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Reclaimed Wood Laminate


Floer Oak Parquet Floors

At Floor we are passionate for wood. In our factory we have turned making beautiful oak wood parquet floors into our specialty. Here, we produce, process and treat all types of oak parquet floors. You can find a number of these popular wooden oak parquet floors on our website. We only begin to produce the oak floors at the moment you have placed your order. A wooden parquet floor is a custom-made product and is produced entirely to your wishes and needs. Specialist treatments such as fine sawing or burning of oak wood are also possible. In addition we have a collection of Akupanel Wall Panels, discover these acoustic panels in various colours!

Production Process of Oak Parquet Floors

Floer Laminate Floors

Floer Laminate floors are all about sustainability. We focus on realistic oak laminate floors in various unique collections. Like the stunning Country House Laminate floors, which consist of floorboards with a width of no less than 32,8 cm. Unique in its kind and moreover water-resistant all the way to within the groove! Want something less wide? Floer City Laminate consists of floorboards with a width of 24 cm and a luxury V-groove. Besides these extra wide laminate floors, the popular Herringbone Laminate floors, available in 10 luxury oak designs, are certainly worth looking at. Did you know that you can also choose an extra large herringbone laminate floor? The Whalebone Laminate collection consists of floors that have floorboards that are 85 cm long and 14 cm wide; definitely bigger than your standard herringbone floorboard! The quirky Reclaimed Wood Laminate collection consists of floors with an aged and vintage look and feel. But, there are even more unique laminate floors! For example, the Authentic Laminate floors with true-to-life long parquet planks with the advantages of laminate floors.

Floer Laminate Customer Video

Dryback Vinyl Floors

Have a look at the wide assortment of Floer dryback vinyl floors. Because these floors are glued to the subfloor, they look extremely sleek. The collection of Village Vinyl floors consists of various shades, from light to dark brown oak and everything in between. Are you looking for a wide vinyl floor with a realistic oak look? The extra large Forest Vinyl floors are finished with lifelike wood structures. It creates a luxurious feel of real oak planks. Dryback vinyl tiles are extra large in size and available in either a concrete, marble or slate look! Luxury Herringbone Vinyl floors are child-friendly, strong and super charming. A unique vinyl floor with a realistic oak look? Choose XL herringbone vinyl, also known as Floer Whalebone Vinyl. Extra large herringbone vinyl floors are enormously popular. The luxury oak design and unprecedented format of the floorboards are a treat to the eye. The strong LVT floors are eco-friendly produced from clean vinyl and have the REACH certificate. This means that they contribute to a clean indoor environment.

Floer Dryback Vinyl Customer Video

Oak Herringbone Parquet Floors

We are experts in the field of oak herringbone parquet floors. The floors can be installed either as either glued or floating, in the latter case the appropriate underlay must be used. We can produce the trendy herringbone pattern floors with various floorboard dimensions: from 12 x 60 cm up to giant herringbone of 18 x 90 cm. These floors can be installed with an additional and optional border which gives the floor a classic and traditional look. The herringbone oak parquet floors can be produced with various flooring grades. An oak herringbone floor is fully personalised and produced by order in the Floer factory in the North of the Netherlands. Do you want an oak wooden floor with all the advantages of a vinyl and laminate floor? Then you’re looking for a Hybrid Wood floor! Looking for inspiration? Check out our customer videos.

Oak Parquet Customer Videos

Rigid Click Vinyl Floors

As beautiful as wood, as practical as vinyl! The assortment of Rigid Click Vinyl floors is produced with a stable rigid mineral core. Moreover, the floors from this collection are provided with an advanced click system. Finished with a lifelike oak look and a matte top layer, the Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floors cannot be distinguished from real wood. The floorboards are extra wide and extra long! Did you know that rigid click vinyl is provided with a stone mineral intermediate layer? We also call this layer a ‘rigid core’. This intermediate layer ensures that the floor tiles are extra heavy and super stable. Extra convenient if it comes to a floor with many connections, such as one of the luxury rigid Herringbone Click Vinyl floors. These strong synthetic floors are 100% waterproof, easy to install by yourself and very suitable for underfloor heating. Looking for tiles for your home? Check out Tile Rigid Click Vinyl; these floors cannot be distinguished from real stone and have all the advantages of vinyl flooring! At 45,7 cm by 91,4 cm, these synthetic tiles are extra large which emphasises the luxurious stone appearance.

Floer Rigid Click Vinyl

Floer Formula

Have you found a great Floer parquet, laminate or vinyl floor you would like to see in real life? Take a look at the current dealer overview, or simply order a sample of the floor. Did you know that our own Floer floorers will gladly come over and install your oak wooden floor? If you do so, you will be assured of a proper installation and a preservation of the factory warranty. Contact your nearest dealer to find out more about their, or our, installation service. Perhaps you would like to do it yourself? In our Floer blog, we give handy tips on how to install a floor and many interior tips in our interior blogs. In the FloerTube videos we deal with a new subject every time; you can learn all about the differences between rigid click and dryback vinyl, how to calculate the number of square meters of your floor etc. Looking for inspiration and more customer pictures? Follow Floer on social media! Do you have a question about one of the floors, or do you need help installing a Floer floor? Get in touch and contact us!

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