• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Behold the Floer Akupanel XL Wall Panels! The wooden wall panels have a width of 50 cm and a unique length of 300 cm As a result, the akupanel wall panels almost always cover the entire wall! The combination of felt and wood ensures that the XL wall panels have a sound-absorbing function. The felt improves the acoustics in a new home. In combination with wood, these wall panels have a timeless look. Two or more panels can be easily joined together. The wooden wall panels are produced from sustainable forestry, and the back is coated with a layer of recycled (black) felt. This makes the slats very durable! Floer Akupanel XL Wall Panels contribute to the acoustics in a home and provide a stylish look to any interior. The unique wooden wall panels are produced in Denmark.

Wall Panel 300 cm or 240 cm

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-5The extra-long akupanels are an addition to any interior! Since the XL wall panels always cover the entire wall, you will never run short. Does you home meet the latest building code requirements? Even then a Floer Akupanel XL Wall Panel covers the entire length of the wall! Do you have a 2600 mm wall and looking for an akupanel 3000 mm wall panel? No problem! With a length of 300 cm, the wooden wall panels are extra long and easy to fit. This allows wall panels to cover a fall from Floer to ceiling! Floer Akupanel Wall Panels can also be delivered to order with a length of 240 cm. These shorter panels have a delivery period of around 4 weeks.


The 3 meter long wooden slats have a strong MDF core and a beautiful oaken appearance. With the black felt backing and wooden look, the akupanel wall panels fully comply with today’s interior design trends! Combine a wooden akupanel with a Whalebone Vinyl floor. This combination is sure to create your dream interior!

Oak Akupanel

The big advantage of a Floer wall panel? The 300 cm long XL akupanel always covers the entire wall! But there’s more, like the colour of the panel. Are you looking for an XL akupanel with a classic oak colour? The light wood colours of the wall panels, such as Light Ash and Untreated Oak, feature this beautiful oak colour. The 300 cm akupanel gives your home a stylish and luxurious look and is ideal as living room decoration!

Black Acoustic Panels

Prefer black akupanels? They are available too! Check out the Mocha Black Oak or the Lino Black wall panels and add a cool atmosphere to your home. A black akupanel is trendy and very in right now! Combine your panel with a low-maintenance Herringbone Vinyl floor and give your home a timeless look. Or choose one of the beautiful Herringbone Laminate floors and fully comply with the current interior trends! Whichever oak akupanel you choose, you will always make the right choice.

Attaching Wall Panels

How do you attach extra large wall panels? Fixing the wooden akupanel wall panels to the wall is very using when you use Floer High Tack Sealant! Cut the wall panels to size, get the glue sealant and off you go. Do it quickly all by yourself, without much effort. Looking for another way to attach your wall panels? It is also possible to use screws for this job.

pijlCould you use some extra help with this challenging DIY job? Watch the video! That way, you will know exactly how to mount a wooden akupanel to the wall!

Place Wall Panel horizontally

Did you know that acoustic wall panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally? Broaden your horizons by watching the video below and learn all about how to mount an Akupanel Wall Panel horizontally!

Akupanel XL Wall Panel – Natural Mahogany

This café boasts a modern interior design complemented by one of the acoustic wall panels, the Natural Mahogany variant. Savour a meal and a drink amidst the warm and natural ambiance created by the wall panels and oak tables. The natural wooden slats of the wall panels add a touch of warmth to the atmosphere. Step inside and discover how the wall panels enhance the interior!

Floer that Wall


Are white walls also becoming too much for you? Floer the wall with a Floer Akupanel Wall Panel! Discover it here!

Benefits of Floer Akupanel 3 meters

The Floer Akupanel Wall Panels have lots of advantages! Did you know that a wooden wall panel improves the acoustics in your home? This will make a newly built or new home feel reverberant and hollow. The combination of the felt and the slats have a sound-absorbing effect and contribute to the acoustics in a home. The reverberation of a home is a thing of the past when you choose an Akupanel wall panel! Want to make a house completely soundless? Then choose extra wide laminate or Reclaimed Wood Laminate with the right underlay and combine it with a Floer Akupanel. This way, you ensure optimal footfall sound and improved acoustics in your home!

