applied to all Floer Vinyl floors. A number of Vinyl floors, such as the Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl and Whalebone Vinyl collections and a number of Village Vinyl floors, are equipped with the MEGAMAT© quality mark and have a gloss level of around 2. So you can enjoy a sleek, contemporary look in any room without being distracted by a shiny floor!


Extremely low level of gloss

The extremely low gloss level of around 2 is unique in the market. Combined with a subtle tactile structure in the top layer, this results in an ultra-matt finish that eliminates any light reflection. The new PU lacquer layer on the MEGAMAT floors also features ‘ceramic bead’ technology. The matt Vinyl floors in the Netherlands also have various quality marks and are therefore extremely sustainable. Are you choosing MEGAMAT Vinyl? Then you are choosing clean and safe Vinyl, with quality marks and certifications such as Green Guard, REACH, Green Guard Gold, Floor Score, Eurofins Gold, Emission Class A+ and ISO14001.

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Floer MEGAMAT© Vinyl

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In this episode of FloerTube, Jet tells all about the mega makeover of the Whalebone Vinyl and the uniqueness of Floer’s latest Vinyl. Watch the video and find out all about it!

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Questions about MEGAMAT Vinyl floors

Vinyl floors with a MEGAMAT finish have an extremely matt finish, which eliminates any reflection of light.

No, only the Floer Vinyl floors with the MEGAMAT quality mark have this finish. The rest of the Vinyl range has a super matt finish. These floors have a higher gloss level compared to MEGAMAT floors, but nevertheless have a matt appearance.

No, not at all! We have also equipped these Vinyl floors with ‘ceramic bead’ technology. This means that the Vinyl is finished with a strong ceramic top layer. This makes the vinyl floors more scratch resistant.

In addition to the MEGAMAT Herringbone Vinyl and Whalebone ranges, there are also a large number of dryback Vinyl floors with a matt finish. These can be found in the Village Vinyl collection.

Yes, all Whalebone Vinyl floors are coated with the MEGAMAT finish. This applies to both dryback Vinyl and the Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl flooring collection.

The most matt Vinyl floors at the moment are Vinyl floors with a MEGAMAT finish, because the gloss level of these floors is around 2.

We recommend that you only use cleaning products that are suitable for Vinyl floors. Do not use products such as (cleaning) vinegar, washing-up liquid or all-purpose cleaner. These can damage a Vinyl floor.

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