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Go for Floer! If you want to buy vinyl, laminate, or hybrid wood floors in bulk, Floer is the Dutch flooring brand and your wholesaler for floors and accessories. We offer attractive prices per container, pallet, or square meter. Our exclusive collections include trendy herringbone laminate, MEGAMAT dryback vinyl, and XL wall panels. Additionally, we offer various options for white-label or private-label products. Floer is a place where your wishes come together in terms of sustainable, high-quality, and revolutionary products. Delivered within 24 hours from our own stock of over 100,000 m2. When you experience Floer, you will truly understand its value!


Whalebone Vinyl


Vinyl Flooring Wholesale

We take great pride in our extensive range of high-quality vinyl flooring, which is perfectly suited to meet all of your needs. Whether you are a private customer seeking a stylish floor for your home or a business customer in need of flooring for the entire office space, Floer has the ideal dryback and rigid-click vinyl flooring for you. Additionally, we have more than 40,000 m2 of beautiful vinyl flooring directly in stock. This means that your dream floor can be in your home or office in no time – no waiting or fuss. Simply enjoy your new floor, which will last for years.


Vinyl Flooring Import

As previously mentioned, Floer is more than just a flooring wholesaler. We are committed to sustainability and quality and serve as gatekeepers of these values. This commitment is what sets our imported vinyl flooring apart. We subject all of our imported vinyl flooring to rigorous selection to ensure that it meets the highest environmental standards and certifications. Every square meter that leaves our warehouses is free of harmful substances, demonstrating our dedication to both the environment and customer satisfaction.

Laminate Flooring Wholesale

In addition to our vinyl flooring, we also stock over 30,000 m2 of laminate flooring, ready to transform your interior with style and class. What makes our laminate flooring so special is the diversity of sizes and patterns we offer. We have the perfect size available for every project, from laminate flooring with a generous width of 32 cm to extra-long laminate flooring of 220 cm. Our XL herringbone laminate flooring is a real eye-catcher, while our standard herringbone laminate adds timeless elegance to any room.


Laminate Flooring Import

At Floer, we are passionate about providing our customers with the best quality laminate flooring options available on the market. As flooring wholesalers, we take great pride in sourcing our products from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the world, including Germany and France. Our imported laminate flooring is carefully chosen to meet the highest standards in the industry. We understand that investing in laminate flooring is a big decision, which is why we place a strong emphasis on quality, durability, and style when selecting our products.

Extra Wide

Country House Laminate

Inspire me

Flooring Wholesale

In addition to our flooring products, we’ve also taken to the air with the needed accessories for floors. Think subfloors, skirting boards, maintenance products, and stair coverings. Additionally, we at Floer present our Akupanel Wall Panels, which boast an exclusive size of no less than 300cm. Are you looking for a flooring wholesaler that supplies private and white-label products? Look no further than Floer. In addition to our own brand products, we also supply white-label floors and wall panels. With our white-label products, you can offer high-quality floors and wall panels to your customers under your own brand name, expanding your product range and offering a unique product experience.


Tailored Service

In addition to providing exclusive products, Floer, a flooring wholesaler, also guarantees excellent service. If you have any questions about the treatment of your parquet floor or whalebone vinyl floor, our staff is ready to provide tailored service to meet your needs. Did you know that Floer also has a team of experienced parquet installers? As a business customer, you can rely on our installation service to take care of all aspects of laying the floor, from A to Z. You can also use our planning service to easily schedule laying jobs, so you no longer have to worry about the installation process.


Sustainability in Style

At Floer, we are more than just beautiful floors. As a wholesaler, we are committed to sustainability and style. Working together with our customers and suppliers, we ensure that everything, from production to installation, is as sustainable as possible. When you choose a floor from Floer, you are making a sustainable choice that will last for years. Our floors are not only durable but also stylish, offering a wide range of options to match any desired interior style, from industrial to retro, from maritime to art deco. Get inspired by our customers who have already experienced the quality of our products.


Floer Conquers Europe

As a Dutch flooring brand and wholesaler, we export our products to several European countries, including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, and more. We constantly respond to the latest trends and developments in these markets and offer a range of revolutionary products tailored to the wishes and needs of each country. This approach has led to growth beyond the Dutch borders, with international websites and customers in other European regions.

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