• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

A vinyl floor with a lifelike textured surface and subtle microbevel. Floer Forest Vinyl has it! Thanks to the extra wide and long vinyl floorboard, the charm of a luxurious oak floor is created. The Floer Forest Vinyl floors consist of floorboards with a length of 151,6 cm and a width of no less than 24,1 cm! The microbevel emphasises the large dimensions of the individual boards in the floor. The Floor Forest collection is produced eco-friendly with a bio-organic plasticiser derived from the soybean and comes with a 20 year warranty. Moreover, all Floer Vinyl floors have the REACH certificate and an emission A+ label. Therefore, these floors are as safe as a children’s toy!

Wide Vinyl

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-picture-11Did you know that Floer Vinyl feels soft and warm to the touch? The Forest Vinyl is very suitable for underfloor heating, since the floorboards have a thermal resistance of only 0,028 m2K/W. Get the most out of your underfloor heating! The Floer Forest collection is suitable for intensive domestic use. The vinyl, with its super strong 0,55 mm wearing surface, can also be used commercially or even industrially.

Are you looking for a vinyl herringbone floor? Discover the Floer Herringbone Vinyl or the extra large herringbone floor: Whalebone Vinyl. In addition to the Forest Vinyl, we have another collection with more beautiful wood designs. The Floer Village Vinyl is a collection with 8 beautiful oak colours and has smaller board dimensions. Are you looking for a tile floor with the advantages of vinyl? Check out the Tile Vinyl collection.

XL Vinyl

Wide vinyl floors from the Forest collection are sometimes called XL vinyl floors. Can you guess why? Right! Because the Forest Vinyl floors are extra wide and extra long; XL vinyl floors! Are you curious about other vinyl floors and do you want to take a closer look? You can, discover the Village Vinyl floors collection and check out all the vinyl floors. Rather have an XL laminate floor? Check out the extra wide laminate floors in the Country House Laminate collection! These realistic oak design floors have a width of no less than 32 cm!

Sustainable Vinyl

The floors in the Forest Vinyl collection are produced ‘phthalate-free’. This means that no chemical plasticisers were used during the production process to make the floor flexible. What is used as a plasticiser? Soybean oil is used as a plasticiser during the production process. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the floors have a REACH certificate and an A+ emission label. So the floors are completely safe and 0% harmful to your health or that of others.

Installing Straight Dryback Vinyl

Would you like to have a wide vinyl floor in your home? In the video below, Guido explains step by step how to do it. Want to do an even greater job? Then also read the accompanying blog to make sure you don’t forget anything! By the way, when laying a straight slab of vinyl flooring, you are not obliged to stick to one installation method. Since the planks do not have a click connection, they can be laid in several ways!

Take a look inside

Take a look inside at customers who already have a Floer. In these videos, you’ll get an extra insight into the wide vinyl floors that have been installed in a home. This may bring you one step closer to your dream floor. Do you need some floor inspiration? Then take a look inside at the Floer customers who have gone before you and get inspired!

Forest Vinyl – Tiveden Rustic Oak

Are you looking for a unique, warm and rustic floor that will make your friends and family jealous? Then you’re in luck with the Forest Vinyl – Tiveden Rustic Oak! The natural oak vinyl floor features a rustic design, making this wide vinyl floor perfect for combining with various interiors. Thanks to the extra-large dimensions of this XL dryback vinyl floor, you can create a spacious effect in your home. Take a quick look inside the home via the video below!

Oak vinyl floors

In addition to the advantages of vinyl, Floer Forest Vinyl floors have the look of oak parquet. The true-to-life design of the oak vinyl flooring makes it indistinguishable from a wooden floor. In addition, the floors have a tactile or register embossed structure, so you can actually feel the wood structure in the plank. Do you prefer a herringbone oak vinyl floor? Oak Vinyl Flooring is also available in herringbone and whalebone!

Do-It-Yourself Floor

Are you looking for a do-it-yourself vinyl floor? Take a look at the Floer Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floors, the most advanced alternative for a dryback vinyl floor. With the click system you can easily install this floor yourself. Besides beautiful oak designs, there is also the possibility to choose Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl or Rigid Click Tile Vinyl!

