• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Herringbone floors are currently trending! In addition to the popular Herringbone Oak Parquet floors, Floer also offers Herringbone Laminate floors. With the convenient Fastclick connection and starter kit, you can easily install these herringbone laminate floors yourself! This laminate floor is also suitable for heavy commercial use, thanks to the extra strong and thick herringbone floorboard of 12 mm. Floer Herringbone Laminate comes with a 35 year warranty. Because of the many different floorboards with textured wood grain surfaces and luxury V-groove, this laminate is indistinguishable from a real oak herringbone floor. Experience it for yourself and request a sample or visit your Floer dealer! Are you looking for a XL herringbone laminate floor? Take a look at one of our Whalebone Laminate floors.

Herringbone Laminate Floors

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-4The Floer Herringbone Laminate floors are produced in France and made from very strong materials. That’s why Floer Herringbone Laminate falls under the usage classification AC6 and therefore it can also be used commercially! Because of the board thickness of 1,2 cm, the oak look of these laminate herringbone floors is emphasised. This makes the herringbone laminate indistinguishable from herringbone parquet. In addition, the extra thick floorboards give a solid walking sound. This strong herringbone laminate flooring is, just like Herringbone Vinyl, suitable to combine with underfloor heating. It is important however, to use a suitable underlay for underfloor heating. Vinyl Herringbone floors do not need this, as the vinyl floors are adhered to the subfloor.

Whalebone Laminate

Are you looking for an XL herringbone laminate floor? Choose one of the floors from the Whalebone Laminate collection. The in Germany produced laminate floors are, with a length of more than 85 cm and a width of more than 14 cm, bigger than the ‘standard’ herringbone floorboards. The extra wide laminate boards with oak design feature a Fastclick connection and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty! To remain entitled to this warranty, the installation requirements must be met.

Installing a Herringbone Laminate Floor

Floer fastclick laminaat vloeren klik verbindingAre you thinking of installing a herringbone laminate floor yourself? It’s possible! Installing a Herringbone Laminate floor is an easy job thanks to the convenient Floer Fastclick connection. Watch the step-by-step video: how do I install a herringbone laminate floor and discover by watching the installation video just how easy it is to install this herringbone laminate pattern floor. We explain step-by-step how to copy the supplied starting point, installing the right and left parts etc. But remember: always combine herringbone laminate floors with the correct underlay.

Watch the video below and discover how easy it is to install a herringbone laminate floor yourself.

Various Installation Methods

Because the Herringbone Laminate boards have several click joints, the floorboards can be installed in various ways. Besides the original herringbone pattern, these floors can also be laid in a half-brick or elbow pattern. Want to know in which patterns these floors can be installed? Check out the picture below for the possibilities!

Floer installatie mogelijkheden laminaat vloeren klik verbinding

Take a Look Inside

Take a look inside into Floer customers’ homes! In the inspiration videos you will discover what your favourite herringbone laminate floor looks like in a home. We assure you, you will get plenty of interior and floor inspiration! Want to see more of Floer’s floors in the homes of customers? Let Floer inspire you even more via the inspiration page!

Floer Herringbone Laminate – Untreated Oak

In this home, the Herringbone Laminate – Untreated Oak has the spotlight. The untreated, light oak colour of the herringbone floor is emphasised by the layout of the house and the interior. These Floer customers chose lots of light tones, dark accents and charming accessories. Look inside and see for yourself!

Floer Herringbone Laminate – Natural Oak

Are you looking for a warm herringbone laminate floor? The Herringbone Laminate in Natural Oak might be the floor for you! These Floer customers chose a warm oak herringbone floor and combined it with a black and white kitchen and a real eye-catcher: a wall with beautiful flower wallpaper. Intimate, cosy and warm are definite definitions of the style of this home. Are you having a look inside?

Floer Herringbone Laminate – Cream Oak

Laminate herringbone floors are not only suitable for domestic use, but also for commercial use thanks to the high usage classification! These Floer customers chose a Herringbone Laminate floor in Cream Oak. This pointy pattern laminate floor in a light oak colour is in a constant spotlight in this hairdresser’s shop. Moreover, Herringbone Laminate is very easy to clean and maintain. Not a hair on the Floer!

100% Waterproof Herringbone

Are you looking for 100% waterproof herringbone? Take a look a the Floer Herringbone Vinyl floors and discover the advantages of vinyl flooring: 100% waterproof, perfect to combine with underfloor heating and finished with a register embossing structure. Do you have a preference for herringbone floors with extra wide and long floorboards? The Floer Whalebone Vinyl floors are giant XL herringbone Vinyl floors and create a grand and spacious effect in your home. Did you know that there are also Rigid click vinyl floors available in herringbone patterns? The Floer Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl collection consists of vinyl herringbone floors with a stone mineral core, which can be installed by yourself and are 100% water resistant.

Herringbone Vinyl

Do you want to know the difference between a laminate and a herringbone patterned vinyl floor? Read it in the blog ‘The difference between herringbone patterned laminate and vinyl floors’. Curious about the difference between a herringbone and whalebone floors? Watch the video and find out! Are you looking for tiles with a concrete look, or other luxury Vinyl Tiles? There are both dryback vinyl and Rigid Click Vinyl Tile floors in the Floer assortment! Extra wide dryback vinyl? The Floer Forest Vinyl collection consists of floors with extra wide vinyl floorboards in various oak designs.

