• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Big and impressive: Floer Whalebone Vinyl floors, the extra large successor of herringbone vinyl. The collection is wider and longer than its ‘little brother’, the standard Herringbone Vinyl floors. With the tactile wood texture and revolutionary MEGAMAT© finish, these XL herringbone vinyl floors are hard to distinguish from real wood herringbone floors. Quality labels such as Green Guard Gold, Floor Score, Eurofins Gold, Emission Class A+ and ISO14001 show that Whalebone Vinyl is produced in an environmentally friendly way. Safe and phthalate-free vinyl that contributes to a healthy indoor environment! Floer Whalebone Vinyl flooring: the luxury of the majestic oceans, now stylishly captured in the comfort of your own home.

XL Herringbone Vinyl Floors

Floer-Dealer-Card-Netherlands-image-4The XL herringbone vinyl floors are extremely popular. This is due to the combination of the natural oak look, the extra large planks and the benefits of these whalebone vinyl floors. Curious about what they are? These extra-large herringbone floors are 100% waterproof, making them ideal for any room in the house, including bathrooms and kitchens.

More benefits

The Whalebone Vinyl collection also includes planks that are 91.4 cm long and 15.2 cm wide. Floer vinyl flooring is sound-absorbing, environmentally friendly and has various quality labels including Eurofins Gold, Emission Class A+ and Green Guard Gold. Do you want to combine Whalebone Vinyl flooring with underfloor heating or cooling? Thanks to the low thermal resistance of 0.019 m2K/W, this is an excellent choice! With a Whalebone Vinyl floor you can create a beautiful atmosphere in your home!

Matte Whalebone Vinyl

And that’s not all, these special floors also have a MEGAMAT © finiMegamat-vinyl-closeup-1sh. As a result, the floors are super matt and the oak appearance is emphasized even more. In addition, this special finish eliminates any form of light reflection! Thanks to this new, revolutionary technology, Whalebone Vinyl is the most matt Vinyl in the Netherlands! MEGAMAT© Whalebone floors are also equipped with ‘ceramic bead technology’. This means that they are better protected against scratches, wear and even stains on the surface of the vinyl floor.

More MEGAMAT Vinyl floors

Curious about other MEGAMAT© Vinyl floors? This ultra matt finish is not only found in the Whalebone Vinyl collection! Megamat Vinyl floors can also be found in the Village Vinyl collection, the Herringbone Vinyl, the Nature Click Vinyl and even the Country House Click Vinyl! But that’s not all. Take a look at all MEGAMAT© Vinyl floors and order a sample of your favourite matt vinyl floor in the Netherlands!

Same floor, but different size?

It can! Find your Floer favourite in the Village Vinyl and Herringbone Vinyl flooring collections! For the handy do-it-yourselfer, floors in exactly the same design are also available in the Nature Click Vinyl, Country House Click Vinyl and Whalebone Click Vinyl collections. This means that your favourite is available in different sizes. Ideal for multiple possibilities!

Extra Large Herringbone

An extra-large herringbone vinyl floor offers a great advantage – a spatial effect! The extra-wide and long floorboards create an optical experience in your home, making it suitable even for small or normal-sized living rooms. Moreover, due to the larger point size in comparison to regular herringbone vinyl, it creates a quieter floor surface and makes the room appear larger. Did you know that you can also create a luxurious floor finish by laying a whalebone vinyl floor with border and trim? It’s an ideal choice for your home!

Installing Whalebone Vinyl

Are you wondering how to lay XL Herringbone Vinyl? Watch the FloerTube video below, in which Guido explains step-by-step how to do it. In the video, a Whalebone Vinyl floor in the colour Orka Untreated is laid. Also, read the accompanying Floer blog to make sure you don’t forget anything. If you want to see more of the Orka XL Herringbone Vinyl, continue reading below and watch the Floer inspiration video!

Do-it-yourself Whalebone Vinyl

Are you totally in love with Whalebone Vinyl but looking for a floor you can install yourself? Discover the Whalebone Click Vinyl – one of the latest additions to our collection! All Whalebone dryback vinyl floors are also available in Click Vinyl! This strong Click Vinyl collection is 100% waterproof, just like the dryback vinyl, and can be combined perfectly with underfloor heating! Do-it-yourself Whalebone Vinyl floors have a Rigid Mineral core, which ensures an extremely stable installation and a rock-solid floor. These DIY vinyl floors are easy to install with a hard tap of a rubber mallet! Have you already ordered a sample?

Whalebone Laminate

Are you looking for an XL herringbone floor, but preferably in laminate form? Then take a look at the Whalebone Laminate collection. Produced in Germany, the Whalebone laminate floors are larger than the standard herringbone laminate floors with a length of more than 85 cm and a width of more than 14 cm. The extra wide laminate planks with oak design feature the convenient Fastclick system and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty! However, to remain entitled to the warranty, the installing requirements must be met.

