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Floer - Known from TV

The TV program Woontips (Lifestyle Tips), broadcasted on RTL4, asked us as parquet specialists for advice about the attractive wooden herringbone parquet floors. We took presenter Iris Rulkens to a captain’s house of a Floer client in the city of Groningen. In this house we answered all Iris’ questions, using various examples, including the popular smoked and white oiled herringbone floor. Of course, we also had a good tip for oak herringbone floors!


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The Floer from Woontips

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The Floer Herringbone Tip!

As usual in the ‘Woontips’ (Lifestyle Tips) program, Iris asked us for a tip on herringbone floors. Our tip: with oak floors, much emphasis is placed on the quality of the oak wood. However, with herringbone and long oak parquet floors, we are dealing with a plank consisting of several layers of wood. Not only a good oak top surface is essential! The other two factors in this plank, namely the underlay and the glue job, also determine the quality of the floor.


Lifestyle Tips & Floer

RTL4’s Woonmagazine (Lifestyle Magazine) provides you weekly with useful tips and the latest trends in home decoration. Our trendy herringbone parquet, therefore, fits perfectly with RTL Woontips. The authentic patterned floor is totally back in fashion. In combination with a modern whitewash oil, a very popular and attractive floor surface is created. Want to see more of this floor? See more images of this beautiful home in Groningen City for more inspiration!

Of Dutch Origin

Floer stands for quality and unique products. That’s why we produce our oak parquet and herringbone parquet floors in the Netherlands. Oak floors of Dutch origin! During the production, we put emphasis on a high-quality oak floor. Do you want to see how we produce our floors? Discover it in our production video. We offer you, next to a beautiful floor, a 15-year warrantee! The parquet floors are made-to-measure, which makes it possible to combine various treatments.


Herringbone Treatments

Do you prefer the single smoked & white oiled herringbone floor from the RTL4 Woontips broadcast? Or would you prefer a different treatment? Besides smoking, the oak floors can also be brushed, sawn, or aged. We have already developed a number of the many possibilities to ease your choice. Discover all possible treatments and flooring grades, and see if your dream floor is among them!

Herringbone, but no parquet?

Then take a look at the Whalebone Vinyl floors. These are herringbone floors, but in an impressive XL size. hey are also 100% waterproof and perfect for underfloor heating. But what makes this floor extra unique is the MEGAMAT finish. Thanks to this finish, the natural design of the XL Herringbone Vinyl floors stands out even more. It makes the floor almost indistinguishable from real parquet.

Floer Whalebone Vinyl

Maintenance-friendly wooden floors

All the charm of real wood, but without the maintenance? Then choose Hybrid Wood! Nothing is more beautiful than real wood, the coat rack for all our flooring collections! But a herringbone parquet floor can only be laid by an experienced parquet fitter. It also takes a little more time to maintain, especially if you have children or pets in the house. Curious about the maintenance-free options? Discover the revolutionary Hybrid Wood floors! With a Hybrid Wood floor, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dents, water or dirt, because this floor is resistant to everything! Oh, and did we already mention that they are made from oak wood? So you get all the benefits of Vinyl, laminate and parquet in one floor!



Hybrid herringbone floor

As well as being available in XL sizes, the unique hybrid wood floors are also available in an attractive herringbone pattern. These luxurious and timeless hybrid herringbone floors offer all the advantages of hybrid wooden floors. In addition, a hybrid herringbone floor adds a stylish and luxurious atmosphere to your interior. The collection is available in different colours, so there is a suitable hybrid herringbone floor for every style. Enjoy a real oak floor, without the maintenance; who wouldn’t want that? Add the same benefits as laminate and vinyl floors and discover the power of these easy-care wood floors. See for yourself, with Hybrid Wood Herringbone!

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