• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Child-safe, strong and charming vinyl? The Floer Herringbone Vinyl floors have it all! The herringbone vinyl consists of synthetic strips with a microbevel, textured surface and are as safe as a child’s toy. With the REACH certificate, you are assured of a herringbone vinyl floor made from clean vinyl, without plasticisers and a healthy indoor environment. The unique herringbone floors are well suited to combine with underfloor heating, thanks to the low thermal resistance of 0,025 m2K/W. The vinyl patterned floors also have a realistic oak design and are 100% water-resistant. Combined with the lifelike patterns and the ‘register embossed’ structure, Floer is the absolute market leader in vinyl herringbone floors! Also discover the XL herringbone vinyl collection: the Floer Whalebone Vinyl!

Herringbone Vinyl Floors

Floer-dealer-kart-Netherlands-picture-1The populair herringbone vinyl floors from Floer are unprecedentedly realistic. Thanks to the register embossing structure, the oak design on the vinyl herringbone floor is emphasised. This makes these herringbone vinyl floors just as realistic as oak herringbone parquet. A growing number of customers are discovering the advantages of herringbone vinyl floors. The vinyl herringbone floors are 100% waterproof thanks to the material of which they are made of. This makes a herringbone vinyl floor not only a real eye-catcher in the living room, but these floors are also ideal for the kitchen and even the bathroom!

Underfloor Heating and Herringbone Vinyl

The popular herringbone vinyl floors have a very low thermal resistance of only 0,025 m2 K/W, and can therefore be perfectly combined with underfloor heating. The Floer vinyl floors in herringbone pattern are also suitable for intensive commercial-, and even industrial use! As a consumer you will receive a 15 year warranty on a herringbone vinyl floor, for commercial use this is a 5 year warranty.

Herringbone Vinyl or Whalebone Vinyl

Undecided between a Herringbone or Whalebone vinyl floor? A floor is the foundation of your interior and it contributes to and defines the atmosphere of your home. So making the right choice is very important! But there is another important point to consider. With a floor you can also create a visual experience, making a room seem bigger or longer. Wondering what a vinyl herringbone floor can do for you? In this video we explain all about the difference between herringbone and vinyl herringbone flooring. Watch the video now and find out for yourself!

Installing Herringbone Vinyl

Would you like to know how to install a herringbone vinyl floor yourself? In the FloerTube video below, Guido explains to you step by step how to do it. In the video, a Whalebone Vinyl floor in the colour Orca Untreated is laid, but installing Herringbone Vinyl is done in the same way. So you can just follow all the steps in the video and apply them in the same way! Also read related Floer blog explaining how to lay a Herringbone Vinyl floor so you can be sure you don’t skip any steps.

Vinyl Herringbone Floor

Vinyl herringbone floors are glued directly on a levelled subfloor. This means that, in most cases, it is necessary to level the subfloor beforehand. Levelling a subfloor and gluing dryback vinyl herringbone flooring is a difficult and specific job. We therefore recommend using an installation service, which you can request at your nearest Floer dealer. Do you have an industrial interior at home? Do you have an industrial living style in your home? Do you opt for a hotel chic interior or a modern interior? Whatever your interior style is, herringbone vinyl can be combined with any interior style thanks to its various colours.

From light oak herringbone vinyl to a tough herringbone vinyl floor in the colour black. At Floer you’ll find it all! Combine your Scandinavian interior with a light Matte White Oak, Untreated Oak or a Cream Oak herringbone floor. Would you rather combine a darker floor with your interior? Then go for a Grey Oak, Black Oak or Brown Oak herringbone floor.

Discover the many Benefits of Herringbone Vinyl

Take a Look Inside at…

Want to see what your favourite Herringbone Vinyl floor looks like in a real home? Visit Floer customers who have already #gefloerd and feast your eyes. The Floer inspiration videos are full of interior inspiration. Need some more flooring inspiration? Check out all the interior videos on the inspiration page. Here you will find inspiration from herringbone vinyl to laminate floors.

Herringbone Vinyl – Untreated Oak (old colour, replaced)

In this house, Floer’s customers installed vinyl herringbone flooring in Untreated Oak on both the lower and upper floors. Do you follow interior design trends? Then you will undoubtedly see some in this home. The golden combination of steel accents, black and a light oak herringbone vinyl floor: we love it. Take a look inside and discover the trends for yourself!

In this video, you can see an old Herringbone Vinyl floor. The collection has been updated, it has been replaced by the new and matte Herringbone Vinyl floor of the same name.

Whalebone Vinyl

Do you prefer giant vinyl herringbone floors? Discover the Floer Whalebone Vinyl floors! These extra XL herringbone vinyl floors can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating, are suitable for every room of your home and are 100% waterproof. Since the Whalebone Vinyl floors are extra wide and large, they create a calm flooring surface and a spatial optic effect. Are you curious about the difference between herringbone and whalebone? Discover all the differences between whalebone floors and herringbone floors in the video! Did you know there is also a do-it-yourself whalebone floor? Discover the Whalebone Laminate collection. These XL herringbone laminate floors have a convenient click connection and are therefore easy to install yourself.

Install a herringbone floor yourself?

Discover the Floer Herringbone Laminate floors. These laminate herringbone floors are easy to install thanks to their convenient advanced Fastclick connection! And you can immediately start, thanks to the handy supplied starters kit. We also offer you to install your own vinyl floor. Discover the Floer Rigid Click Herringbone Vinyl floors, the most advanced alternative for dryback vinyl floors! The Unidrop click system allows you to install this herringbone rigid click floor yourself. Herringbone Click Vinyl is also available in an XL format; discover Whalebone Click Vinyl! Available in five beautiful colours from the XL herringbone click vinyl collection. Curious about the differences between herringbone floors? Read the blog on the difference between herringbone laminate and herringbone vinyl.

