• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

waterproofThe Floer Dutch City Laminate consists of top quality wide floors with natural textured oak structures and a luxury V-groove! In addition to the beautiful design, these laminate floors are more than 24 cm wide and finished with a special anti-scratch layer. This makes the Floer City Laminate very durable and scratch resistant. You will get a 20 year warranty upon purchase. The collection is furthermore water resistant, which flows over in the groove. The grooves have been given a special ‘water resistant’ coating, which makes this laminate floor waterproof for up to 4 hours. Moreover, installing one of these floors is very easy thanks to the patented Variclick joint system. Request one or more samples and find out for yourself!

Wide Laminate

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-picture-10Do you already have a favourite wide laminate floor in mind? The City Laminate collection has a number of significant advantages. For example, the 24 cm wide laminate floors are simple to maintain and easy to install! Thanks to the click system, these laminate floors are easy and quick to install yourself. Did you know that the City Laminate has a water-resistant finish? This means that water can lie on the laminate floor for up to four hours without it being damaged or harmed. This is ideal if you are looking for a floor which is suitable for a large family, such as with children or pets!

32 cm Wide Laminate

Were you not able to find a laminate floor among the 24 cm wide floors in the Cities Laminate collection? Are you looking for extremely wide laminate? Check out the XL Country House Laminate floors! These unique laminate floors are more than 32 cm wide! Unprecedentedly wide, in addition to having a continuous pattern which takes care of the optical illusion of a never-ending floor!

Herringbone Laminate

Do you prefer a Herringbone Laminate floor? You can install a herringbone floor with ease thanks to the convenient joint system and the supplied starting point! But wait, there are also XL Herringbone Laminate floors available in the Whalebone Laminate collection! This extra long herringbone board takes care of unprecedented luxury.

Weesp White Beige Oak Customer Video

The Floer City Laminate comes with the reliable Floer Variclick system. Easy to install thanks to the various fastening options.

Floer variclick laminaat vloeren klik verbinding

The best click joint system on the market!

Do it yourself? In the Variclick installation video below we will show you how easy it is to install your City Laminate. You will also find the necessary materials for installing our laminate floors in the video. If you have any questions about the installation of your Floer, do not hesitate to contact us!

Vinyl Laminate

Sometimes vinyl and laminate floors get mixed up. Rigid Click Vinyl floors have, just like laminate floors, a convenient click system. However, there are various differences between rigid click vinyl and Reclaimed Wood Laminate floors. In the FloerTube video below both floors are compared and the differences are explained. This way you can find out what the differences are between rigid click vinyl floors and Authentic Laminate.

Waterproof Floors

In addition to waterproof laminate, there are also 100% water-resistant floors. Curious about these collections? Take a look at the Floer Herringbone Vinyl collection. These pattern floors are 100% waterproof and are perfectly suitable to be combined with underfloor heating. This goes up for all vinyl floors, including the Floer Village Vinyl floors! These floors can very well be combined with underfloor heating and have an extremely strong wear surface layer. Experience the extra large Whalebone Vinyl! Rather have a dryback vinyl floor in a straight pattern?

Click Vinyl

Looking for a do-it-yourself vinyl floor? Then Floer Nature Rigid Click Vinyl is the right choice! These rigid click vinyl floors have a very realistic wooden look and are suitable for any room in the home. These rigid click vinyl floors are also available as Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl and Tile Rigid Click Vinyl!

Do you prefer a real oak wooden floor? The Oak Parquet floors are available in various flooring grades and finishes. By choosing one of the finishes, you can create a different colour floor. Do you prefer an oak wooden floor in a herringbone pattern? Go for an Oak Herringbone Parquet floor! Want to see more floors? Order the catalogue and check them all out. Need some interior design tips? Take a look at the inspiration page.

Do you prefer a light oak laminate floor? Consider the extraordinary Weesp White Beige Oak, Oss Untreated, or Zeist Silk White Oak. Each of these floors is a beautiful option for a light oak look!

The Floer City Laminate floors have a width of more than 24 cm, making them wider than a standard laminate floor with a plank width of 19 cm. Therefore, the City Laminate falls under the category of wider, or extra-wide laminate.

In addition to the 24 cm City Laminate, there are even wider laminate floors available. Check out the Floer Country House Laminate collection, which features floors over 32 cm wide!

The water-resistant coating on Cities Laminate makes it resistant to water for up to 4 hours. This coating protects the floor against moisture and is also applied in the V-groove. Thanks to the super strong Floer Variclick joint, a sealed floor surface is created where moisture cannot penetrate.

Floer’s wide laminate floors have a low thermal resistance of 0.07 m2 K/W. This means that, with the right underlay, the City Laminate and XL Country House Laminate floors are also suitable for underfloor heating.

Are you looking for a Laminate Tile floor? We have a better option for you! Tile Rigid Click Vinyl is the perfect combination of click vinyl and laminate. This makes the floor sturdy, 100% waterproof, and features a strong click connection.

Yes, the Floer City Laminate floors are even more than 24 cm wide!

Floer Laminate comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 20 years. With normal use, the floors can last up to that long. However, the number of years of the manufacturer’s warranty varies per category, so always check to be sure.

No, you should always use a subfloor with Laminate flooring. Be sure to check the specifications of a subfloor to find out which one is suitable for your living situation.

Extra wide laminate?

Extra wide laminate?

Are you looking for extra wide laminate? Discover the Floer Country House Laminate collection, which is over 32 cm wide!

Discover it here