Wooden Wall Panels with Floer

Do you like wood? So do we! Combine a wooden wall panel with an oak wooden floor. With a wide choice of oak parquet floors and unique wooden herringbone parquet floors, the choice just doesn’t stop there! Do you prefer a black wooden wall panel, or a light oak akupanel? With different colours of wall panels, there is always a beautiful akupanel to match your oak wooden floor! Would you like a substitute wooden floor? The wide City Laminate and Authentic Laminate floors are, just like the popular herringbone vinyl floors, perfect to combine with these interior wall panels.

Acoustic Panels

Would you like to combine acoustic panels with a floor from Floer? You can! In combination with the right underlay, you can make sure that Rigid Click Vinyl Tiles or a Rigid Click Herringbone Vinyl floor contribute to the acoustics in your home. Besides being 100% waterproof, vinyl floors also have a sound-absorbing function. Drop a pin on the floor and you won’t even hear it! Do you prefer a rigid click vinyl floor, a tough concrete-look vinyl tile or a stylish wide vinyl floor? Whichever Floer you choose, a Floer Akupanel Wall Panel will always match it!

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Do you have no space left on the wall, but would you like to improve the acoustics? Or do you want acoustic panels on both the wall and ceiling? No problem! Floer Akupanels can simply be mounted on the ceiling as well. Just like mounting the panels on the wall, you can use either screws or High Tack Sealant to attach the panel to the ceiling.

Akupanel Wall Panels for the Office, Showroom or Cafeteria

Asking yourself whether it is possible to install wall panels in business premises? Stop wondering! Floer Akupanel Wall Panels are suitable to be installed for exactly these purposes. Are you planning on giving your showroom, office or cafeteria a makeover? Choose an Akupanel Wall Panel! In addition to just looking good, the wall panels can be used to ensure that the business space has better acoustics.

Which Wooden Wall Panel and Floor will you choose?

Would you like to match your favourite floors and wall panels? You can! Order a sample of your favourite Floer and wall panel and see the beautiful combination of your dreams. Still not sure which Floer to choose? Request the Floer catalogue for free and receive it at your doorstep within a few days. Need some inspiration? Take a look inside the homes of Floer customers and get inspired! Or check out the Floer blogs, filled with information about various collections and subjects like akupanels.

Floer Aku panels are 300 cm high, 60 cm wide, and 2 cm thick. This means that Floer Akupanel XL wall panels always cover the entire wall.

Installing Floer Aku panels yourself is easy with the High Tack Kit or screws.

Yes! Floer Akupanels are suitable for almost every room in the house, including the bedroom.

Floer Akupanel XL Wall panels are available in different colours, such as the Akupanel Oak or the Black Akupanel wall panel.

Floer Akupanel Wall panels measure 300 cm in height and 60 cm in width. As a result, a single panel from this collection can cover the entire height of the wall from top to bottom!

The Floer Akupanel Wall panels are composed of recycled black felt and wooden slats with an MDF core.

An Akupanel wall panel absorbs sound by preventing it from being reflected back to its source. Instead, the sound is absorbed into the panel itself.

You can install Akupanel wall panels in any room where you want to improve acoustics, such as the living room, bedroom, or hobby room. They are not designed for a specific type of space.

Sure! When assembling, be sure to use a spirit level. This will prevent the wall panels from being placed crookedly in the end.

Akupanel wall panels can be installed in the bathroom. However, make sure not to install them in areas that are too wet, such as inside the shower or next to the bathtub.

With 1 tube of sealant, you can fix 2 Akupanel wall panels.

Yes, Akupanel can be used on both walls and ceilings. They provide natural sound reduction and are also a beautiful addition to any room. Akupanels have exactly the same function on the ceiling as they do on the wall. So, if you want, you can install the panels on both surfaces!