• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Beautiful like wood, practical like vinyl! Floer Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floors with popular oak designs to match other collections. The Natural Click Vinyl is made from 100% clean vinyl and has several leading quality labels such as FloorScore, GreenGuard Gold and the Emission Value A+ label. The Oak Click Vinyl floors are not only beautiful to look at, they are also the most matt vinyl floors in the Netherlands, thanks to the MEGAMAT© finish! Installing your matte vinyl floor is quick and easy thanks to the advanced Variclick connection. Combine a 100% waterproof vinyl floor with the Click Vinyl underlay and you get a 20 year guarantee. Choose Natural Rigid Click Vinyl floors and feel the innovation and natural appeal of the click which creates a timeless atmosphere in your home.

Rigid Click Vinyl

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-picture-7The Floer Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floors are extra special: in this collection you will find click vinyl floors with a size of 22.8 cm in width and 121 cm in length. These floors have the MEGAMAT finish. They also have a tactile structure, a luxurious micro bevel around the plank and a natural oak look. Due to the tactile and visible wood patterns, Floer Click Vinyl is indistinguishable from a natural wooden floor. The luxurious micro bevel around the plank emphasises the robust plank dimensions of the floors.

Click Vinyl floors

Despite the realistic oak appearance, Click Vinyl floors have all the benefits of vinyl! Click Vinyl floors are completely water resistant, easy to maintain and have a very low heat resistance. Did you know that in addition to this collection there is also a unique herringbone click vinyl floor? And in the spirit of ‘the bigger the better’, we have also added the Whalebone Click Vinyl to our collection. Discover the XL click herringbone vinyl with all the advantages of click vinyl in a patterned floor that you can lay yourself!

Installing Rigid Click Vinyl

The installation of a rigid click vinyl floor is super duper easy! Because of the convenient click system, you can install these floors just as easy and quickly as regular straight laminate. The Floer Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floors come with the convenient Floer Variclick connection. Thanks to this, you can easily and simply install a rigid click vinyl floor yourself!

Floer-Variclick-icoonDid you know that rigid click vinyl floors are just as suitable to be combined with underfloor heating as dryback wide vinyl floors from the Forest Vinyl collection that need to be adhered to the subfloor? Rigid Click Vinyl floors have a stone mineral core, which makes the floorboards extra heavy, stable and sturdy. These floors are also ideal to combine with underfloor heating, thanks to the extremely low thermal resistance of 0.039 m2 K/W. Moreover, thanks to its soft vinyl surface layer, Floer Rigid Click Vinyl feels comfortable, soft and warm to the touch. Read here which underlay to use with rigid click vinyl.

What is a rigid mineral core?


The floors in the Nature Click Vinyl collection have a strong, rigid mineral core. But what is this core and how does it help keep your floor looking good? It’s quite simple! Vinyl is generally quite weak, but by adding the ‘Rigid Core’ the floor becomes even less sensitive to such effects. The Rigid Core is made up of strong rock minerals which, among other things, provide stability and reduce walking noise. So you can enjoy your vinyl floor for a longer time thanks to the Rigid Mineral Core!

Wide click vinyl

Isn’t it wide or big enough? Then the Floer Country House Click Vinyl collection is just what you need. With a generous width of no less than 30.5 centimetres, you can bring an unprecedentedly spacious floor into your home. This size, combined with the micro bevel around the plank, creates a spacious effect in the home. In addition, these XXL floors are easy to install, just like Nature Click Vinyl floors.

Vinyl Laminate

Sometimes rigid click vinyl floors get called vinyl laminate floors by accident. The reason for this, is that a rigid click vinyl floor has all the benefits of a dryback vinyl floor and also comes with a convenient click system. So if you see the term vinyl laminate on the streets, in most cases we can assure you that it is a rigid click vinyl floor.

Discover the many Advantages of Rigid Click Vinyl Floors

The Difference between Dryback and Rigid Click Vinyl Floors

Undecided between a dryback and a click vinyl floor? Discover the differences between click and dryback vinyl floors and learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of Natural Click Vinyl. Are you looking for a click vinyl floor but prefer a patterned or tiled floor? The click vinyl herringbone collection consists of beautiful oak floors with an attractive herringbone pattern. Discover the difference between dryback vinyl and click vinyl floors in the FloerTube video below!

Look inside the Floer

Curious about a Click vinyl floor in a real home? Take a look at the Floer of customers who have already #gefloerd. Be inspired and experience the benefits of a click vinyl floor. Want more flooring inspiration? Check out the inspiration page and watch all the inspiring videos.

Nature Rigid Click Vinyl – Eemland Caramel (discontinued)

The owners of this spacious home chose a warm oak Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floor in Eemland Caramel. By combining this robust oak rigid click vinyl floor with a dark kitchen, green tones and materials such as steel and wood, this interior is given a modern and attractive feel! Step inside and experience the Nature Rigid Click Vinyl for yourself!

Tile Click Vinyl

Do you want an industrial interior and a cool look in your home? Create this atmosphere in your home with concrete-look Click Tile Vinyl floors. These waterproof tiles are indistinguishable from real stone, yet just as practical as vinyl. This 100% water resistance makes the floor easy to clean, making it ideal for any room in the house.

