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Floer is the only Dutch flooring brand specialised in the production of high-quality oak wood parquet floors and herringbone parquet floors. We also supply European produced and unique laminate floors, dryback vinyl floors and rigid click vinyl floors with a rock-solid quality. In addition to this diverse range, stylish and popular wall panels can also be found at Floer. At Floer, we contribute to improving the environment. We are therefore very proud of the fact that all the floors and akupanel wall panels in our range are produced and packaged in a sustainable way.

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A short introduction

At Floer we have a passion for wood and floors. We enjoy sharing this love for beautiful floors with others. In our factory in the North of the Netherlands we produce our own oak floors. From long lamella parquet floors to short wooden herringbone boards, strong and consistent in quality. Besides producing your dream oak floor, we enjoy collecting unique wood substitute floors in an original assortment of laminate, dryback vinyl floors and rigid click vinyl floors. The following applies to all our products: “Only the finest planks will do, for a flawless Floer for you”.


Made-to-measure advice

It is not easy to choose a floor. That’s why we are happy to help you along the way. Do you have questions about different floor qualities, for instance? Or are you looking for advice about brushing, smoked or other treatments for oak parquet floors? From rustic to modern knot-free wooden floors are our speciality! We are also happy to answer questions about the processing of low-maintenance laminate flooring, dryback Vinyl floors and Click Vinyl floors, etc. Contact us or read more about it on the Floer blog, watch the informative FloerTube videos or follow us on social media for promotions, interior inspiration and more floor ideas!

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Floors by Floer

By offering unique floors via our dealer network, we are happy to provide you with your dream floor. For example, we have over 32 cm wide laminate and, of course, the popular Whalebone Vinyl floors in our collections. These XL herringbone dryback vinyl floors are larger than their smaller siblings, the regular herringbone vinyl. We offer a wide range of unique and exceptionally beautiful floors. From herringbone laminate floors to ironclad Rigid Click Herringbone Vinyl boards, from tough looking Tile Vinyl floors to 100% safe and sustainable wide vinyl. Or choose one of the accessories, matching stair treads or Akupanel Wall Panels! At Floer you’ll find it all.


View Floer at Home

You can easily view our oak wood floors and wood substitute floors online on our website, by appointment in the Floer Experience Center or at your nearest Floer dealer. We also offer the possibility to request a free catalogue or samples to be delivered to your home. To visit your nearest dealer, for questions regarding pricing or to request a quote, please refer to our Floer dealers. Rather visit Floer? Feel free to contact us and plan an appointment. We will be happy to talk to you in the Floer Inspiration Centre and answer all your questions regarding floors and matching items with care!

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Want to order a Floer floor?

We are happy to provide you with advice, but we only supply our floors through our carefully selected Floer dealer network. These dealers can order Floer parquet, laminate or vinyl floors per square meter. Our underlays, skirting boards and other accessories are also available via our dealers. Take a look at the dealer overview for your nearest Floer dealer! On this page you’ll also find the display in the shop.

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Nationally and internationally known

The exclusive Floer dealer network is rapidly expanding – currently there are over 100 Floer dealers to be found, spread across the Netherlands and Belgium. We’re also busy internationalising Floer through international marketing campaigns in Germany, France and other European countries. Because at Floer we believe that the beauty and durability of our floors are not bound by national borders!

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The lifelong foundation

Everything starts on Floer

First steps, first dreams, first memories, they all begin on Floer. We strongly believe that a solid foundation is the key to remembering where you come from and staying grounded. Floer is not just a surface; it is your lifetime companion that watches you navigate through your life’s journey. So when you choose Floer, you make a lifelong investment in the most reliable support.

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Free Catalogue?

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