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Not #gefloerd yet? We’d love to help you with some inspiring examples of customers who have gone before you! We collect photos and videos of real Floer customers as a source of inspiration for others. This is how we try to help you find your dream floor. Do you have a beautiful home with a Floer floor? Sign up for an inspiration request and who knows, maybe you’ll be on this page soon! Want to see the whole collection at home on the couch? Order the free collection book with over 70 pages of Floer collections and inspiration!

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Sophisticated Whalebone Vinyl

Cetus Cream

Whalebone Vinyl floors with a subtle oak look have been chosen for this spacious home. The cream colour with subtle alternating undertones is fashionably combined with black accents in this interior. The result is a very special home. Despite the contrasts, the accessories, furniture and flooring work together with elegance and sophistication.

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Characteristic Whalebone Vinyl

Gaia Grey Beige

Mariska and Benjamin live in a spacious semi-detached house in the beautiful town of Haren. ‘We were looking for the total flooring picture: a non-reflective oak design, easy to maintain and suitable for a large household with pets and children’. In the end, they chose a distinctive Whalebone Vinyl floor.

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Elegant & warm oak Vinyl

Waterloopbos Light Brown Oak

Enter the enchanting world of Floer Forest Vinyl, where timeless elegance merges with warm charm. Discover the masterful interplay between the natural oak knots of this extra wide Vinyl floor and the harmony of the interior. From the robust dining table to the matte black kitchen, every element exudes style and comfort. Step inside and be amazed by the timeless allure of this beautiful light brown oak Vinyl floor.

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Royal Whalebone Vinyl

Orka Untreated

Come and look inside this tasteful home and experience its thoughtful styling. Thanks to the untreated oak appearance of the XL herringbone vinyl floor and beautiful interior, a golden combination is created. Luxurious, spacious and lavish: the Whalebone Vinyl is it all. Look inside & experience the phenomenal Whalebone Vinyl.

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Idyllic Whalebone Vinyl

Nordcaper Natural

Step into the world of idyllic and impressive Whalebone Vinyl and experience the well-thought-out styling of the interior. With an XL Herringbone Vinyl floor as the perfect base, the black kitchen and the minimalist accessories, you are immediately intrigued by the beauty of the interior. Take a look inside & taste the charm of this special XL herringbone vinyl floor.

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Robust Laminate

Light Oak

A sleek, modern interior with luxurious 32.8 cm wide laminate flooring? This customer dared to do it, and the result is impressive! The continuous oak pattern on the planks creates an endlessly long and wide plank. The beautiful living design of the Country House Laminate gives this contemporary home that little bit extra. Discover the sleek and fresh look of this trendy interior with the robust light floor!

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Elegant Whalebone Laminate

Bultrug Brown

Experience the elegant interior of this Whalebone Laminate project. The interior of this home is a minimalist and elegant whole, with thoughtful choices of colours, fabrics, and materials. The dark XL Herringbone Laminate floor is the eye-catcher of this bold home with character. Step inside and experience it for yourself!

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Timeless Herringbone Laminate

Natural Oak

This spacious new-built home is fitted with timeless herringbone laminate flooring and subtle Scandinavian furniture, resulting in a beautiful living space. The industrial accessories, along with the colourful patterned wallpaper, create a very cozy atmosphere. By combining diverse living styles, the foundation for a cheerful living environment is established here!

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Rustic Wide Vinyl

Midwolderbos Rustic Oak

These clients opted for a Rustic Oak Vinyl floor, which features striking knots and details. To complement the striking floor, the rest of the interior was designed in white and soft tones. This design choice gives the floor plenty of space to shine and creates a serene atmosphere inside. Curious to see more? Step inside and discover the wide range of Floer Forest Vinyl floors available.

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Industrial Herringbone Laminate

Untreated Oak

Experience the atmosphere of this interior with its deep, dark blue colours and industrial accents. The distinctive herringbone flooring seamlessly unifies the space. The minimalist decor exudes both space and style. The dark blue accents provide a luxurious look, while the untreated oak colour adds warmth and coziness.

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Extraordinary Wide Laminate

Untreated Oak

Come take a look inside and unwind! Daylight floods in, accentuating the continuous pattern of the wide laminate flooring. This creates a grand effect and beautifully brings out the untreated oak colour of the house.

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Stylish & Sturdy Oak Herringbone

Untreated Oiled

Discover the stylish and cool Oak Herringbone flooring. The light walls, dark steel accessories, black kitchen, and Untreated Oak floor give the house a fashionable and trendy character, creating a luxurious result in this newly built home!