Laminate Range

Do you want to know all the pros and cons of rigid click vinyl and laminate floors? In the FloerTube video below they are put against each other. It shows you the advantages of the unique aged Reclaimed Wood Laminate floors. Or why you should choose a 24 cm wide laminate floor from the City Laminate collection. Are there also 32 cm wide laminate floors? Yes! The floors from the Country House Laminate collection are extra wide laminate floors with a floorboard width of 32 cm. Extra long laminate planks? The Authentic Laminate collection is available in extra long laminate boards of 2 metres long!

Floer Rigid Click Vinyl Underlay

The addition of stone minerals to the core of rigid click vinyl floors, makes the floorboards heavier than laminate or dryback vinyl floors. To ensure that the click system of a rigid click vinyl floor is protected under the weight of users, we recommend the matching Rigid Click Vinyl Underlay. This underlay is extra strong and has an impressive 400 KPA. In addition, you can be sure of a 20 year warranty if you combine your new rigid click vinyl floor with this strong underlay. In addition, this underlay is 100% moisture-resistant and is also suitable for underfloor heating! Want to know more about this underlay for super strong rigid click vinyl floors? Watch the video below, and find out!

Click Laminate Floors

There is even more! Choose the extra wide laminate floors from the Country House Laminate collection and install the basis for an XXL laminate floor with a width of more than 32 cm in your home. Thanks to the continuous pattern on these floors, infinite long floorboards are created. Curious about patterned laminate floors? Check out the beautiful Herringbone Laminate floors and turn your house into a home. Do you prefer thinner vinyl floors?

Floors without Click System

In addition to rigid click vinyl flooring, there are also various forms of adhesive vinyl. The Village Vinyl floors have a realistic oak design and can also be perfectly combined with underfloor heating. The attractive Herringbone Vinyl fully complies with the latest interior trends and has a register embossing structure. For a robust style, you can of course choose a tile floor with a concrete look. Choose one of the beautiful stone Tile Vinyl floors. Looking for a truly unique floor? Then the special XL herringbone vinyl floors from the Whalebone Vinyl collection must not escape your eye!

Oak Wood Floors

Would you like to have a real oak floor in your home, but without the maintenance? Discover Floer Hybrid Wood! These oak floors take the all-in-one concept to a new level: they have all the advantages of parquet, vinyl and laminate in one floor. They are waterproof, scratch-resistant and extremely strong thanks to Wood Powder technology. Would you prefer a real parquet floor? Floer oak parquet floors are assembled in the production hall according to your wishes. You can choose from a variety of wood species and finishes. Choose a brushed, smoked or aged finish. Herringbone? Oak floors are also available in a herringbone pattern. Would you like to see a floor in your home? Order a sample or the collection book and discover it at home!

Floer Nature Click Vinyl product questions

Rigid click vinyl is a type of click vinyl flooring that has a hard core made up of a mixture of vinyl and stone minerals, also known as “rigid core.” This mixture makes the intermediate layer of the rigid click vinyl floor hard and stable, resulting in minimal impact.

The Floer Rigid Click Vinyl features a stable, low-impact core composed of vinyl and stone minerals, also known as ‘Rigid Core’. Vinyl, like wood and laminate, naturally exhibits movement under different conditions. Rigid Click Vinyl products are thicker than Dryback Vinyl products and therefore more sensitive to this effect. However, adding stone minerals to the core of the Rigid Click Vinyl planks makes the floor less sensitive to impact.

In addition to the standard Rigid Click Vinyl floors, the Nature Rigid Click Vinyl collection also includes four XL floors. With dimensions of 22.9 cm in width and a length of no less than 183 cm, these floors can rightfully be called XL, and even XXL!

No, you should always use a suitable underlayment. Pay close attention to the pressure resistance of the subfloor.

The Rigid Click vinyl flooring features the Floer Fastclick connection. With its simple drop-down system, you can easily install the floors yourself and quickly too.

Nature Rigid Click Vinyl flooring does not come with an integrated underlay. Rigid Click Vinyl with an integrated subfloor does not provide sufficient support for the joint. To ensure the longevity of the click vinyl, high compressive strength in the subfloor is crucial. Only a subfloor with a high kPa value can guarantee this support. Floer offers the Rigid Click Vinyl Underlay, which is specially designed for heavy-duty floors. This underlay has a compressive strength of no less than 400 kPa and protects the click connection of the Floer flooring.

Floer Rigid Click Vinyl floors have a thermal resistance of no less than 0.039 m2 K/W, making them ideal for use with underfloor heating!

It is common for Rigid Click Vinyl to be mistakenly referred to as Vinyl Laminate. If you come across the term Vinyl Laminate, it usually means Rigid Click Vinyl.

If the surface level is adequate and you are using the correct underlay, you can install Rigid Click Vinyl on concrete.

Rigid Click Vinyl floors are easy to install thanks to their click-connection, making them a popular choice for do-it-yourself projects.

No. Rigid Click Vinyl and Laminate are two different types of flooring. They are sometimes confused with each other because both have a click connection, which makes them look very similar.