• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

The Hybrid Wood Floors collection is a revolutionary development in the flooring industry, combining the best technologies and materials. These floors are made from real wood and offer the same benefits as laminate and vinyl floors. It’s the best of both worlds, brought together in one beautiful collection! The collection includes extremely strong, straight plank hybrid wood floors that are 24-hour water-resistant and moisture- and dirt-resistant, making them easy to maintain. Thanks to a special lacquer, Hybrid Wood is also extremely scratch-resistant, making it perfect for households with pets or children. Using wood-powder technology, it creates an unprecedentedly solid and extremely hard floor that is exceptionally pressure-resistant. Additionally, it is suitable for underfloor heating. The wood floors come in unique XL plank dimensions of 27 cm wide and 237 cm long, as well as the trendy herringbone pattern. Hybrid Wood comes with a 25-year warranty and is easy to lay thanks to its handy click connection. If you’re looking for a powerful wooden floor that values durability, functionality, and style, then this new generation of wooden floors is for you!

Hybrid Wood floors

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-image-20Discover the revolutionary Hybrid Wood floors, where the best technologies and materials come together to create a stunning flooring experience. These floors combine the benefits of real wood, laminate, and vinyl in one collection. They are water-resistant and have a dirt-repellent finish, making them easy to maintain. The special lacquer also makes them exceptionally scratch-resistant, making them ideal for busy households with pets and children. The unique Wood Powder technology ensures a solid and durable floor that is even suitable for underfloor heating. Experience the endless benefits of Hybrid Wood and become familiar with it.

Subtle or Rustic

Hybrid Wood floors are available in two different finishes: Subtle and Rustic. These finishes describe the appearance of the floor. Hybrid Wood floors with a Subtle finish have few knots and grains and are similar to oak parquet floor grading of 1-bis. These Hybrid Wood floors have a calm structure with subtle knots. The Rustic Hybrid Wood floors have a slightly rougher look than the Subtle varieties and have large knots and attractive wooden cracks. Apart from Rustic Brown Oak and Rustic Black Oak, every Hybrid Wood floor is available in both Subtle and Rustic finishes. There are also Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors, which are only available in Subtle finish.

Benefits of Hybrid Wood

Are you curious about the benefits of Hybrid Wood? Watch the video to discover the four core values of Hybrid Wood floors: they are water-resistant, extremely scratch-resistant, extremely pressure-resistant, and moisture- and dirt-resistant. Hybrid Wood is available in herringbone and extra long and wide planks. Discover these extraordinary floors here.

Sustainable hybrid floors

Floer-Hybride-Hout-3-technologieenDid you know that Hybrid Wood floors are extremely sustainable? For example, Hybrid floors use 10 times less oak than standard parquet floors. This is also evident in the special plank construction, where the ultra-thin and extremely strong lacquered oak is visible. The rest of the Hybrid Wood floor is made from high-density HDF, pressed from recycled wood chips and combined with Wood Powder. Wood Powder technology uses only heat and wood powder and is chemical free. It is a sustainable product, environmentally friendly to produce and contributes to a healthy indoor environment. Who wouldn’t want that?

Oak XL floors

The extra long and wide planks of the Hybrid Wood collection bring a sense of spaciousness and grandeur to your home. A real eye-catcher, these XL planks take your interior to the next level and revolutionise styling.

Floer-Hybrid-Wood-floors-Long-plank-1A higher level, literally, because these extra-long planks are the longest in our collection! With an impressive length of 237cm and width of 27cm, the XL planks create a stunning visual effect, making your floor look grand and luxurious.

23 cm Hybrid Wood

Are you in love with Hybrid Wood floors but want a plank that is a little narrower than 27cm wide? We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their Hybrid Wood floor, which is why it is also available in a range of sizes such as 23 cm wide. These narrower planks are just as thick as the ‘standard’ XL Hybrid Wood plank (1.1 cm), but slightly shorter. The 23 cm wide Hybrid Wood planks have a length of 219.7 cm, which is shorter than the 237 cm long planks. Delivery time for these narrower XL planks is 2 weeks. Interested in a narrower Hybrid Wood plank? Find out now from your nearest retailer!

