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Accessories for your Floer? Here you can find all matching products. Simply order them from your Floer dealer! From our high quality underlays, specially developed for Floer parquet, laminate and rigid click vinyl floors, to matching (adhesive) skirting boards for your floor. Think of colour matching profiles, radiator pipe covers and paintable primed Floer MDF wall skirting boards. Don’t forget matching stair treads, which match your laminate floor! Check out the matching Floer product range here.

Floer Accessories

By using Floer accessories, a floor gets the right finish! Need matching skirting boards, a strong underlay, or a rubber mallet for your Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor? Floer has it all. Curious about how skirting boards, profiles, and strips are used and what the possibilities are? Watch the FloerTube video below, Guido will tell you all about it!

Subfloor product range

Using a good underlay is essential for ensuring the long life of rigid click vinyl or laminate floors. In addition to protecting the floor’s click-connection, a subfloor also helps with soundproofing. There are different types of underlay with varying characteristics. For example, some underlays are suitable for underfloor heating, while others have a 10 dB certificate. If you are planning to install a Rigid Click Vinyl floor in your home, we highly recommend using a Rigid Click Vinyl Underlay. This underlay has an extremely high-pressure resistance, providing optimal support for heavy-click vinyl flooring. If you are laying a floor in an upstairs flat and need to comply with the legal 10 dB requirement, be sure to use the Silent Underlay for optimal sound absorption. The Silent Underlay can also be used under laminate flooring.

Are you interested in one of the laminate floors from Floer, and do you want to know which underlay to use? Watch the video!

Installing high skirting boards

A floor without skirting may function, but it lacks the finishing touch that brings the room together. To achieve a beautiful floor finish, you have several solutions to choose from, including high skirting boards. If you want to learn more about how they look and how to install them, check out the FloerTube video below. Guido explains the process step-by-step so you can do it yourself. Don’t forget to read the accompanying blog, “How to Fix High Skirting Boards,” to ensure that you have everything you need.

Stair Tread Covers

Floer Stair Tread Covers are available in addition to the extra wide laminate flooring in the Country House collection. In the Country House Laminate collection you will find extra wide and extra long planks with a realistic oak design. Whether you’re covering stairs in a new house or renovating an old staircase. It’s all possible with Floer Oak stairs from dark to light oak. Want to cover your stairs with a vinyl floor? It’s easy! Adhesive vinyl flooring is very flexible, so you can easily cut the planks to size and make your own vinyl overlay steps.

Akupanel XL Wall Panels

Are you tired of looking at bare walls in your home? In addition to our handy flooring accessories and extensive flooring range, Floer offers even more choices! Check out our Floer Akupanel XL Wall Panels. These acoustic wall panels come in various colours and can be stylishly combined with a Floer high wall skirting. Plus, at 3 meters long, an XL Akupanel can cover an entire wall! These acoustic wall panels not only enhance your interior design but also improve acoustics in your home.

Which floor will you choose?

Looking for a patterned laminate floor? Consider a Herringbone Laminate floor and choose from a variety of realistic oak colours, such as black laminate or white oak. For straight laminate planks, check out the City Laminate or Authentic Laminate collections, which offer floors ranging from light oak to dark oak. The Authentic Laminate floors are over 2 meters long and have a thickness of 9 mm, making them extra thick, just like the herringbone laminate floors.

Prefer a real oak wood floor? Choose between a straight plank or a herringbone pattern. Our laminate flooring is made of European oak wood and is available in different finishes, including white-oiled or black oak. Wooden Herringbone Parquet floors are also available in the same finishes and colours. Please note that oak wood floors are a custom-made product at Floer.

Vinyl floors

In addition to wood and laminate floors, you can also choose vinyl floors! Like the laminate range, vinyl floors are available in various sizes and designs. If you are a fan of herringbone pattern flooring, the Herringbone Vinyl collection provides a unique combination of a vinyl floor with a fishbone pattern. For a completely different look, you can try the Whalebone Vinyl flooring collection, which features extra large and long floorboards. In addition to Dryback Vinyl flooring, you can also opt for a Rigid Click Vinyl floor. These floors come in straight planks, herringbone click vinyl, whalebone click vinyl, and self-laying tiles.

Concrete-look Tile Vinyl

Are you interested in a flooring option that’s not wood-look? Consider the concrete-look Tile Vinyl flooring collections. These vinyl tiles feature stone designs and are available with click connections, under the category Tile Rigid Click Vinyl.

Need more accessories?

Looking for other flooring accessories? For example, skirting boards, black skirting boards or advice on which underlay you need? In addition to the full range of Floer accessories, there are of course other possibilities. Contact us for more information. Would you like some help and inspiration? Check out the inspiration page for some extra help. You can also visit your nearest Floer dealer or order a catalogue. Would you like to see how a Floer floor would look in your home? Order a sample and find out for yourself!

If you are planning to install a Rigid Click Vinyl floor, it’s recommended to use the Floer Rigid Click Underlay. This subfloor provides sufficient resistance to heavy floorboards. However, when installing a Dryback Vinyl floor, no subfloor is needed as it will be glued directly to the surface. In this case, the surface must be treated with a thin layer of levelling compound.

Yes! There are different types of skirting boards available that can match your laminate, rigid click vinyl, or dryback vinyl floor. Consider adhesive skirting boards, wall skirting boards, transfer skirting boards, rosettes, and more. Discover all photochromic floor products.

The type of underlay you need depends on the situation of the subsoil and house. If you are laying the floor on a ground floor apartment, we recommend the Floer Non-Contact Underlay in most cases. If your floor will be in an upstairs apartment and you need to meet the 10 dB requirement, we recommend the Silent Subfloor, which comes with a certificate.

Use the Floer High Tack Kit to securely attach stair treads and ensure they remain firmly in place.

Did you know that all white primed wall skirting boards still need to be painted after installation? You can choose any colour you like, including black, to create your desired look. Ready-made black skirting boards are also available. Please contact us or ask your Floer dealer for more information on the possibilities.

The stair treads range offers various oak designs for different stair treads. Additionally, you can cover the stairs with oak parquet panels. For a cohesive interior, consider an oak wooden staircase in combination with an oak parquet floor from Floer.

Floer wall skirting boards are available in different heights and thicknesses. You can choose the height that best complements your floor.

In the Accessories range of Floer, you’ll find all kinds of related products. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for in the current range, please contact us. There are countless additional options available, including high atmospheric plinths in a romantic style!

Whether you choose a Laminate or Tile Vinyl floor, all Floer floors can be matched with skirting boards in the same colour.

There are no standard steps for transferring vinyl, but that’s okay! You can easily cut a piece of vinyl flooring to size and use it to cover your stairs with your favourite pattern.

Use the Floer High Tack Kit to fix skirting boards to the wall. This kit will create an optimal bond between the two parts.