Whalebone Vinyl in the Office, Cafeteria, or Showroom

Did you know that XL herringbone vinyl floors are very suitable for business use? Office or shop floors have to endure a lot and have to be strong enough for this. Floer Whalebone Vinyl has a very high usage class and is even suitable for industrial use! Are you looking for a canteen floor that doesn’t get dirty easily? Then choose a dark XL herringbone vinyl floor. Whalebone Vinyl flooring is also very suitable for underfloor heating in office spaces, thanks to its low thermal resistance. Moreover, these 100% water-resistant tile floors are naturally easy to mop and keep clean.

Take a Look Inside…

Have you fallen in love with one of the Whalebone Vinyl floor, and want to see what this floor looks like in your home? Watch the inspiration videos of the homes of Floer customers, and discover for yourself how an XL vinyl herringbone floor makes a beautiful base for any interior. Need some more Floer inspiration? Come and have a look at customers’ homes and discover all the floors!

Whalebone Vinyl – Orca Untreated

No lack of interior inspiration! These Floer customers chose the Whalebone Vinyl – Orca Untreated, and did all the interior styling themselves! With the light oak XL herringbone vinyl floor as a base, the rest of the home has been given a beautiful ambiance. The golden accessories, sand beige wall paint and untreated oak floor have created an amazing interior. Do you want to take a look?

Whalebone Vinyl – Nordcaper Natural

Need some inspiration for your interior? These #gefloerd customers have chosen Whalebone Vinyl – Nordcaper Natural. With the light oak XL Herringbone Vinyl floor as a solid base, the rest of the house has a beautiful atmosphere. Combined with the black kitchen, the base of this interior has become a real eye-catcher. Will you come and see for yourself?

Whalebone Vinyl – Gaia Grey Beige

Still unable to choose between all the whales in the ocean? We would like to introduce you to the Whalebone Vinyl – Gaia Grey Beige. A mix & match style was chosen for the house, for example a cognac suede sofa with a concrete look coffee table. Combined with the Oak vinyl flooring, this house has become a real eye-catcher. Enter the house and be inspired!

Whalebone Vinyl – Cetus Cream (old color, replaced)

Do you want a Whalebone Vinyl floor with unique varying colours in light oak, cream and beige, with rustic details? Watch this inspiration video of the Whalebone Vinyl – Cetus Cream! In this interior, the XL herringbone vinyl floor is combined with stylish steel doors, a matte black kitchen and acoustic wooden wall panels. It forms a luxury ensemble and creates a timeless and beautiful atmosphere together with the Whalebone Vinyl. Come and have a look inside!

In this video you see an old Whalebone Vinyl floor. The collection has been adjusted, this color has been replaced by the extra matte Whalebone Vinyl floor of the same name.

Whalebone Vinyl – Narwhal Nutbrown (old color, replaced)

Do you love a dark brown rustic look with beige tones in your home, and would you like to express this love with an XL vinyl herringbone floor? Discover the Whalebone Vinyl – Narwhal Nutbrown! In this interior, this extra large herringbone floor has come together with industrial furniture, fresh plants, light beige background tones and subtle golden accents. The combination of cool and warm colours creates a wonderful contrast within the home. The warmth embraces you as soon as you enter, so what are you waiting for? Watch the video below!

In this video you see an old Whalebone Vinyl floor. The collection has been adjusted, this color has been replaced by the extra matte Whalebone Vinyl floor of the same name.

The Difference between Whalebone Vinyl and Herringbone

Are you curious about the difference between a whalebone floor and a herringbone vinyl floor? In addition to the floorboard dimensions, there are other points where these floors differ. Would you like to see the vinyl XL herringbone floor on a large surface? You can! Drop by the Floer Experience Center or visit the showroom of your nearest Floer dealer. Want a sneak preview? Watch this video! Here you can see the popular Floer vinyl herringbone XL flooring in the colour Orca Untreated on a large scale. Discover the differences between Whalebone and Herringbone floors in this FloerTube video!

The Floor Choice is Plenty

We can hardly imagine it, but it is possible. Is your favourite herringbone vinyl XL floor colour not in this collection? Then there is another possibility since the floor choice is plenty! Vinyl floors do not have a click system, so, therefore, they can be installed in different floor patterns. This means that you can also choose from the Village Vinyl collection, or one of the wide vinyl floors from the Forest Vinyl collection, and install it as a herringbone XL vinyl floor. Isn’t that fantastic!

Oak Wood Floors

Looking for a real oak wood floor? Floer Oak Parquet floors are available with various finishes, with which you can create different designs and looks. From black to white, from dark oak to light oak. Rather have a herringbone pattern floor? Floer Herringbone Oak Parquet combines real wood with the herringbone pattern.

