• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Looking for a vintage retro laminate floor? The Floer Reclaimed Wood Laminate floor has an unprecedented and unique design due to its aged and used look! The top layer of the floor is not only visually appealing, but also offers a tactile wood texture, allowing you to feel the authentic texture of real wood with every step you take. This not only adds aesthetic value to your interior, but also provides an outstanding experience that brings the floor to life. The floor is also sustainably produced in Germany and we offer a warranty of no less than 20 years on this aged and rustic laminate!

Vintage, Aged, and Used Laminate

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-image-22The unique Floer Reclaimed Wood Laminate floors are provided with an advanced joint system. This click system ensures that the laminate floor can be installed easily and also remains firmly in place! The retro and aged laminate floors have a high usage classification and can be combined with every interior style!

Laminate installation

The Floer Reclaimed Wood laminate utilises the user-friendly Floer Fastclick connection, making installation of the vintage and aged laminate flooring a breeze. To ensure the stability of the floor, use the appropriate underlay during installation. Want to see how this floor would look in your home? Simply order a sample and find out!

Easy, quick and reliable!

Reclaimed Wood Laminate – Surprisingly UniqueFloer Fastclick klik verbinding visgraat laminaat vloer Wat is Rigid Click PVC

The Reclaimed Wood Laminate collection offers a range of unique floors with various designs, from light to dark oak and from robust to subtle. It’s among the top 3 choices for exceptional laminate flooring.

32 cm laminate

Looking for a different kind of laminate floor? With Floer’s extensive range, there’s something for everyone. In the Country House Laminate collection, for example, you will find a wide range of extra-wide laminate floors. These XL laminate floors are available in various colours, such as light oak laminate, warm brown and rustic laminate. Due to the size of the 32cm wide laminate, the floors create an unprecedented and unique experience in your home.

Waterproof laminate

Did you know that water resistant laminate is available? The floors in the Country House Laminate Collection, City Laminate, Whalebone Laminate and the unique extra-long planks in the Authentic Laminate Collection have a water-resistant finish. This means that water can sit on the floor for up to 4 hours without affecting the laminate flooring! The special coating not only protects the floor but also the V-grooves of the laminate.

What is the difference between laminate and vinyl?

Curious about the differences between laminate and vinyl flooring? Read about this and more in the Floer blogs. Getting stuck? Get inspired! Want to see all the floors at home? Order the collection book and choose your favourites!

Vinyl Laminate

Now and then vinyl and laminate floors are mixed up with each other. This is mostly due to the fact that rigid click vinyl floors are, just like laminate floors, provided with a convenient click system. In the FloerTube video below everything is explained for you, and both floors are compared to each other. Now you can discover all the differences between the two types of floors.

Laminate Flooring

In addition to Country House Laminate, Floer has a number of other interesting laminate flooring collections. Are you looking for a straight plank and a quieter oak look than the Reclaimed Wood laminate? Then the City Laminate is probably for you! This laminate flooring is also wider than the Reclaimed Wood Laminate, thanks to its size of 24 cm. To create an optical illusion in your home, you can play with the different sizes of laminate flooring. Each size offers a different visual effect. You don’t want extra wide laminate, but you are looking for extra long laminate? You can find it here too, at Floer. The XL laminate flooring from Authentic Laminate is 220 cm long! This unique length creates a rare ambience in your home.

Herringbone laminate

From extra-long floors to the smallest laminate planks in Floer’s range: the Herringbone Laminate floor collection. The herringbone laminate floors measure 64 cm long by 14.3 cm wide and consist of left and right planks. Combined with the handy installation guide and video and the convenient click connection, you can easily lay your favourite herringbone laminate floor yourself. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, discover XL Herringbone Laminate floors; also known as Whalebone Laminate floors. This new collection is extra easy to install because there are no right and left pieces. Grab a plank, click it together and hop on to the next plank! So you can lay your new Whalebone Laminate floor super easy, fast and all by yourself.