Hybrid Herringbone floors

In addition to the extra long and wide planks, 237cm long and 27cm wide, these ironclad floors are also available in a herringbone pattern! The Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors are not only pleasing to the eye, but also a statement of style and elegance. At 70cm long and 14cm wide, these herringbone planks bring a unique pattern and timeless charm to any room. The solid 1.1cm thickness ensures a durable floor that can withstand daily wear and tear. Whether you have a classic interior or are going for a modern look, Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors add a touch of sophistication to any room. Get inspired by the beautiful herringbone floors and create a stunning interior. Not your favourite colour? And would you like to be able to create the look of your own oak herringbone floor? By choosing the right wood species, treatments and oils, you can create the look you want for your oak herringbone floor!

Floer-Hybrid-Wood-construction-plank-explanation-1Glued or floating installation

Thanks to the convenient UniZip and Fastclick click connections, these floors can be installed either by gluing or floating. Both options offer excellent results, but it is important to decide which method best suits your situation. Glued installation involves gluing the Hybrid Wood floor directly to the screed/subfloor, creating a super strong joint. Glued Hybrid Wood is fixed and cannot move! Do you want a floating installation? With floating installation, the floor is installed on a sub-floor. You don’t use glue, you use the click connection of the Hybrid Wood floor. Choose a suitable underlay, such as Non-Contact Underlay. This underlay reduces walking noise by up to 25% and is also suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Wood floor maintenance

Unlike traditional oak parquet, which requires regular maintenance, these exceptionally strong hybrid wood floors do not. So you can enjoy a real wood floor without the maintenance. These hybrid floors have a special lacquer finish that makes them extremely scratch resistant. The floors are also resistant to moisture and dirt and are very durable. As far as maintenance goes, all you need to do is vacuum, wipe and clean regularly! It doesn’t get any harder than that, and who doesn’t want it?

A spatial effect thanks to Hybrid Wood

Did you know that you can create a unique look in your home with extra-large Hybrid Wood floors? The length and width of the plank can make a living room, hallway or kitchen feel longer or wider. This is because there are fewer visible joints in the flooring area. Laying the floor towards the light or at right angles around the house allows you to play with visual perception. This makes a wide floor particularly suitable for a small living room, narrow hallway or kitchen. This applies not only to the XL hybrid wood floors, but also to the extra wide Country House Laminate! These laminate floors have a width of more than 32 cm, making them the XL floors in the range!

Wooden floor with underfloor heating

Who says wooden floors and underfloor heating are not a match made in heaven? Although oak parquet floors take longer to warm up than vinyl floors, oak parquet floors can be combined with underfloor heating. However, it is important to consider the thickness of the plank. If you choose a thicker plank structure, such as herringbone, you will soon reach the maximum heat resistance. The great thing about this new generation of wood flooring is that you don’t have to worry about this! With Hybrid Wood floors, no matter what the thickness of the plank, you are always right. This is due to its special plank construction and innovative wood powder technology, which combine to give an extremely low thermal resistance of just 0.07 m2K/W. This means that underfloor heating is a perfect match for Hybrid Wood floors!

Laying wooden herringbone floors

Laying a herringbone floor yourself? Where once we said leave it to a professional parquet installer, now we say roll up your sleeves! The wood herringbone floors have a handy UniZip click system that makes it quick and easy to install yourself! The beauty of hybrid wood herringbone floors is that there are no left or right sections. As a result, installing a wood herringbone floor has never been easier! The luxurious bevel around the edges of the Hybrid Wood Herringbone floor emphasises the size of each plank, creating an extra stylish look. Upgrade your interior with this groundbreaking wood herringbone floor!

Laying floors yourself

Installing a wooden floor has never been easier! Because these XL Oak floors feature the Fastclick click system, they are super easy to install yourself. The click connection ensures a seamless transition and makes installing the floor effortless. When the planks are clicked together, they fit perfectly. The joint makes even installing a wooden floor a breeze. We recommend that the boards are only installed on a sub-floor suitable for oak floors. The Green Slabs Underlay and the strong Non-Contact Underlay are both very suitable.

Cleaning wooden floors

Hybrid Wood, the perfect blend of beauty and functionality! In fact, Hybrid Wood floors are simple and easy to clean and maintain. One of the biggest problems with traditional wood floors is cleaning; fortunately, Hybrid Wood offers the perfect solution. The surface is resistant to moisture and dirt, so stains, dust and crumbs don’t stand a chance. It also makes it easy to keep it clean. For daily maintenance, simply use a soft broom, vacuum cleaner or damp cloth to remove dust, dirt and crumbs. Your Hybrid Wood floor will stand up to these dirty conditions!

