• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

The timeless wooden herringbone oak parquet floors are produced on Dutch soil in beautiful traditional patterns. Available at Floer, made with low contraction and expansion planks that can also be installed as a floating floor with underlay! The custom-made herringbone floors are produced in our factory in the Netherlands and are available with many finishes and treatments. Floer oak herringbone parquet comes with a 15-year warranty! The short planks have a standard 4-sided V-groove, but they can also be produced without joints. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities in made-to-measure products, or view the various options in flooring grades.

Oak Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-picture-8Were you not able to find your preferred herringbone oak parquet floor among the floors above? In the Floer production hall we can create herringbone parquet of Dutch origin according to your wishes. Think of treatments like brushing, smoking, ageing, sawing and antique staining! Various oil colours and flooring grades are also available. In addition, oak floors are available in various widths and lengths. Are you a fan of wide floors? Take a look at the Country House Laminate collection! These wide laminate floors are no less than 32 cm wide and feature a realistic oak design. Would you like an extra long and realistic laminate floor? Then take a look at the Authentic Laminate collection, with laminate floorboards of more than 184 cm long. There are, of course, many more possibilities. Contact us for the best flooring advice!

Installing Herringbone Parquet

Want to know how a herringbone oak floor is installed? Watch the FloerTube video below! You can choose to have your herringbone parquet installed, or you can install the parquet yourself. By the way, did you know that you can install oak floors in different ways? Parquet can be either installed floating or glued down.

Maintenance of Oak Parquet

Maintaining and cleaning a real oak herringbone parquet floor requires a little more attention than, for instance, a Herringbone Laminate floor. But who doesn’t love wood?! An oak herringbone parquet floor is the epitome of charm and luxury, and will give every room a classy look. By taking good care of your floor, you can add to its appearance and ensure that the oak wood is well protected. This is easily and quickly done by using a floor soap. Do you have a naturally oiled herringbone floor, or one that is even darker? Use a floor soap in a natural colour for these dark oak parquet floors.

Take a Look Inside

Virtually visit Floer customers and watch the inspiration videos! You can immediately see what your favourite Herringbone Oak Parquet floor will look like in a home. Are you also curious about laminate, vinyl or one of the Rigid Click Vinyl floors? Come and take a look at the homes of all Floer customers and get inspired! Want to see a Floer for yourself at home? Order a sample or view them all in the catalogue.

Herringbone Oak Parquet – Aged & White Oiled

This home shows a lot of interior design trends! The matte black doors, the solid dining table with a steel base and a popular Herringbone Oak Parquet floor – Aged & White Oiled. Together, these trends form a unique unity! Come and take a look at these Floer customers and discover the special rustic herringbone yourself.

Herringbone Oak Parquet – Untreated Oiled

It is the trend of the moment: untreated oiled parquet! By ‘invisibly’ oiling the floorboards, the natural colour of the oak is emphasised. In this home, the light oak herringbone floor is combined with a stylish and tough interior. Decorated with a luxurious black kitchen, dark accessories and a green accent colour here and there. Combined with an Untreated Oiled oak parquet floor, it forms a fashionable unity. Curious? Take a look inside!

Herringbone Oak Parquet – Carbon Black Oiled

Do you like dark herringbone floors? Discover this special herringbone floor in black! These Floer customers asked an interior stylist, and the result is amazing! With calm, neutral tones with the additional blue accent tone, a fashionable modern interior is created. The oak herringbone floor in Carbon Black Oiled is the eye-catcher in this home! Do you want to take a look inside?

Straight Oak Parquet

Do you want an oak floor in a straight pattern, rather than a herringbone floor? That is possible! The straight Oak Parquet floors are also made-to-measure and composed according to your wishes. Did you know that flooring grades are very decisive for the appearance of a wooden floor? Do you want a tough oak floor with large knots? Or would you rather choose for a floor with a consistent look and just a few knots and cracks? Experience the different oak wood floors and discover the love for oak!

Are you interested in a straight patterned floor, but want something different than an oak parquet floor? Take a look at the City Laminate collection, for laminate floors with a wooden look and a width of more than 24 cm! Do you prefer a vintage wood look laminate floor? You will find floors with an aged and used look in the Reclaimed Wood Laminate collection. Rather want a wood look floor which is 100% waterproof? In the Nature Rigid Click Vinyl collection you will find floors with both the advantages of vinyl and those of laminate! The best of both worlds combined into one Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floor.

Floer Herringbone in RTL 4 Woontips

Did you know we featured our herringbone oak parquet floors on RTL 4 in the programme Woontips (Living Tips)? Watch the clip below and read more about Floer on TV!

Herringbone Flooring

Interested in a low maintenance herringbone floor? Check out the popular Herringbone Laminate, which is available in various oak designs. For a 100% waterproof herringbone floor, we recommend vinyl floors with a herringbone pattern. These floors are available as either a Rigid Click version, or a dryback version. DIY vinyl floors with a herringbone pattern? Check out the Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl collection! If you are looking for dryback vinyl floors with herringbone patterns, we recommend the Herringbone Vinyl collection. And last but not least, are you a fan of extra big herringbone floors? Check out the unique XL herringbone vinyl floors, also known as the Whalebone Vinyl collection! Rather have a wooden whale in your home? Check out the various Whalebone Laminate floors, just as grand as its vinyl variant!

Dryback Vinyl Floors

Dryback vinyl floors are not only available in herringbone patterns, but also in straight patterns! Would you like an extra wide straight patterned vinyl floor? Check out the Forest Vinyl collection for extra wide floors. Would you prefer a vinyl floor with a concrete look? For dryback tile vinyl floors, take a look at the Tile Vinyl collection. Do you prefer tile vinyl with a concrete look and a click system? Then go for the Tile Rigid Click Vinyl collection!

Before laying the floor, it must first acclimatise in the room where it will be laid. Laying an oak parquet floor is a specific job. Watch the FloerTube video “How to Lay a Herringbone Oak Parquet floor” and read up carefully.

An Oak Herringbone Parquet floor is made and processed at the Floer factory. Here, we saw and process oak planks into beautiful oak wood floors.

A Herringbone Parquet floor can be installed over underfloor heating. For the best possible efficiency of the underfloor heating in combination with the wooden floor, it is advisable to install the floor using glue.

Through your nearest dealer, you can purchase an installation service in most cases. Most dealers provide this service themselves. If it is not offered, you can use the Floer installation service through your Floer dealer.

The cost of an Oak Herringbone Parquet floor depends on your preferences. At Floer, wooden herringbone floors are custom-made. The price is only determined after you provide details regarding dimensions, treatments, oils, and wood grades.

Wooden Herringbone floors feature a tongue and groove joint. This joint operates differently from a click joint. Instead of clicking, the boards slide into each other using the tongue and groove joint.

If an Oak Wood floor is completely worn out, it can be sanded to give it a fresh appearance. This will extend its lifespan significantly.

By applying oil to your parquet floor, you can both protect it and restore its natural, beautiful colour.