Hybrid floors

Floer goes hybrid! Discover the latest revolution in flooring. Hybrid Wood has all the benefits of oak parquet, laminate and vinyl in one floor! Hybrid floors are made from real oak, are waterproof for up to 24 hours and can be installed by yourself. Thanks to the special Wood Powder technology, these floors are extremely hardwearing and scratch resistant, making them ideal for large families with children and/or pets. Hybrid Wood floors are available in XL plank and herringbone formats. Choose a sustainable option and choose Hybrid Wood!

Click laminate

Undecided between laminate and click? There is also plenty of choice in the rigid click vinyl category. As well as straight Oak Click vinyl floors, there are also patterned floors. Take a look at Herringbone Click Vinyl! These stylish floors have a rigid core layer for extra strength. Extra large herringbone click vinyl floors? We have that too! Discover the Whalebone Click vinyl; the latest addition to the Click vinyl family. Extra large, measuring 90 cm by 15 cm and completely self-laying. Looking for a tile laminate floor? We don’t have that in our range. Instead we have Tile Click Vinyl floors! The vinyl tiles are extra strong, have an extremely stable position due to the click connection and have a natural stone look. What’s more, unlike tile laminate, these vinyl floor tiles are 100% waterproof. Discover the tough, concrete-look collection now.

Cleaning laminate floors

Laminate flooring is relatively easy to maintain. But you need to know which products are safe to use and which are not. For example, we do not recommend using products such as all-purpose cleaners on your floor. You can read all about cleaning laminate floors here.

100% waterproof floors

Do you prefer a floor that is 100% waterproof? Discover the Floer Village Vinyl floors. These plastic vinyl floors are glued to the subfloor and, because of the material they are made of, are ideal for use with underfloor heating. If you prefer wide vinyl, the Forest Vinyl flooring collection is well worth a look. Available in a wide range of colours such as light oak, white and dark oak, there is a perfect floor for everyone. Dryback vinyl floors are ideal for the bathroom, kitchen and living room!

Concrete look vinyl

Want a concrete-look vinyl tile floor? Discover the stylish Tile Vinyl floors. Because the vinyl tiles have a super realistic stone look, the floors are great for the kitchen, hallway or even the bathroom! You can create a robust and tough atmosphere in your home.

Herringbone vinyl

You can’t ignore it any more. Herringbone Vinyl floors are the most popular herringbone floors of the moment and it is impossible to imagine the flooring world without them. The atmospheric patterned floors provide an unprecedented stylish end result. Choose herringbone vinyl and your interior will be just right! Want to create the epitome of luxury and style in your interior? Combine your interior with a unique Whalebone Vinyl floor. These XL herringbone vinyl floors are available in a range of oak shades, so there is a colour to suit everyone.



Questions about Reclaimed Wood Laminate

The term “Reclaimed Wood Laminate” refers to the aged and used appearance of the floors. This collection includes a variety of motifs, making it very unique.

Reclaimed Wood Laminate floors can be easily laid by yourself! The Fastclick connection allows for easy and quick installation of a Reclaimed Wood Laminate floor.

The Reclaimed Wood Laminate floors come in different dimensions. Each floor has its own unique dimensions. For example, the Raw Blond Oak and Raw Dark Oak laminate floors are a whopping 24.4 cm wide.

Cleaning and maintaining Reclaimed Wood Laminate floors is easy. To keep them looking like new, vacuum the floor regularly and mop with a slightly damp mop.

The Reclaimed Wood Laminate comes in white, grey, and dark planks, with an even number of planks per pack. This ensures that you won’t end up with different numbers of planks in each colour of the worn planks.

With the Fastclick connection, you can lay these laminate floors about 50% faster than with the average laminate floor. This means you can have the entire floor laid in no time!

For straight laminate flooring, we charge a cutting loss of 7-10%. If you have found a reclaimed wood laminate floor, you should calculate an additional 7-10% cutting loss on top of the required square meters.