• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Looking for a natural oak parquet floor that will last a lifetime? Floer’s oak parquet floors are made from European oak and produced in the Netherlands! We saw, process and treat raw oak into beautiful oak parquet floors in our production hall in the Netherlands. The floorboards are produced by default with 2 grooves located on the long side. Floer oak parquet comes with a 15 year warrantee! Rather have a less rustic wooden parquet floor? Check out the many possibilities in flooring grades here!

Oak Parquet Floors

Floer-dealer-kart-Netherlands-picture-3Is your favourite floor not listed above? In the Floer production hall we compose an oak parquet floor according to your wishes. Choose a wood specie and discover the different possibilities in treatments. Take, for example, brushed, smoked, aged, sawn or antique stained oak. There are also several choices in oil colours, thicknesses and widths! This allows you to fully customise an oak wood floor. Choose, for example, a wooden floor like the Single Smoked & White Oiled Oak parquet, go for the remarkable Carbon Black Oak or choose a beautiful Untreated Oak floor.

Oak Wood Parquet of Dutch Origin

Are you curious on how your oak parquet floor is made? In our own Floer factory we saw, process and transform untreated oak into an oak wood floor. Want to know more about the oak floors of Dutch origin? Watch the production process of parquet floors in the video below and find out for yourself! Did you know we can also produce 26 cm wide parquet? Do you want it extra wide? Take a look at our extra wide Country House Laminate: these laminate floors are no less than 32 cm wide! You also came to the right place for floors with extra long floorboards. Take a look at the Authentic Laminate collection for laminate planks with a length of more than 200 cm.

Take a Look Inside with Floer

windmolen-floerDo you want to see what your favourite floor looks like in a house? Come and take a look inside houses of Floer customers, and discover the beautiful oak wooden floors for yourself! Want to see more from Floer customers? Watch all the inspiration videos and taste the charm. Want to own a Floer yourself? Order a sample or discover all floors in the catalogue.

Floer Oak Parquet – White Oiled

Do you like wood? Discover the charm of the oak parquet floor in this home. These Floer customers chose a real wood floor with a calm white oiled finish. Because this oil emphasises the light colour of the oak, a calm and serene floor surface is created! Throughout the whole house you will find this beautiful oak wooden floor. A White Oiled wooden floor in the living room and even in the children’s room? It is possible! Come and take a look inside, and experience rustic oak parquet for yourself!

Floer Oak Parquet – Single Smoked & Oiled

Do you want to create a rustic and lived-in atmosphere in your home? Go for Single Smoked & Oiled! This rustic wooden floor gives your home a unique character. Discover the charm of an old farmhouse with the natural oak colour of the floor. Combined with a rustic interior, the made-to-measure parquet floor can be combined with any interior! Come and take a look inside and experience rural parquet.

Installing a Parquet Floor

You can choose to have the oak wood floor installed or lay it yourself. Placing a wooden floor can be done in a floating or glued manner. In floating installation, an underfloor is used and in glued installation the floor is glued directly to the subfloor. Do you want to know what is best in your situation and what the advantages and disadvantages are of the two methods? Read the Floer blog which precisely explains the advantages and disadvantages of glued and floating installation of a wooden floor.

Oiling Wooden Floors

After thoroughly cleaning, a wooden floor can be oiled. Always shake the oil well before use. This applies to oil both with and without a colour pigment. After applying the oil, you need to keep spreading it over the floor for about 20 to 25 minutes. Once the oil has been absorbed, you can scrub the floor with floor pads and cover it with a hydrophilic cloth. The floor may not be used for at least 6 hours. To achieve the best end result, we recommend to let the oil set for 36 hours.

Sanding Wooden Floors

Over the years a wooden floor can become scratched and damaged. With proper maintenance you can prevent the floor from rapidly losing its beauty. The advantage of an oak wooden floor is that it can be sanded, which gives the floor a brand-new look. It is advisable to have a wooden floor sanded by professionals, but you can also do this yourself. Use a parquet sander with coarse and fine sandpaper. After sanding you can clean the floor.

Floer Lamelparket Eiken Wit Geolied Hoe onderhoud en reinig ik mijn houten vloer? Floer Eiken Duoplank Parket - Wit Geolied
Floer Oak Parquet floor – White Oiled

Oak Herringbone Floors

Have not found your dream floor yet? Discover the wooden herringbone parquet floors. The beautiful oak herringbone floors are available in many different treatments, flooring grades and oils. This makes it possible to fully customise an oak herringbone floor. There are, of course, even more reasons to choose an oak wood floor. Are you curious on how to install an Oak Herringbone Parquet floor? Read about it and watch the video. Oak wooden floors can be installed in two ways: floating and glued down.

Herringbone Floor

There are also other herringbone floors available in addition to oak Oak Herringbone Parquet floors. Do you want a wooden look, but not real wood? Go for the Herringbone Laminate. Do you want the advantages of vinyl and laminate floors in one? Go for a Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor! Do you prefer a dryback vinyl floor in a herringbone pattern? Take a look at the Herringbone Vinyl collection. Do you want a herringbone vinyl floor with extra long and extra wide planks? Then go for the unique Whalebone Vinyl collection!

Wood Substitute Floors

Do you prefer a realistic oak design floor with low maintenance? There are plenty of floors to choose from. The floors from the City Laminate collection are supplied with 24 cm wide floorboards. Do you want longer laminate floors? Take a look at the Authentic Laminate collection. Prefer a unique wooden design laminate? In the Reclaimed Wood Laminate collection you will find floors with an aged and used look. Did you know that there are also 100% water-resistant floors with wooden designs? The oak vinyl floors from the Village Vinyl collection are 100% water-resistant and thanks to the register embossing finish, these floors look and feel exactly like a real oak wooden floor. In the Floer assortment you will find Nature Rigid Click Vinyl as well as dryback vinyl! Check out the wide vinyl in the Forest Vinyl collection, beautiful Herringbone Vinyl floors with a register embossing finish, Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl, the XL laminate herringbone floor also known as Whalebone Laminate, or the tough, concrete-look Tile Vinyl floors. Tile floors with a click system? Check out the Tile Rigid Click Vinyl floors.

An oak wood floor is suitable for installation on underfloor heating. For optimal results, we recommend using Oak Parquet flooring that is glued down and has the thinnest board composition available.

To effectively clean your floor, start by vacuuming to remove most of the dirt. This should be done before mopping. When you’re ready to mop, add a capful of natural Floor soap to a bucket of cold or warm water.

Floer’s Oak Wood floors are custom-made. To ensure you get your dream oak floor, we offer various options for dimensions, wood grades, treatments, and oils. These options together determine the price of a Parquet Floor.

Parquet flooring is available in three different thicknesses: 2 cm, 1.2 cm, and 1.6 cm.

Before treating a wooden floor, it is important to clean it first using Floer floor soap for Oak Wooden floors. After cleaning, you can then treat the floor with maintenance oil. Take your time and apply it professionally.

When laying a Parquet floor, the Non-Contact Underlay is generally used. Other underlays may also be used, depending on the specific type of underlay.

Laminate and Parquet are two distinct types of flooring. Parquet floors are made solely of wood, whereas laminate floors are composed of a mixture of materials, one of which is wood.

By applying oil to your parquet floor, you can both protect it and restore its natural, beautiful colour.