Water-resistant oak floor

Have you knocked over a glass of water or weren’t fully awake when you made your first cup of coffee of the day? Maybe your kids have left some beautiful wet artwork on the floor. Don’t worry, even these wet disasters can be cleaned up in a flash! Straight Hybrid Wood floors go one step further and are water resistant for up to 24 hours. This means you don’t have to worry about leaks or splashes in the kitchen, bathroom or other wet areas. You can enjoy the warmth and look of a hybrid wood floor without worrying about the damaging effects of water. Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors are finished with a 4 hour water resistant finish. And let’s not forget the convenience of mopping! With Hybrid Wood floors, you can pull out the mop and get to work without hesitation. These floors are specially designed to withstand the effects of moisture and detergents, so you can mop effortlessly to keep them in top condition. In just a few simple steps, you can give your floor a fresh new look and ensure a clean and well maintained wooden floor.

XL herringbone floors

Are you also a fan of the XL size of Hybrid Wood? Then you will love our other extra-large floors. Discover the different whalebone floors in our collections. A whalebone plank is significantly larger than a herringbone plank. Plus, all our herringbone floors feel like a fish in water; the XL herringbone laminate is water resistant for up to 4 hours, even in the groove! Of course, 100% waterproof whalebone vinyl floors are also available. Are you a do-it-yourselfer and like to roll up your sleeves? Then take a look at Whalebone Click vinyl. These floors are easy to install yourself using a rubber mallet, thanks to the ‘rigid mineral core’ that makes the plank extra strong. This mineral core also makes the boards extremely stable, just like a whale 😉

More XL floors

Looking for an extra large format floor but prefer a straight pattern on the floor? We’ve got you covered! Discover the wide vinyl of the Forest Vinyl collection! This collection includes floors over 1.5 metres long and 24 cm wide. The size of the glued vinyl floor is accentuated by the subtle micro bevel, so your Floer will steal the show! Would you rather install an XL floor yourself? At Floer we believe that bigger is better, so we have made our Authentic Laminate collection even bigger. The extra wide, extra thick and extra long laminate floors are no less than 220 cm (!) long, 24 cm wide and 0.9 cm thick. This creates a solid walking sound similar to oak parquet and makes them indistinguishable!

XL wall panels

Floer your floor and Floer your wall! Besides XL floors, we at Floer also love extra-large acoustic wall panels. With a length of no less than 300 cm, an Akupanel almost always covers the entire wall; even in new homes! Prefer a shorter panel? Floer acoustic panels are also available in a length of 240 cm. The wall panels improve the acoustics in reverberant rooms and add a stylish element to your interior. Combine your XL wall panel with a stylish whalebone vinyl floor and complete your hotel chic interior!

Questions about Hybrid Wood floor

A Hybrid Wood floor combines the benefits of real wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring into one. It is extra strong, highly scratch-resistant, perfect for use with underfloor heating, water-resistant, and made of real wood. With its easy-to-install design, you can lay it yourself. Discover the groundbreaking new type of flooring: the Floer Hybrid Wood floor.

The click connection makes laying a wooden floor a breeze. With this type of connection, the floors fit easily and seamlessly, making Hybrid Wood floors as easy to lay as Laminate flooring!

Are you considering an XL floor from the Hybrid Wood collection but have a small living room? Don’t worry, we have good news! The width of the plank creates an optical effect in your home, making the floor area look calmer. Thanks to the plank size, you can make your living room look wider or longer!

Hybrid wood floors are very suitable for use with underfloor heating! The wooden floor has a heat resistance of only 0.07 m2K/W, making it a perfect match for floor cooling and heating systems.

You can easily mop a Hybrid Wood floor. These wooden planks are finished with a special type of lacquer, making them extra well-protected and water-resistant for up to 24 hours. While it may not be necessary to mop these oak wooden floors frequently, they are finished with a moisture- and dirt-resistant coating.

Hybrid wood floors not only resemble wood but are also made of wood. In addition, they offer all the benefits of vinyl and laminate flooring. For instance, they are compatible with underfloor heating, simple to install on your own, water-resistant for up to 24 hours, and highly durable due to the unique Wood Powder technology.