Laminate Floors

In addition to herringbone pattern laminate floors, we have many straight pattern laminate floors in our assortment. Discover the Reclaimed Wood Laminate collection with unique laminate floors with aged and vintage designs. Looking for floors with 32 cm wide floorboards? The Country House Laminate comes with extra wide oak design floors. Extra long laminate floors? The Floer Authentic Laminate is available with floorboards that reach 2 meters!

Vinyl Laminate

Vinyl laminate, does it exist? Nope! These two flooring types are mixed up with each other now and then. Watch the FloerTube video below and discover, once and for all, the differences and similarities between rigid click vinyl and City Laminate floors. You will discover why Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl and Herringbone Laminate floors are not the same.

Do you have a preference for oak parquet? Besides this unique Herringbone Laminate there are also beautiful, made-to-measure Oak Parquet and herringbone oak parquet floors available! Did you know that Floer oak parquet comes of Dutch origin? Your oak wooden parquet floor is made in the Floer factory in the North of the Netherlands! Would you like to see a Floer at home? Order a sample or the catalogue and discover the collections!

Herringbone Laminate is a type of HDF laminate flooring that consists of separate left and right planks. These planks can be easily laid out in a herringbone pattern using the click connection.

Herringbone laminate floors have a Fastclick connection, which makes them super easy to lay yourself! If you want to know how to do that, watch the installation video and follow the instructions. This way, anyone can lay a herringbone laminate floor themselves!

When installing a Herringbone Laminate floor, it’s important to take into account a cutting loss of 15% to 18%. This is because Herringbone floors consist of left and right floorboards, which results in a higher percentage of cutting loss compared to straight laminate floors. If you’re interested in ordering a Herringbone Laminate floor from your dealer, be sure to calculate the necessary square footage and add 15% to 18% for cutting loss.

Herringbone Laminate flooring is easy and quick to install, thanks to the convenient Fastclick connection. This makes laying a Herringbone Laminate floor extra easy and not perceived as difficult. With your floor purchase, you receive a free starting point. We also provide handy laying instructions and an installation video, so you have everything you need for a perfect start!

For a perfect start, easily make your own Herringbone Laminate Starter Point! Here’s how:

  1. Click 3 left and 3 right herringbone planks together to form a point.
  2. Draw a line from the highest point of the left plank to the lowest point of the right plank.
  3. The starting point should be 1 herringbone laminate plank long on both sides. Use a Herringbone Laminate floor part to check both sides and make sure the starting point is the right length.
  4. Cut the starter point to size and save the remains. You may need these later for small corners!
  5. Congratulations! You have now made your own Herringbone Laminate starter point.

The Herringbone Laminate has a thickness of 12 mm and thermal resistance of 0.09 m2 K/W. This makes it highly suitable for use on underfloor heating when combined with the appropriate underlay.

Not every Laminate floor can be laid in a Herringbone pattern due to the click connection on the floorboards. A Herringbone Laminate floor consists of left and right sections. On a left-hand board, the click connection is reversed compared to a right-hand board, making it possible to lay it in a herringbone pattern. With normal Laminate flooring, the click connection is the same on each side, preventing the possibility of laying it in a Herringbone pattern.

A Herringbone Laminate floor consists of 28 different designs, which, combined with a thickness of 1.2 cm, gives it an extra realistic oak wood appearance.

With 10 different herringbone laminate floors available, you have plenty of choices, from white to black oak. If you prefer a light oak herringbone laminate floor, we recommend the beautiful Untreated Oak, Matte White Oak, Greyed Oak, or Cream Oak. You can easily order a sample to see your favourite light oak floor at home.

Floer offers a variety of Herringbone Laminate floors, including special Herringbone floors in the colour black. Check out the Floer Herringbone Laminate collection to discover dark Herringbone Laminate, or explore one of the other oak colours available.

To create a nice contrast in the room, you can choose between a Natural Oak or a Dark Oak floor. If you don’t want this, you can always go for a Light Oak floor.

A Herringbone Laminate floor can make a small room appear larger than it actually is. The Herringbone pattern creates an optical illusion that gives the impression of more space.

There are several subfloors suitable to use when laying a Herringbone Laminate floor. A Basic Alufoam, Silent Underlay, Non-Contact Underlay, and Green Slabs are all among the options. The choice of a particular underlay depends solely on your home situation. So when choosing your floor, find out which underlay is best for you.

Yes! The XL Herringbone floors from the Whalebone Laminate collection are longer than standard herringbone floors, measuring over 85 cm in length. Additionally, these floorboards are coated with a waterproof layer that makes them resistant to water for up to 4 hours.

To enjoy your Herringbone Laminate floor for longer, it is important to properly maintain it. Vacuum or sweep the floor regularly using an attachment with a brush. If there are any stains on the Herringbone Laminate floor, use a slightly damp mop and a laminate cleaner to remove them. Do not use too much water, as this may damage the herringbone laminate floor. After mopping, let the floor dry thoroughly by opening the windows.

Floer’s Herringbone Laminate has a user class of AC 6. This means that the thick Herringbone Laminate planks are suitable for intensive domestic and intensive commercial use. It’s definitely possible to lay a Herringbone Laminate floor in your office, shop, or restaurant!

XL Herringbone laminate?

XL Herringbone laminate?

Looking for a bigger herringbone floor? Discover the Floer Whalebone Laminate collection!

Discover it here