• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

The type of click system of Laminate or Rigid Click Vinyl is very decisive for the quality of the floor. A poor connection between boards will cause problems during the installation, and over time gaps will form in the floor. Besides the fact that a floor with gaps is unappealing, it will also give bacteria, dirt and moisture the chance to stay behind within the floor. At Floer we have three different types of high quality click systems. These are not only easy to install, but they will also keep the floor firmly in place once it is installed. Experience the different benefits of the Floer Variclick, the Floer Fastclick and the Floer Unidrop systems.


The number one click system! We can safely say that the Floer Variclick system is one of the best click systems available on the market. Apart from the variations in installation options, this joint offers an unprecedented tight result. The joint is incredibly easy to install, offers multiple installation options (which is useful in difficult corners), and keeps the boards tightly connected. Therefore, it’s not surprising that we offer a 25 year warranty on all laminate floors with the Variclick system!

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Easy, fast and reliable! The name says it all: fast installation is now even faster with the Floer Fastclick system. With this system you can install your floor 50% faster compared to the average click system. Fastclick uses a so-called ‘dropdown system’. This basically means that the floorboards can be connected by installing them from top to bottom. Did you hear a click? Then you can move on to the next board. Easy, fast, but above all, reliable. This is proven by the long term warranties we offer on floors with Fastclick: between 20 to 35 years! You can read a detailed description on how to install a Herringbone Laminate floor in our blog.

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Exclusively for Rigid Herringbone Click Vinyl! For the Herringbone Click Vinyl floors a special ‘Unidrop’ system has been developed. With this system the boards always fit together and can be gently tapped and secured with a rubber hammer. The latter provides a ‘corrective tap’ that straightens the board by itself. This is very convenient with herringbone floors, since the dimensional stability and a correct connection between the boards of a pattern floor is crucial. Want to know more about installing a Herringbone Click Vinyl floor? Read the blog!

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Floer Floors with Variclick

Floer Floors with Fastclick

Floer Floors with Unidrop

Floer Click-Verbindingen

Connection in Floer oak wood parquet

Our parquet floors are fitted with the most commonly used joint for parquet floors: the mortise-and-tenon joint, or also known as the tongue-and-groove joint. This extremely dimensionally stable joint is easily pushed together for a sleek result. For floating installations of wooden floors, we recommend applying wood glue in the groove before installing the boards.

Do you want to know how to install a real oak parquet floor? In this episode of FloerTube Guido shows you how to install an oak herringbone parquet floor. These floors require extreme care during the installation, and that’s why we leave it up to our Floer floorer!

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