• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Bring nature into your home with the Floer Akucork Wall Panels! These acoustic wall panels are made from a unique combination of cork and tree bark. This makes the extremely durable panels not only beautiful to look at, but also sound-absorbing and insulating. Cork Wall Panels even improve the acoustics in your home! The 3D appearance, ranging from tree bark to sandstone, emphasises the natural look and feel. Each panel is environmentally friendly, sustainable and handmade, without cutting down any trees! With Floer Akucork Wall Panels you can create the ideal wall finish to take your interior to the next level.

Acoustic panels made of cork

Do you suffer from reverberations in your living room, kitchen or home office? The Floer Akucork wall panels can change that. Due to the different thickness of the bark or wooden sandstone, sound waves are better absorbed. By using cork acoustic panels you can create better acoustics in any room. However, it is not recommended to install the wall panels in a bathroom as they are not completely waterproof.

Insulating Wall Panels

In addition to their acoustic properties, the wall panels also have an insulating function. They are made from cork bark attached to a cork support. This construction ensures slow heat conduction through the panels. As a result, the temperature in the room is kept at a stable level without requiring a lot of energy to maintain the desired temperature.

Installing Akucork Wall Panels

How do you install an Akucork wall panel? Mounting the Akucork wall panels is very easy using the Floer High Tack sealant. Remember to press the panels down firmly for optimum adhesion. In addition, the 90 x 60 cm panels can easily be placed against each other. Shortening the panels is also a breeze as you can easily cut them to size with a saw.

Wooden Wall Panels

Looking for an oak wall panel that covers the entire length of the wall? Then take a look at the Akupanel Wall Panels. These are acoustic wall panels with an impressive length of no less than 300 cm! Like the Akucork wall panels, these wall panels also have a soundproofing function.

Cork bark wall

By using cork bark wall panels you are making a very sustainable contribution. These 3D wall panels feature a range of cork finishes, from black tree bark to wood stone strips. Because the cork is taken directly from the tree, each panel is unique. You don’t have to worry about the impact on nature as the trees are left untouched. Bring nature to life in your home with Floer Akucork Wall Panels!

Natural floors

Do you want to combine the natural Akucork wall panels with an equally natural floor? Then take a look at Floer Hybrid Wood: wood flooring with the benefits of both vinyl and laminate. However, if you prefer a completely waterproof floor, check out our Oak Village Vinyl floor. Are you a real do-it-yourselfer and looking for a floor that is as easy to install as Akucork Wall Panels? Then discover our Nature Rigid Click Vinyl flooring with the revolutionary MEGAMAT finish.

The Akucork Wall Panels do not require any maintenance. All you need to do is dust them from time to time.

Yes, you can attach the wall panels to both the wall and the ceiling using the High Tack Kit.

The panels may discolour slightly when exposed to sunlight. Normally you won’t notice this unless you place a new panel next to an older one.

We do not recommend installing Akucork wall panels in a bathroom. This is because the cork wall panels are not completely waterproof.

On average, 1 tube of High Tack Kit will fix 3 Akucork Wall Panels.