Installing herringbone floors

Looking for a herringbone floor that’s easy to lay yourself, but don’t want a laminate or vinyl floor? In addition to the extensive range of engineered wood floors, there is also a wide choice of herringbone wood floors. There are beautiful oak herringbone floors available, but installing these herringbone floors is a fairly specialised job. Are you looking for a herringbone wood floor that you can easily install yourself? Then discover the Hybrid Wood collection. These wood herringbone floors have all the benefits of vinyl and laminate floors in 1! Water resistant, extremely hardwearing, ideal for use with underfloor heating and easy to install yourself. See the unique Hybrid floors for yourself.

Is your favourite herringbone vinyl floor not among them?

It’s not a problem! Did you know that dryback vinyl floors can be laid in a variety of patterns? For example, the special Village Vinyl floors and even the extra wide vinyl floors in the Forest Vinyl collection can be laid in a herringbone pattern. There are also various vinyl tiles available in concrete, marble and slate designs. In addition to dryback vinyl, click vinyl floors are available in attractive straight oak planks and durable click vinyl tiles. Would you like to see a Floer at home? Request a sample or order the collection book.

Straight Oak Laminate

Of course, you can install straight laminate floors yourself! Thanks to the 32 cm extra wide laminate from the Country House Laminate collection, or the 24 cm wide City Laminate floors, you can easily and quickly finish the job! Want even more unique floors? Check out the Reclaimed Wood Laminate collection for aged designs, or the Authentic Laminate collection for extra long laminate planks.

Oak Wood Floors

Rather have a real oak wooden floor? The Floer Oak Parquet collection consists of real wooden floors with various finishes. Would you like an oak floor in a herringbone pattern? Go for the Oak Herringbone Parquet collection!

Questions about Herringbone Vinyl

Floer offers a huge assortment of Herringbone flooring, including real Oak Herringbone Parquet, attractive Herringbone Laminate, Herringbone Vinyl, Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl, and even XL Herringbone Vinyl floors like the Whalebone Vinyl! View all Herringbone pattern floors from Floer here.

A Herringbone Vinyl floor can be laid with borders and a piping finish. Special matching border boards are available for each Herringbone Vinyl floor, rather than using standard boards. There is also a choice of piping available, offering various colours, widths, and lengths.

All vinyl flooring from Floer is safe to use, emitting no toxic fumes and having no negative effect on the indoor environment. This makes herringbone vinyl a very clean and safe option.

Are you searching for a Herringbone Vinyl floor in a light oak colour? Look no further than our Untreated Oak and Cream White Oak options. These floors are not only perfect for combining with the latest interior trends, but they also feature a beautiful light oak colour.

Laying a Herringbone Vinyl floor yourself can be a challenging job. Dryback vinyl floors must be glued to a levelled surface. As a result, we recommend using a parquet installer. However, if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer or simply enjoy DIY projects, you can lay a Herringbone Dryback vinyl floor yourself!

One of the great advantages of Herringbone Vinyl flooring is that it can be laid in various floor patterns, not just the Herringbone pattern. Since it has no click connection, other laying patterns are possible as well!

One major difference between Dryback and Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floors is the installation process. Rigid Click Vinyl floors have a click connection similar to laminate flooring, allowing for easy DIY installation. On the other hand, Herringbone Dryback Vinyl floors are usually installed by a professional or specialist. Additionally, Dryback vinyl floors are made of flexible strips, while Rigid Click Vinyl floors have a hard rigid core layer in between, making them more similar to hard floorboards.

Discover the Herringbone Vinyl Gray Oak and experience this unique colour for yourself. Herringbone Vinyl floors are also available in black, and a total of 6 different oak colours are available to choose from.

We demonstrate the safety of Floer Vinyl through various quality certifications. For instance, Herringbone Vinyl has received an Emission Class A+ certificate and the REACH label. REACH certification guarantees that the floors do not contain any dangerous or prohibited chemicals. The Emission Class A+ label addresses the emission of permitted chemicals and assures that they do not affect the indoor environment. As a result, you can enjoy a clean and safe vinyl floor!

You can do it! Simply contact your nearest Floer dealer and request a quote for a Herringbone Vinyl floor, including installation service. They’ll be able to provide you with more information.

The Floer Herringbone Vinyl has a recommended retail price of €39.95 per m2. Our Vinyl Herringbone floors are exclusively sold through our dealer network. To obtain pricing information and request a quote, please contact your nearest dealer. You can find your nearest dealer at floer.eu/dealers.

To ensure the best results, allow the floorboards to acclimate before installation. Level and sand the surface, and then clean it thoroughly. Determine the desired pattern and begin laying the floor. Once complete, roll the floor for optimal results.

All Dryback Vinyl floors can be laid tightly against the wall. However, please note that the floor must be acclimatised for at least 48 hours in the room where it will be laid. Dryback Vinyl floors may react to temperature differences in the room.

When calculating the amount of floor area in square meters for Herringbone Vinyl, be sure to factor in a cutting loss of 10%.

Herringbone Vinyl is suitable for any room, including bedrooms. Additionally, due to its 100% water resistance, Herringbone Vinyl floors can even be installed in bathrooms!

Certainly, it is essential to allow your Vinyl floor to acclimatise for at least 48 hours. Make sure that the packages of planks are laid out in a (#) bond for the acclimatisation process.