• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

waterproofThe Floer Country House Laminate floors have a unique plank width of no less than 32 cm! The extra wide laminate has authentic wood designs which can be felt in the top layer of the floor. The luxury V-groove makes the wide laminate complete. You can easily install these XL laminate floor boards yourself thanks to the reliable Variclick system.  Want to combine wide laminate with narrow laminate? Discover the Floer Country House Variation Laminate, with varying plank sizes. The wide laminate floors and their grooves are waterproof! The grooves have been given a special ‘waterproof’ coating, making the Floer floors waterproof for up to 4 hours. The 12 different wide laminate floors in the Country House Laminate collection are produced in Germany and come with a 20 year warranty!

Extra Wide Laminate

Floer-dealer-kart-Netherlands-picture-2The extra wide laminate from the robust Country House Laminate collection creates an unprecedented spatial effect in your home. Besides the unique continuous oak pattern on the floorboards, these XXL laminate floors have even more advantages! The Country House Laminate floors have a water-resistant finish, which continues into the groove. Because of this special coating, (small) puddles of water can remain on the laminate floor for up to 4 hours without affecting the floor. Thanks to the low thermal resistance of 0,07 m2K/W, the laminate floors are also very suitable in combination with underfloor heating!

Wide Laminate 32 cm

Do you want a unique Floer? Choose the Country House Variation Laminate! This laminate flooring is available in two different sizes: 32 cm wide laminate and 19 cm wide laminate. The Country House floorboards can be combined with each other thanks to the convenient click system. You might ask yourself: How do I install extra wide laminate of 32 cm myself? It’s super easy, thanks to the handy click system! Watch the installation video and follow the instructions to install the XXL laminate floor yourself!

Laminate Stair Treads

Made a choice between one of the wide laminate floors? There are also stair treads available in oak designs that match with your laminate floor. View all stair treads and more accessories for these floors! Extra wide laminate with a luxurious V-groove or a continuous pattern emphasises the unique dimension of more than 32 cm.

Installing XL Laminate

Floer-Variclick-verbinding-laminaat-vloerenHow should you install an XL laminate floor? Floer Country House Laminate features the reliable Floer Variclick system. Easy to install thanks to the various fastening options. Do it yourself? In the Variclick installation video below we show you how easy it is to install the Floer Country House Laminate floor. It’s the best click system on the market!

Take a Look Inside with Floer

Come and have a look inside of the homes of customers who are already have a #floer! In these inspiration video you will discover what your favourite floor looks like in a home. Packed with interior inspiration, right up to the latest trends! Are you looking for floor inspiration and can you even use some extra inspiration? Watch all the inspiration videos and meet your favourite floor!

Country House Laminate – Untreated Oak

Bold black steel accents, a trendy black and white rug and calm, Scandinavian colours are combined with the 32 cm wide Country House Laminate floor – Untreated Oak. The beautiful continuous pattern and the natural untreated light oak colour make this interior a superb experience. Come in and experience the infinite planks of the XL laminate yourself!

Country House Laminate – Light Oak

In this home you will find a sleek and modern interior, combined with XXL laminate from the Country House Laminate collection. The extra wide light oak laminate floor gives the home a cosy atmosphere. The oak colour of the floor is emphasised by the generous incidence of light. In addition, the wide laminate floor with a continuous pattern provides an extra spatial effect. This customer chose for the Country House Laminate – Light Oak, styled with a grey corner sofa, popular pattern rug and mood lighting. Sleek and modern combined with XXL laminate; it’s simply wonderful! Do you want to take a look?

Country House Variation Laminate – Rustic Pure Oak

Bold, retro and kitsch: having a look inside the home of these Floer customer is a real experience. With the use of colour, striking accessories and the different spaces belongs a striking floor. The Country House Variation Laminate in Rustic Pure Oak suits this home perfectly. This special laminate floor has a warm rustic oak colour, robust knots and a V-groove all around. In addition, the laminate consists of floorboards with alternating widths of 19 and 32 cm, which have been installed alternately in this home. This way, Floer provides this home with a unique and striking base. Have a look and discover the Country House Variation Laminate yourself!