Although Rigid Click Vinyl and dryback vinyl floors are both made of vinyl, they different in some aspects. Do you want to know all the differences between dryback vinyl floors and vinyl floors with a click connection? On our website you will find various Floer blogs, or watch the FloerTube video below in which we explain everything!

XL herringbone floors

As well as the popular herringbone vinyl, there are other extra-large herringbone floors! Did you know about the XL herringbone laminate? This whalebone laminate has a special length of over 85cm x 14cm. This is considerably larger than a ‘standard’ herringbone laminate floor! The larger planks make for a calmer floor surface as there are fewer points to see. Want a DIY herringbone floor that is 100% waterproof? Then discover the beautiful Whalebone Click Vinyl collection! Featuring popular names from the dryback range, this collection is a real winner!

Waterproof oak floors

Are you in love with the oak patterns in the Forest collection, but still looking for an oak floor? Discover Hybrid Wood! Floer’s Hybrid floors are a revolutionary type of flooring because they are made of real oak but are also waterproof for 24 hours! Of course, these floors are not as waterproof as vinyl floors, but for families with large households, this is the solution for regular accidents. Discover the collection and all its benefits for yourself now!

More vinyl floors

Dryback vinyl flooring is available in many different styles. In addition to wood-look vinyl floors, concrete-look floors are also available. Concrete look floors are available in Tile Vinyl and Tile Click Vinyl.

Laminate floors

Do you prefer patterned laminate flooring? Herringbone laminate flooring is available in 10 different oak colours, from black to light herringbone oak. Want a laminate floor with a straight plank? Check out the City Laminate collection or Authentic Laminate for extra long planks. Authentic Laminate planks are available in lengths up to 220cm. Available in a range of colours from black to white oak, they are also thicker than other laminate floors at 9mm. Looking for a laminate floor with a unique look? Reclaimed Wood laminate floors have an aged and distressed look.

Oak wood floors

Do you prefer a real oak floor? Then take a look at the Floer parquet floors. With these floors you can choose from a variety of wood types and finishes. From black oiled to white smoked. They are also Dutch-made and available in herringbone.

Looking for inspiration?

Need some inspiration when choosing a new floor? On the inspiration page you’ll find lots of information and extra advice to help you make the right choice. You can also browse the website, visit a Floer dealer or request a catalogue. Want to see how a particular Floer floor will look in your home? Order a sample and find out! If you have any further questions, please contact us.

With dimensions of 151.6 cm x 24.1 cm, a Forest Vinyl floor is not only extra wide but also extra long. These Dryback Vinyl floors create a unique spatial effect in your home.

The Forest Vinyl flooring collection features 16 beautiful wood design floors. If you’re looking for a light oak vinyl floor, check out Wendelbos Light Oak, Sterrebos Untreated Oak, or Speulderbos Beige Oak. Each of these floors boasts a diverse and natural look that’s sure to impress.

At Floer, we hold our vinyl floors to high standards. That’s why we always use clean and safe vinyl. Our Forest Vinyl floors are produced using oil derived from soybeans, in addition to being certified with both the REACH certificate and Emission Value A+ label. This creates an extra clean and safe vinyl, especially important for maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Installing a Forest Vinyl floor can be a challenging task. This adhesive Dryback Vinyl floor needs to be glued down on an extremely level surface. Therefore, for best results, we strongly recommend using a professional installation service.

The Forest Vinyl floors are extra wide and long, with a size of 151.6 x 24.1 cm. This is due to the unique and matchless collection of vinyl floors available. In other words, they are XL Vinyl floors!

Maintaining vinyl floors is super easy! Use a good cleaning mat, vacuum regularly, and occasionally mop the floor with a simple soak. That’s all it takes!

There are several white vinyl floors available, such as the Forest Vinyl in Wallebos White Pine and the Tile Vinyl in Limestone White. Check out the photos of these lightweight floors and easily request a sample today!

The extra wide vinyl floors from the Forest collection are over 24 cm wide and create a spacious effect in any room.

Forest Vinyl floors can be easily used as stair overlays since they can be cut to size.

Certainly, it is essential to allow your Vinyl floor to acclimatise for at least 48 hours. Make sure that the packages of planks are laid out in a (#) bond for the acclimatisation process.