• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Want to install Whalebone Click Vinyl yourself? Thanks to the practical Floer Unidrop click connection, you can! Quality labels and certificates such as Emission Value A+, FloorScore, Eurofins and GreenGuard etc. ensure that these hard click vinyl floors are demonstrably safe, phthalate-free and even environmentally friendly. In addition, MEGAMAT© Whalebone Click Vinyl floors have a realistic and tactile oak design and are ideal for underfloor heating and cooling! What makes this floor really unique? The planks are extra large; a Whalebone Click plank is no less than 90 cm long and 15 cm wide! Combine your favourite with a Rigid Click underlay and get a 20 year guarantee. Choose stability and quality, choose Whalebone Click Vinyl.

Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-picture-20Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl flooring has a tactile pattern that makes it indistinguishable from real wood flooring. The luxurious 4-sided micro bevelling of the Floer XL Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl around the plank emphasises the different wooden designs on the floor. These Rigid Click Vinyl floors resemble real oak wood floors but offer all the benefits of vinyl. For instance, the XL herringbone pattern floors are 100% waterproof and require minimal maintenance.

Rigid Click Vinyl on underfloor heating

Do you have underfloor heating and are looking for a Rigid Click Vinyl floor? XL Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floors, despite their 0.5 cm thickness, have a thermal resistance of only 0.039 m2K/W, making them ideal for use with underfloor heating or cooling. In addition, these DIY herringbone vinyl floors feel comfortable and warm underfoot, even without underfloor heating.

Self-installing Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl

Learn how to lay a Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl floor in a herringbone pattern with ease. With this FloerTube video, you can do it yourself without calling a parquet installer or installation service. We provide step-by-step instructions so you can get started on this do-it-yourself project. Check out our installation video and instructions to learn more! If you are wondering which underlay to use with Rigid Click Vinyl, please refer to our guide on the appropriate underlay.

DIY XL Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl

Love Whalebone Vinyl but don’t need a parquet installer or installation service? With Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl, you can do it yourself! The most popular colours from the XL herringbone Dryback Vinyl collection now come with the Unidrop click joint, specially developed for heavy rigid click floorboards in a herringbone pattern. Rigid Click Vinyl flooring is easy to install, just like laminate flooring. To attach the floorboards, simply tap them with a rubber mallet. Wondering what sets Rigid Click Vinyl apart from Laminate flooring? Check out the FloerTube video below!

Rigid Click Vinyl Whalebone

Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl floors offer the perfect combination of classic patterns and durability, making them a stylish, functional, and convenient flooring option. The MEGAMAT finish on these floors ensures that reflections of light and sunlight are minimised. Additionally, the herringbone pattern of these floors adds grace and nuance to any room, regardless of the style of your interior. Whether your home has a modern, contemporary, or classic design, the herringbone pattern provides an elegant touch that makes your house feel like a home. Moreover, click vinyl herringbone floors are highly durable and hard-wearing. They resist stains, moisture, and scratches, making them ideal for large households and commercial spaces.

Difference between Herringbone and Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl

Do you know how a Herringbone floor differs from a Whalebone floor? If not, we’re happy to explain it to you! Besides the difference in plank dimensions, there are other distinctions between these two types of rigid click vinyl flooring. One significant difference is the finish: Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl has a matte finish, whereas we’ve set the bar even higher for Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl by giving it our unique MEGAMAT© finish! If you want to learn more about differences, check out the FloerTube video below.

Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl for commercial areas

Believe it or not, the floor is actually the most heavily used part of a building. That’s why having a good floor is crucial for your office, canteen, or showroom. XL Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floors, including Tile Rigid Click Vinyl, are ideal for commercial use because they are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear. In fact, the MEGAMAT© Floer Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl has an impressive usage class of 23/33/42, making it suitable for domestic, commercial, and even industrial use.

If you’re looking for a floor that is always clean in the canteen, choose a dark XL Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor. These floors are also great for offices with underfloor heating, thanks to their low thermal resistance. And if a carafe of water spills during a meeting, don’t worry! These vinyl floors are 100% water-resistant and easy to clean with just a mop. Everything you need for the perfect office floor!

More extra-large Herringbone floors

At Floer, we like to do things just a bit differently. That’s why we introduced the wildly popular Whalebone Vinyl collection, featuring well-known names like Orka Untreated and Cetus Cream. And of course, we couldn’t resist making a DIY version of the XL Herringbone Vinyl floors. With something for everyone, there’s no need to keep looking for a laminate floor if you absolutely love the XL herringbone patterns. Check out our beautiful Whalebone Laminate extra large herringbone laminate flooring collection. It is waterproof for up to four hours and available in four stunning colours. This collection brings to life a unique combination of laminate and an extra-large herringbone pattern.

