• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Floer Waterbestending Laminaat WaterproofNot an ordinary herringbone floor, but XL herringbone laminate with extra large floorboards? The Whalebone Laminate collection brings this unique combination to life! In addition to the standard herringbone laminate pattern floors, you can now also opt for XL herringbone laminate floors. With their length of more than 85 cm and a width of over 14 cm, these floors are larger than the usual herringbone floorboard. Despite their larger size, these floors are easy to install thanks to the Fastclick system and included starter point. Moreover, the German-made Whalebone Laminate floors have a lifetime warranty and have a waterproof coating. This makes the floors water-resistant for up to 4 hours, even down to the groove! The floors feature a textured surface, which makes them indistinguishable from a real oak wooden floor.

Whalebone Laminate Floors

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-picture-12The Floer Whalebone Laminate floors have an AC 4 usage class, which makes them suitable for intensive residential use. This, in combination with the lifetime (!) manufacturer’s warranty, ensures that you can enjoy these beautiful floors for a long time. To retain your right to the warranty, the installation requirements must be met. The XL herringbone laminate floors feature an authentic look and feel, which give the floors a super realistic oaken design. This makes the floors almost indistinguishable from real oak wood herringbone parquet floors. They do not only look the same, they feel the same!

Installing XL Herringbone Laminate

Do it yourself? Installing a Whalebone Laminate floor is a quick and easy job! The unique Fastclick system ensures that you can join the floorboards without too much effort. In addition, the floor does not consist of left and right boards; instead, they are all identical so it does not matter which planks you use to install next to each other. This makes it super easy to install this floor by yourself, making it the ideal DIY whalebone floor! Watch the convenient installation video below.

Herringbone Click System


Whalebone Laminate is equipped with the Fastclick system connection. The various laminate flooring collections all come with a click system. However, there are different connection systems, but they all work pretty much the same. Still, we like to go the extra mile for you, which is why you can find useful blogs explaining how to install laminate flooring. For example, you can read about how to install a  herringbone laminate floor. Prefer a straight plank laminate floor? We’ve got you! Here you can also read about how to install extra wide laminate floors. Oh, and to make it even more fun you will find handy FloerTube videos in the blogs. This way, you can see step-by-step how to install the floor.

Take a look inside…

Take a look inside the home of Floer customers who have already #floered! Get inspired and discover how your favourite XL Herringbone Laminate will look within your own interior. For even more inspiration, check out our inspiration page featuring additional homes with Floer floors!

Floer Whalebone Laminate – Bultrug Brown

Step inside and be enchanted by the elegant interior featuring a Bultrug Brown Whalebone Laminate floor. Every detail has been carefully selected, from the colours and fabrics to the materials of the table and accessories, to create a minimalist and elegant look. The dark XL Herringbone Laminate floor adds a bold and eye-catching element, giving this home character and allure. Dare to step inside and experience it for yourself!


Whalebone or Herringbone

Whalebone or herringbone? It’s really simple! It simply depends on your personal taste. Let’s just make it clear that not one floor is necessarily better than the other. Whalebone floorboards are larger than those in the Herringbone collection, allowing you to create a totally different effect in your home. The larger planks will create a flooring surface with fewer points compared to the flooring surface of a herringbone floor. Like Herringbone Laminate floors, XL herringbone laminate floors are bevelled along all sides of the plank. This bevelling ensures that the dimensions of the plank are more visible, which emphasises the large format. Herringbone laminate floors also have a register embossing structure which gives the floorboards an authentic feel with tangible knots and grooves.

Waterproof Whalebone

Whalebone Laminate floors are not afraid of a little water! Of course, you can expect something like that from a whale. The floors in the Whalebone collection are finished with a water-resistant coating, which makes them suitable to use in damp rooms like kitchens or toilets. Are you a bit clumsy at times and spill a bit of water on the floor? No problem! The floors can withstand 4 hours of water. Enough time to grab a cloth when you drop a cup on the floor. Do you prefer a fully waterproof whale in your home? The whales from the Whalebone Vinyl collection are 100% waterproof! These XL herringbone vinyl floors are even suitable for the bathroom; never worry again about accidents on the floor.