Waterproof Oak Floor

Are you a fan of the herringbone pattern and real wood floors, but want to be able to lay the floor yourself? With Hybrid Wood herringbone floors, it’s possible! These floors combine all the benefits of vinyl and laminate flooring in one. They’re water-resistant, extremely pressure-resistant, perfect for use with underfloor heating, and easy to install. Hybrid Wood floors are made of stylish oak wood fused with the ironclad technology of Wood Powder. Want to know how we make oak wood floors waterproof? Check out the Hybrid Wood collection to see for yourself!

Herringbone Floors

Are you looking for a floor with a traditional herringbone pattern? The Herringbone Laminate floors are easy to install yourself, have a realistic oak look and are available in various oak colours. With a thickness of over 1 cm and a super natural look, these charming laminate herringbone floors will fit perfectly in every interior. Or experience the beautiful Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl flooring, a vinyl floor which you can install yourself thanks to the convenient click system! Want to know more about the difference between herringbone floors? Discover all about the difference between herringbone laminate and herringbone vinyl.

More Vinyl Floors

In addition to the popular herringbone vinyl floors, the Floer assortment also includes straight oak vinyl floors. You might have already seen the Forest Vinyl collection with natural oak vinyl designs, or the stylish Village Vinyl floors. But did you know there is even more? The standard oak Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floors have a beautiful matte finish and are available in various popular colours such as light oak, dark brown, and untreated oak. In the rigid click vinyl range, you will also find Rigid Click Vinyl Tiles, the ideal choice for a tough bathroom or kitchen. Or discover the Country House Laminate floors, which consist of extra wide laminate with a width of over 32 cm! For unique aged and used vintage designs, take a look at our Reclaimed Wood Laminate collection. Do you prefer long laminate floors? Authentic Laminate floors are more than 184 cm long! Want 24 cm wide floorboards? Then the City Laminate collection might be perfect for you.

Dryback Vinyl Floors

Would you like to keep it on dryback vinyl floors? Vinyl has many advantages with its strong yet thin and soft board structure. At Floer, we have, in addition to floors with oak designs, tough concrete-look Tile Vinyl floors. There are also various stone designs in the Floer Tile Vinyl collections. Besides dryback vinyl, there is also rigid click vinyl available. Would you like to see a Floer at home? Order a sample or request the free Floer catalogue and discover it in your own home!

Questions about Whalebone Vinyl floors

A Whalebone Vinyl floor is an XL herringbone floor. The vinyl strips are 91.4 cm long and 15.2 cm wide, which is why we call them extra large herringbone or whalebone!

Absolutely! Check out the unique Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl collection and order your favourite colour. These self-laying vinyl floors are highly compatible with underfloor heating and cooling, feature a beautiful oak appearance, and are available in an XL herringbone format. Browse the collection under the ‘Rigid Click Vinyl’ category.

The Whalebone Vinyl strips are relatively long and can also be used as a border. If you would like to add a border to your large herringbone floor, piping is available in different colours, widths, and lengths. You can find out more about this luxurious finish at floer.eu/blog.

Of course! Dryback vinyl floors, like the Whalebone Vinyl collection, do not have a click system. This makes it possible to install these XL Herringbone Vinyl floors in any pattern possible, including the traditional straight pattern.

Let’s talk about the dimensions of floorboards! A typical Herringbone Vinyl plank measures 60 cm in length and 12 cm in width, whereas a Whalebone Vinyl floor measures 91.4 by 15.2 cm. This results in larger herringbone pattern points on the floor compared to a regular herringbone floor.

Looking for a light oak Whalebone Vinyl floor? Check out our unique XL Herringbone floors in Orka Untreated, Balein Beige, or Cetus Cream and discover the beauty of light oak Whalebone Vinyl floors.

Floer offers custom-made Oak Parquet floors, including herringbone wooden floors with a plank size of 18 x 90 cm. If you choose this option, you will have an oak wood herringbone floor.

Dryback Vinyl floors is another name for adhesive vinyl floors. If you see the name Dryback Vinyl anywhere, it refers to a vinyl floor slab.

Vinyl floors have the lowest heat resistance of all flooring types, making them ideal for the transmission of heat. If you have underfloor heating, vinyl is the perfect floor covering. Whalebone Vinyl floors have a heat resistance of 0.015m2 K/W, making them particularly suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Whalebone Vinyl flooring can make a room appear larger than its actual size. This is due to the extra-wide floorboards that create an optical spatial effect, giving the illusion of a larger space.

The Whalebone Laminate collection includes extra-large Herringbone Laminate floors. These XL Herringbone planks, with a length of over 85 cm, are easy to install yourself thanks to a Fastclick joint. Additionally, a waterproof coating ensures resistance to standing water for up to 4 hours.

Certainly, it is essential to allow your Vinyl floor to acclimatise for at least 48 hours. Make sure that the packages of planks are laid out in a (#) bond for the acclimatisation process.