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In oak wooden flooring, we know five different structures which are also called flooring grades. You can imagine that there is a lot of choice to choose from! But what does Rustic A or 1-BIS actually look like? We will give you the answer with some examples.

Discover the differences

Rustic ABC

Large visible knots and splits. Natural designs in the grain, such as knots and edges of sapwood, are common and allowed.


Rustic AB

Rustic wood grade with large knots and splits. The maximum knot size is 7 cm. Sapwood edges are still allowed but minimally present.


Rustic A

Tranquil but rustic grain with smaller knots and splits. The knots have a maximum size of 3.5 cm.



Gentle structure with the least possible knots and small pits or splits. The maximum knot size is 18 mm.



Smooth oak grade without large to medium knots. Small knots are allowed.

The entire Floer oak parquet assortment can be produced in the above mentioned flooring grades. Therefore both straight lamella parquet floors as well as herringbone parquet floors are available in these flooring grades. The knots and splints are plugged with liquid wood. However, the oak parquet floors can also be produced with unplugged knots and splits; ask for the possibilities for your made-to-measure floor!

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