Water-resistant Oak Floors

Everyone loves the look of wood floors, but not the maintenance they require. If you want the beauty of oak floors in your home without worrying about accidents or scratches, consider the Hybrid Wood collection. This revolutionary collection features XL straight strips and attractive herringbone pattern floors. These floors are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and pressure-resistant, making them durable and practical. They also work well with underfloor heating and are completely self-laying thanks to the handy click connection. Experience the best of both worlds and go hybrid!

Vinyl Herringbone Floors

You now know the way around Whalebone Vinyl floors, but of course, you can also opt for the attractive Herringbone Vinyl floors! The difference between these collections? The length of the floorboards is the main difference. The herringbone vinyl floors consist of floorboards of around 60 by 12 cm and are available in various colours. There is something for everyone, as you can choose between natural oak herringbone vinyl, dark vinyl, and even herringbone vinyl in a black variant.

Herringbone Vinyl Laminate

As mentioned before, Whalebone Laminate floors are also known as XL herringbone laminate. The reason behind is is that these floorboards are larger than those from the Herringbone Laminate collection. The made-in-France herringbone floors are, just like their bigger counterpart, indistinguishable from real oak wood floors. In addition, the term ‘herringbone vinyl laminate’ is quite common. Often when people talk about vinyl laminate, they are talking about rigid vinyl floors. These vinyl floors are easy to install yourself, and are also available in herringbone format! The Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floors, like their dryback equivalent, are fully waterproof and strong as stone. In addition, rigid click vinyl floors do not expand or extract, which means that they are not affected by differences in humidity or temperature.

Wide Laminate in Straight Pattern

Are you looking for extra wide laminate without a herringbone pattern? The XL floors from the Country House Laminate collection are no less than 32 wide! The extra wide laminate has a tangible oak texture in the surface layer of the floorboard. These floors are, just like XL herringbone laminate, very easy to install thanks to the reliable Variclick system. Do you want to be sure that your floor can withstand a bit of water? The wide laminate floors from the Country House collection are water-resistant for up to 4 hours, thanks to the waterproof coating. Do you want to combine wide planks with narrower floorboards? Check out the Country House Variation Laminate, where narrow and wide boards are alternated with each other.

Whalebone Laminate, also known as XL Herringbone Laminate, gets its name from its larger-than-average plank size. At over 85 cm long and over 14 cm wide, the planks in this laminate collection are significantly larger than standard Herringbone Laminate planks. That’s why we decided to rename it!

Whalebone Laminate is definitely suitable for laying on underfloor heating, as long as it is combined with the right subfloor. This is because the floorboards have a low thermal resistance of 0.048m2K/W.

The Herringbone Laminate floors in light oak are available in Livyatan Light and Omura Untreated. These XL herringbone laminate floors have a natural, light oak colour.

No, it is not possible to lay a Whalebone Laminate floor with borders and piping. The Laminate planks have a click connection that is not designed for this type of installation.

Whalebone Laminate planks are longer at 85.8 cm in length and 14.3 cm in width compared to Herringbone Laminate planks, which are only 64 cm in length and 14.3 cm in width. This difference in length creates a unique optical effect in your home.

The Whalebone Vinyl collection offers extra-long and extra-wide Herringbone Vinyl floors. These eco-friendly floors contribute to a healthy indoor environment and are also 100% water-resistant. In addition, there are rock-solid Dryback vinyl floors that are suitable for use as a showroom or office floor.

Installing a Whalebone Laminate floor is very easy. The floor has no left or right sections, which makes these floors even easier to install yourself.

Whalebone Laminate floors have a water-resistant finish, which makes them resistant to water for up to four hours, even in the grooves.