More XL Floors

In addition to extra wide Country House Laminate floors, there is extra wide vinyl from the Forest Vinyl collection with 16 various designs. Experience the special Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floors. Rigid click vinyl floorboards are not only extra wide, but also extra long and easy to install yourself! Besides unique wide rigid click vinyl there are also beautiful luxurious Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floors. Looking for an XL herringbone floor? Discover the XL herringbone floors in the Floer Whalebone Vinyl collection. These extra large herringbone vinyl floors are directly glued to the subfloor, so no underlay is needed. We also call the Whalebone Vinyl the bigger brother of the Herringbone Vinyl floors collection. Furthermore, discover the stylish concrete look Vinyl Tiles! Rather have a vinyl tile floor with a click system? Go for the Rigid Click Vinyl Tile collection.

Laminate Floors

Looking for laminate flooring with a unique design? Reclaimed Wood Laminate floors have an aged and used look. Need water-resistant laminate? The Floer City Laminate is, just like the other laminate floors, finished with a waterproof. coating. Are you looking for extra long laminate floors? Authentic Laminate floors have floorboards that are over 220 cm long. Do you prefer a laminate floor in a herringbone pattern? Go for the Herringbone Laminate collection.

Vinyl or Laminate

Vinyl or laminate? Vinyl laminate? Laminate vinyl? They are often mixed up. Do you want to know the differences and similarities between vinyl and laminate floors? Watch the FloerTube video below and discover!

Do you prefer a real wooden floor? The floorboards for our Oak Parquet are produced in the Floer factory. Rather have a wooden herringbone floor? Discover the Herringbone Oak Parquet! These wooden floors are made-to-measure and according to your preferences and wishes. Extra wide and large floorboards are therefore also an option! Want to know more? Read all about flooring grades or view the photos and video on how oak parquet flooring of Dutch origin is made, or contact us. Want to see a Floer at home? Order a sample or the catalogue.

Floer’s Country House laminate floors are no less than 32 cm wide! The extra-wide laminate planks are very popular due to their oak look, waterproof coating, and continuous design.

Floer Country House Laminate flooring is the widest laminate available, with an unprecedented width of 32.8 cm that makes it extra unique!

This means that the planks on the end side (without a V-groove) always match each other in terms of pattern. The Country House Laminate floors have a V-groove only on the long sides of the planks, creating an infinitely long plank.

The combination of a V-groove on the long side of the planks and the continuous pattern on the wide laminate floor creates a particularly spacious effect. The wide Country House Laminate seems unstoppable! Want to know more about it? Read about it at floer.eu/blog.

Floer’s wide laminate floors have a low thermal resistance of 0.07 m2 K/W. This means that, with the right underlay, the City Laminate and XL Country House Laminate floors are also suitable for underfloor heating.

Yes! The extra-wide Country House Laminate floors now have a waterproof coating, making them water-resistant for up to 4 hours, even in the grooves!

The Country House Laminate collection offers a variety of light oak floors. Consider the Light Oak or Untreated Oak colours with continuous design and 2-sided V-groove. If you prefer a warm, light oak colour, check out Warm Grey Oak and discover the benefits of XXL laminate flooring.

The extra-wide Country House Laminate is perfect for small rooms. With the V-groove only on the long side and a continuous pattern on the floorboards, an XL Country House Laminate floor creates a spacious and visually appealing effect in your home.

A Country House Laminate floor has extra-wide planks, measuring over 32 cm. As a result, it can be laid faster than floors with narrower planks. In general, wide laminate is slightly quicker to install than narrow plank floors.

Laminate floors have a non-slip finish, making them suitable for pets like dogs and cats. Additionally, laminate is easy to maintain and scratch-resistant, making it ideal for households with pets.

The Floer Country House Laminate flooring collection offers extra wide laminate planks, over 32 cm in width!

First, let the floor acclimate and check the subfloor. Then, lay the underlay. After this, you can start laying the wide laminate floor using different methods.

Laminate and Rigid Click Vinyl floors should be installed on a suitable underlay. Therefore, we do not recommend gluing these types of floors.

Country House laminate flooring adds a beautiful optical effect to any room. The extra-wide floorboards create a spacious effect that makes the room appear larger than its actual size.

Yes, Laminate floors are highly scratch-resistant. To further reduce the risk of scratches, we recommend regular vacuuming and placing a cleaning mat by the outside doors. Additionally, using felt pads under furniture can help prevent scratches as well.