• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

waterproofXL Laminate with extra long and wide oak floorboards? The Floer Authentic Laminate flooring collection consists of true-to-life parquet boards with the advantages of laminate! The Floer Authentic XL Laminate comes with the reliable Floer Fastclick connection. These floors are easy and quickly to install yourself thanks to the various fastening options. The Authentic Laminate floors also have a thickness of 9 mm, which results in a more solid footfall sound comparable to a real parquet floor. The collection is water-resistant, also in the V-groove. This is because the floorboards have received a special ‘waterproof’ coating, which makes the floor water-resistant for up to 48 hours. The beautiful wood structures are similar to the textured surface on the plank. This makes an Authentic Laminate XL floor indistinguishable from real wood.

XL Laminate

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-image-21Floer Authentic Laminate floors are, thanks to the extra thick floorboards and scratch resistant surface layer, very suitable for commercial use (AC5). As a consumer you will receive a lifetime warranty. Always combine Authentic Laminate floors with the correct underlay so that the warranty remains valid. With the convenient and reliable Fastclick connection you can easily install this Floer yourself. Authentic Laminate floors are delivered in boards of over 2 meters long and at least 24 cm wide. These extra large dimensions are emphasised thanks to the 4-sided V-groove.

Various Colours XL Laminate

Wether you have a light or dark interior; Authentic Laminate floors are available in six different colours of XL laminate! Do you want a white oak laminate floor? There are various options, like smoked white oak, white oiled oak or sawn natural oak. Rather go for darker laminate? Go for a black XL laminate floor with an oiled finish.

Floer fastclick laminaat vloeren klik verbinding

Installing Extra Long and Wide Laminate

Since the Authentic Laminate floors are equipped with a Fastclick connection joint, you can easily and quickly install these floors yourself. This convenient system ensures that you can install the laminate floor approximately 50% faster than other laminate floors! Dryback floors, such as the Herringbone Vinyl, are generally more difficult to install compared to floors with a click connection system. We therefore also recommend to have dryback floors installed by a professional. Want to know how to install a laminate floor with Fastclick? Watch the FloerTube video below, in which Guido explains how to install an XL laminate floor with this specific connection. Check out the website for more videos.

Realistic Wood Design

Authentic Laminate floors are almost indistinguishable from real wooden floors, thanks to the realistic structure that runs across the floorboards. One of the reasons that these floors have such a realistic design is the textured structure, that has been incorporated into them. In addition to the Authentic XL Laminate floors, the Herringbone Laminate is also provided with this structure. You can feel the visible wood structure in the surface layer of the laminate boards.

Vinyl Oak Floors

Are there also vinyl floors with a realistic wood design? Yes, there are! There are plenty of vinyl floors available with a realistic wooden look. Take a look at Village Vinyl, for example. These floors with a wood look are 100% waterproof and also have a textured surface.

Vinyl Laminate

Besides laminate XL floors with a click connection, there are also Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floors available. These luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are sometimes called ‘vinyl laminate’ or ‘vinyl click laminate’, since they combine the best of two floors into one floor: the advantages of vinyl combined with a convenient click connection! These rigid click floors are available in various patterns, such as Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl.

Concrete Vinyl

The floors are also available with a concrete look within the Tile Rigid Click Vinyl collection. Want a concrete look dryback vinyl floor? Go for the Tile Vinyl collection. Do you want to know the difference between a click laminate and a rigid click vinyl floor? Watch the FloerTube video below!

More Floors

The City Laminate is available in various colours with a floorboard width of 24 cm. Looking for laminate floors with a unique aged design? The Reclaimed Wood Laminate floors have a unique vintage design with a textured wooden surface.

XL Floors

Rather have an extra wide laminate floor? Check out the Country House Laminate floors. This unique collection consists of extra wide laminate floorboards that exceed 32 cm! Discover light to dark oak designs, and see how this beautiful XL laminate floor would suit your interior. Do you want an extra wide floor made of vinyl? Have a look at the Forest Vinyl collection with extra wide vinyl floors. These floorboards have a width of no less than 24,1 cm. Rather prefer a vinyl floor with an extra large herringbone pattern? Go for the impressive Whalebone Vinyl collection!

Wooden Floors

Do you prefer a real wooden floor? The Floer Herringbone Oak Parquet collection consists of oak wooden floors with different finishes. You can choose a finish that gives you a black or white oak parquet floor. Do you prefer a real wooden floor with a straight pattern? Then go for an Oak Parquet floor.

Choosing a Floer

Need some help choosing a floor? On the Floer inspiration page you will find pages dedicated to inspire you and help you choose! In addition to this, you can take a look at the website, meet with one of our dealers or request a free catalogue to get you started. Want to know how a particular floor with look in your interior? Order a sample and experience it at home! Do you need advice on a Floer floor? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Authentic Laminate is easy to install yourself, thanks to the very handy Fastclick connection with which the planks are supplied. If you hear a click when laying the floor, that simply means the plank is fixed and you can move on to the next one.

Authentic Laminate floors resemble Oak Parquet because of the colour of the planks and their lifelike wooden appearance. They have the same atmosphere as an oak wood floor but with the added benefits of laminate flooring.

Authentic Laminate is available in six different wood colours and features the reliable Floer Fastclick joint. The planks are 184.5 cm long, 18.8 cm wide, and 1.2 cm thick. They have an AC5 usage class and come with a 25-year warranty.

There are currently 6 different colours of Authentic Laminate available from Floer. These colours are White Oiled Oak, Smoked White Oak, Untreated Oak, Natural Oiled Oak, Mocha Oiled Oak, and Sawn Natural Oak.

Floer’s Authentic Laminate floors feature a Fastclick connection, which allows you to lay your laminate floor about 50% faster than a floor with an average click connection. This reliable click connection ensures a quick and easy installation process.

The Floer Authentic Laminate flooring is extra long and extra wide, making it a true laminate XXL floor! If you’re looking for extra wide laminate, then check out the Floer Country House Laminate floors with a width of over 32 cm.

To maintain a laminate floor, it should be mopped regularly. The frequency of cleaning will depend on how dirty the floor is. A vacuum cleaner can also be effective for cleaning a “dirty” floor.

Laminate flooring is composed of a stabilizing underlay with an HDF core on top. The decor layer sits on top of this core, which is protected by a wear-resistant top layer.