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Floer only offers exceptional floor collections, but we also prioritize important core values such as high quality and sustainability. We strive to achieve the most sustainable product and business processes possible, which we accomplish by doing things a bit differently. Working alongside our valued customers and suppliers, we ensure that the entire process is as sustainable as possible. On this page, we outline the specific actions we take to do our part in contributing to a healthier environment and brighter future.

Our certificates and quality marks?

Floer does participate!

At Floer, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment. One of the ways we achieve this is by properly disposing of waste on a daily basis. While we have large containers in our warehouse to separate waste, we believe this is the bare minimum. That’s why we go the extra mile to contribute to a better environment!

Our certificates and quality marks?

TV cabinet

Made of oak floorboards


Recycle with Floer

At Floer, we are all about reusing old or leftover materials. In case you have leftover floorboards, don’t throw them out with the rubbish! You can make all kinds of fun things with them. How about a TV cabinet or a coffee table made from old oak parquet floorboards?

In the photo series on this page, you can see some examples of furniture made from old oak floorboards. With some leftover boards and a good dose of creativity, you can turn yourself into a true interior designer! Have you put your inner interior designer to work and would you like to share the result with us? Send us a photo or video, or tag us in your post on one of our socials!


CO2 offsetting and an office full of recycled furniture

All samples that we ship are packaged in recycled cardboard packaging. We also offer our customers the opportunity to offset CO2 when sending an order and samples. This total is replenished at the end of the year and donated to the organisation Trees For All. This organisation uses the donation money to plant trees in one of its certified projects abroad.

The interior of the Floer office consists largely of recycled waste. So we try to be as involved as possible with the sustainability of our business operations, at both the front and the back end!

Coffee table

Made of oak floorboards


Floors with a high usage class

Would you like a floor that will last extra long? Then look no further! The floors in our range have a high usage class to ensure that they last extra long. All laminate and vinyl floors have an AC4, AC5, or AC6 usage class. An AC4 usage class indicates that the floors are suitable for intensive residential or normal commercial use.

Floors with an AC5 or AC6 usage class are suitable for both intensive residential and intensive commercial use. In both cases, this high usage class means the floors last a lot longer than other floors. This is, of course, a good thing, because these Floer floors need to last looooooooong!


Vinyl produced from soybean oil

In the production of all Tile Vinyl, Forest Vinyl, and some Village Vinyl flooring, a plasticiser from soybean oil is used. This ensures that the floors are ‘phthalate-free’. This plant-based plasticiser is also used in the food industry. The result of using this oil is that the floor comes with the finest and healthiest properties, to then be ‘worry-free’ in your home.

With the ecological benefit these floors bring, you can make healthy living a part of your life. The floors carry an A+ / DIBT emission label, demonstrating that these floors have the lowest possible emissions during processing.

Reception desk

Made of oak floorboards


Sustainable Akupanel wall panels

Floer Akupanel wall panels are produced from sustainable forest management. This sustainable manner takes all economic, social, and ecological aspects associated with forest management into account. These aspects include the preservation of biodiversity, the working conditions of employees, and the interests of local residents.

Besides the fact that the wood is produced from sustainable forestry, there are other sustainable advantages to the wall panels. The acoustic felt on the back of the panels is made of at least 50% recycled PET bottles. So are you looking for an acoustic solution? You can do so in a sustainable way with a Floer Akupanel wall panel.


Responsible Hybrid Wood

Did you know that wood floors can also be sustainable? Hybrid Wood floors, for example, use 10 times less oak wood in their development and production compared to standard oak parquet floors. The rest of the Hybrid Wood floor is composed of high-quality HDF, which is produced by pressing recycled wood chips.

These recycled wood chips are mixed based on Wood Powder technology, using only heat and no chemicals. Applying this technology to hybrid floors results in an extremely pressure-resistant, solid, and durable floor. This unique collection of floors offers unparalleled durability and quality.

All certifications in an overview

Our products come with various certifications and we’re quite proud of that. Below you’ll find an overview of all certifications and quality marks Floer products carry. However, not all floors carry all the certifications listed below. A vinyl floor, for instance, has to meet different requirements than an oak parquet floor. On the product pages of the floors, you can read exactly which quality mark they carry.


der-blaue-engel-keurmerkBlue Angel: German label from governmental institute RAL that indicates when a particular product is less harmful to the environment than similar products. The label has existed since 1978 and is the oldest environmental label in the world and is similar to the Dutch Mileukeur.




floorscore-keurmerkFloorscore: The FloorScore is a certificate awarded to hard floor coverings based on their contribution to indoor air quality. The standard was developed by the Scientific Certification System and the Resilient Floor Covering Institute. Both are leading industry organisations working with many green building programmes.




reach-keurmerkREACH: European quality mark concerning the production and trade of chemicals. All countries in the European Union must comply with this regulation. The label is also often awarded to children’s toys. That’s why you sometimes hear it said that Floer floors are ‘as safe as children’s toys’.



emissions-dans-lair-interieur-keurmerkÉmissions dans l’air intérieur: This is a French quality label that assigns emission classes to products. Emission label A+ is the class for products with the lowest emissions. The label is anchored in French legislation and is also managed by the French government, which is also responsible for monitoring.


dibt-keurmerkDIBt: The DIBt stands for the German Institute for Building Technology. This institute generally deals with emission values and awards the seal of approval on this basis. Thanks to the institute, approvals and permits are issued to ensure the safety and development of new building projects.



eco-INSTITUT-logo eco-INSTITUT: The German eco-INSTITUT tests various building materials and furniture for emissions and discharges. Based in Cologne, the laboratory operates with more than 85 test chambers in which products are tested against national and international requirements. The institute has more than 25 years of experience in testing hazardous materials.





Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold: The Indoor Air Comfort Gold seal from Eurofins indicates that a product complies with guidelines around low emissions of volatile compounds indoors. So should you come across a product with this seal, you can rest assured that the product does not pose any health risks.




greenguard-logoGreenguard: Products bearing the Greenguard quality mark meet strict chemical emission requirements. These requirements reduce exposure to indoor chemicals. The institute, founded in 2001, is mainly concerned with improving human health and quality of life.




Sustainability-EPD-logo-image-2EPD: The Environmental Product Declaration label indicates that floors bearing this label meet guidelines for low emissions of volatile organic compounds, durability and impact on human health. These guidelines are based on strict environmental standards for the products concerned. So you can enjoy EPD-labelled floors with peace of mind.