Is Vinyl flooring stable?

Vinyl floors are made of plastic, so they have minimal expansion and contraction. This means that the floorboards show little or no reaction to changes in temperature or humidity. As a result, the floor remains extra stable, and the floorboards can be laid tightly against a window frame or sliding door. This leaves minimal space between the floor and the wall, which can be sealed off for a super-tight result! Enjoy this extra-large Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor without worrying about expansion or shrinkage!

Waterproof wooden floor

If you love the herringbone pattern and real wood floors but want to lay the floor yourself, then the Hybrid Wood herringbone floors are the perfect choice for you! These oak wood herringbone floors combine the benefits of both vinyl and laminate in a beautiful hybrid floor. The XL planks and herringbone floorboards are finished with a special lacquer, making them water-resistant. They are also extremely pressure-resistant and ideal for use with underfloor heating. Best of all, you can install them yourself! With the combination of stylish oak wood and the powerful technology of Wood Powder, these floors are durable and perfect for large families with children and pets. Check out our Hybrid Wood collection today!

Herringbone floors

Looking for a floor with a traditional herringbone pattern? You’re in the right place! Our collections offer various herringbone floors, including rigid click and dryback vinyl as well as laminate floors. Our Herringbone Laminate floors are easy to install yourself, have a realistic oak appearance, and come in different colours. Their thickness of more than 1 cm ensures durability. Thanks to their realistic appearance, these attractive laminate floors fit perfectly into any interior. You can also experience the beautiful Floer Dryback Herringbone Vinyl floors. These dryback vinyl herringbone floors are 100% waterproof and finished with a tangible wood structure and a subtle micro bevel.

Straight Vinyl floors

Straight or herringbone? That’s the question! If you’re looking for large planks for a standard oak floor that’s also 100% waterproof and self-laying, the Floer Rigid Click Vinyl collection is perfect for you. It features several oak designs. If you prefer to glue your vinyl floor to a levelled surface, check out the Village and Forest Vinyl flooring collections. An extra-wide vinyl floor will give your interior a stunning look. If you’re not interested in vinyl but still want an extra-wide floor, the Country House Laminate collection is a great choice. It features extra-wide laminate with a continuous oak design that will make any home look like a real mansion. These laminate floors are also easy to install yourself, thanks to the handy click connection.

Oak floors

Are you in search of an authentic oak floor? Look no further than Floer’s beautiful Oak Parquet floors! These floors are custom-made to your preference and are available in various finishes, wood grades, and sizes, enabling you to create unique designs. Whether you prefer a black, white, or light oak appearance, there is a floor to suit your taste. If you desire a herringbone pattern, Floer Oak Herringbone Parquet is sure to please. These floors combine natural oak wood with a timeless herringbone pattern.

More floors

Are you seeking a unique flooring option? Consider the bondable Tile Vinyl floors. In addition to tile flooring, we offer the distinctive Reclaimed Wood Laminate, featuring a vintage and aged design for those with a daring and industrial interior. Prefer longer planks? Floer Authentic Laminate offers extra-long planks, almost 2 meters in length. Additionally, be sure to explore the dryback Whalebone Vinyl collection, which offers a wide variety of shades to suit any taste and preference!

Rigid click vinyl is a type of click vinyl flooring that has a hard core made up of a mixture of vinyl and stone minerals, also known as “rigid core.” This mixture makes the intermediate layer of the rigid click vinyl floor hard and stable, resulting in minimal impact.

Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl floors are XL herringbone vinyl floors that feature a click connection and rigid core interlayer. This design makes the vinyl floors extra strong, giving them a similar strength to that of laminate flooring.

When used in combination with the Rigid Click Vinyl underlay, the floorboards come with a 20-year guarantee. The underlay has a compressive strength of 400 kPa, making it ideal for protecting heavy-duty vinyl click floorboards.

You can easily and quickly lay a Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl floor yourself using the handy Unidrop click connection. If you’re wondering how to do it, watch FloerTube episode #17: How to lay a herringbone rigid click vinyl floor and experience how easy it is to do it yourself.

A Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl plank measures 90 x 15 cm. Its size enables the creation of extra-large herringbone patterns, resulting in a quieter floor surface and a distinct, stylish appearance in your interior.

It is common for Rigid Click Vinyl to be mistakenly referred to as Vinyl Laminate. If you come across the term Vinyl Laminate, it usually means Rigid Click Vinyl.

Yes! All Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl floors are also available in a glue-down version. These floors have the same design as the self-laying vinyl floors. You can view the Whalebone Vinyl collection under the ‘Dryback Vinyl’ category.