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Acoustic Wall Panels

Mahogany Natural

Take a look inside the café and discover how the interior has been transformed into a luxurious, modern, and warm space through the use of Akupanels. By incorporating the warm and natural colours of the Akupanel Wall Panels, along with a soft orange couch and dark decor, this space has become a real eye-catcher.

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Calming Oak Parquet

White Oiled

Take a moment to experience the tranquil atmosphere! The interior expresses a unique and distinctive style. The plants and rug create a striking contrast against the white oiled parquet floor. The wooden details and dark kitchen add a vintage touch to the overall design. This house radiates tranquility and individuality, resulting in a beautiful and serene interior with character!

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Retro & Rustic Laminate

Rustic Pure Oak

Come take a look inside this home. It features a retro interior, modern accessories, and a vintage style, blending together to create a special atmosphere. The laminate flooring is used throughout the house, with both extra-wide and narrow laminate sections making a unique statement. It’s a quirky and stylish space that you won’t want to miss. Come experience it for yourself!

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Vintage Herringbone

Single Smoked & White Oiled

Large oak herringbone is currently trendy! In a charming skipper’s house in the city of Groningen, you can find the Floer large oak herringbone floor, treated with the most popular finish of recent years: single smoked with white oil. Discover this top-quality herringbone floor, which complements a beautifully minimalist interior perfectly.

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Rustic Herringbone

Aged & White Oiled

Rustic is in! The aged herringbone floor in Hillegom, on the border between the provinces of North and South Holland, serves as the perfect foundation for a cozy country interior. With its rustic oak wood grading, complete with knots and cracks, this “living” floor exudes character. The warm, rustic accessories and furniture only add to the overall coziness of this home.

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Magnificent Rigid Click Vinyl

Eemland Caramel

In this home, you will experience a stylish combination of fashionable interior design and an oak Rigid Click Vinyl floor. The green tones, plain sofa, and dark grey kitchen bring out the warmth of the realistic oak vinyl. The grand flooring gets all the space it needs in this spacious, open home. Come in and experience it for yourself!

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Dark Herringbone

Carbon Black Oiled

Are you daring enough to go dark? These Floer customers did, and opted for a black herringbone floor on the advice of their interior designer. The result is truly stunning. The neutral black base offers plenty of options for combining colours. For example, natural wood tones of furniture complement this floor beautifully. Even brighter colours, like the blue rug, look great with this classic black herringbone floor.

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Retro Herringbone Laminate

Cream Oak

This atmospheric hairdressing salon offers more than just haircuts. The hairdressers receive training in the professional aspects of men’s grooming. The decor consists of vintage furniture and accessories, from used boxing gloves to a vintage record player, complemented by a classic Herringbone Laminate floor!

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Classic Herringbone

Natural Oiled

Classic, stylish, and timeless! The most traditional variant of the herringbone floor lies in a beautiful penthouse in Amsterdam. With its classic natural oil, this oak-patterned floor perfectly matches the stylish furniture. The small size of the herringbone plank visually adds extra space to the large flat. Discover the class and elegance of this classic Oak Herringbone Floer.

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White Wash Oak

White Oiled

A white floor, when combined with grey scaffolding wood furniture, can create a visual enlargement in a relatively narrow living room. Laying the strips lengthwise can further enhance this widening effect. With the addition of contemporary grey wash and white wash furniture, the overall look can be transformed into a refreshing and stylish one!

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Rustic Parquet

Single Smoked & Natural Oiled

Combining a warm brown base with an industrial touch, the smoked rustic floor adds atmosphere and cosiness to any living space. The timeless rustic oak grading adds life to the overall picture. The floor’s rugged character allows it to seamlessly fit with sturdy industrial table lamps.

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Stylish & Strong Laminate

Weesp White Beige Oak (discontinued and replaced)

This home boasts an industrial style, highlighted by the luxurious velour sofa in a beautiful dark green colour, complemented by wooden round coffee tables and steel legs. The wide laminate flooring throughout the house features a water-resistant finish, ensuring durability and practicality. Come explore this impeccably decorated home and revel in its industrial charm!

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Steel & Herringbone Vinyl

Untreated Oak (discontinued and replaced)

Experience the stylish atmosphere of this interior with black tones and industrial accents. The combination of steel and dark colours accentuates the Herringbone Vinyl flooring, making it suitable for any space, including the kitchen, living room, and children’s room. The realistic 3D wood pattern of the light herringbone flooring is perfect for this home.

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Rustic Whalebone Vinyl

Narwal Walnut Brown (discontinued and replaced)

Feel the warmth coming your way! The modern industrial interior of this home features steel components in its furniture, adding a tough look. Gold accents in the accessories contribute to an elegant aesthetic. The cool colours are complemented by warm tones on the walls and a beautiful deep brown Whalebone Vinyl floor. Don’t wait any longer! Come and take a look!

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