• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Indistinguishable from stone, practical like vinyl! The Tile Rigid Click Vinyl floors are very strong and 100% water-resistant. This makes the floor very easy to clean, and thus perfect for every room in the house. Thanks to the advanced Fastclick connection, the tile rigid click vinyl floors are easy to install yourself. The rigid mineral core ensures a sturdy floor that stays in place. The vinyl tile floors are produced from 100% clean vinyl and have the REACH certificate and Emission Value A+ label. Moreover, the luxurious extra large tiles of this collection are not only extra wide (45,7 cm), but also extra long with a length of no less than 91,4 cm! The luxury V-groove and microbevel around the planks of the vinyl tile floors accentuates the robust dimensions of the floor. The tiles have a real stone look and the collection consists of four different colours. The Rigid Click Vinyl Tiles have an extremely strong surface wear layer of 0,55 mm and are 5 mm thick. We give 20 (!) years warranty in combination with the Rigid Click Vinyl Underlay, specially developed for these heavy floors.

Rigid Click Vinyl Tiles

Thanks to the extremely low thermal resistance of 0,039 m2K/W, you will get the most out of your underfloor heating with this do-it-yourself Tile Vinyl floor. Moreover, the Rigid Click Vinyl Tiles feel comfortable and warm to the touch. Because these tiles are water-resistant, the rigid click vinyl floors can be installed in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Are you looking for a dryback Tile Vinyl floor? At Floer we have an assortment of adhesive Tile Vinyl floors. Rigid vinyl in tile form is available in various colours. Are you looking for a vinyl tile light? Then you can choose from a tile floor in a light grey colour. Do you prefer black vinyl click tiles? Then go for a Rigid Click tile floor in the colour dark grey or anthracite.

Sustainable Rigid Click Tile Vinyl

Floer Rigid Click Vinyl Tile floors are produced in an ecologically responsible way and come with hallmarks to indicate this. Years ago, vinyl floors contained substances which were harmful to our health. Nowadays, all vinyl floors have a REACH certificate and are as safe as a child’s toy! So, if you have any doubts about the safety of rigid click vinyl floors, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Installing Tile Rigid Click Vinyl

Rigid Click Vinyl Tiles are very easy to install yourself, thanks to the convenient click system fitted to the boards. Did you hear a ‘click’ sound during installation? Then you know the floorboard is installed securely and the next tile is ready to be installed! In contrast to dryback vinyl floors, subfloors for rigid click vinyl floors do not have to be levelled in most cases. In case, use a suitable underlay for the heavier floor. Want to know which underlay to use? You can read which underlay to use for rigid click vinyl floors here. Want to know how to install a click tile vinyl floor? You will find useful blogs with tips and tricks for installing a floors with a Fastclick connection on our website. When you buy a Floer floor, you can have your floor installed by floorers too.

Tile Rigid Click Vinyl in the Office, the Showroom or Cafetaria


Did you know that click vinyl floors are highly suitable to use in a business setting or home office? Showroom floors and office floors often get a lot to endure, so it is useful to use a floor with a high usage class for these purposes. Rigid Tile Click Vinyl floors have this high usage class! In addition, the floors are 100% water-resistant and have a low thermal resistance. So, are you looking for a floor for a hairdressing salon or a physiotherapy practice, for example? Then choose a Tile Rigid Click Vinyl floor!

Does a Vinyl Floor warp?

Click vinyl floors, such as Tile Click Vinyl and Herringbone Click Vinyl, are low impact floors. What exactly does this mean? Low-activity floors show little or no effect after installation. This means that the floor reacts less to changes in temperature and humidity than, for example, parquet or laminate. This allows the floor to be laid close to a window frame. The minimal space left between the floor and the window frame can then be sealed.

Floer Rigid Click Vinyl – Genuine Wood Designs, Practical like Vinyl


The Floer Rigid Click Vinyl floors are provided with the Floer Fastclick connection system, which allows you to easily install the floor yourself.

Prefer dryback vinyl floors?

Would you like a vinyl floor, but something other than a floor with a click system? Take a look at the popular dryback vinyl floors! The dryback vinyl floors are available with realistic oak looks. This allows you to enjoy a beautiful oak wood floor whilst benefiting from all the advantages that vinyl floors have to offer. These floors are available in dryback Tile Vinyl and Herringbone Vinyl.

Tile Click Vinyl with Rigid Mineral core

Floer Tile Click Vinyl floors have a low impact core of vinyl and stone minerals, also known as ‘Rigid Core’. Vinyl is by nature a product that moves with temperature differences, just like parquet and laminate. By adding stone minerals to the core of Click vinyl flooring, the floor becomes less sensitive to possible movement. In addition, the Rigid Core interlayer makes the floor very stable. With Rigid Tile Click vinyl flooring you also benefit from significant noise reduction thanks to the Rigid Mineral core.

Concrete Vinyl Floors

Dryback vinyl tiles and rigid click vinyl tile floors both are realistic concrete look vinyl floors, but they do differ from each other. The main difference is the final installation method used. For example, dryback tile vinyl floors are adhered to the subfloor with glue, while rigid click vinyl tile floors have been provided with a handy click connection system. You can read all the differences between these two vinyl floors in one of the Floer blogs provided.

Below you can watch one of the FloerTube videos. In this video, all the differences between dryback and rigid click vinyl floors are explained.

Vinyl Laminate

Rigid Click Vinyl floors are sometimes called Vinyl Laminate by accident. This is not very strange, looking at the fact that a rigid click vinyl floor has the best of two worlds: the advantages of a vinyl floor, combined with the super convenient click system of a laminate floor. Therefore, if you see the term vinyl laminate somewhere, you will now know that it is a rigid click vinyl floor!

More Rigid Click Vinyl Floors

As well as Tile Click Vinyl, there are other click flooring options in the range. Would you prefer a Click floor with a herringbone pattern? Or would you prefer a straight plank vinyl floor? Or do you prefer a dryback vinyl floor? You’ll find it all at Floer. As well as click floors, dryback vinyl floors are also available in a concrete look. Would you prefer something other than a concrete-look floor? Dryback vinyl floors are available in realistic wood designs.

Tile Laminate

Tile Click vinyl flooring is sometimes referred to as tile laminate flooring. This is because a Click Tile vinyl floor is a vinyl floor with a convenient click connection. The best of both worlds in one floor. Do you prefer laminate flooring? The wide laminate floors in the Country House collection are available in planks as wide as 32 cm and in a realistic oak design. Do you want a laminate floor but with a pattern? The herringbone laminate is available in 8 different realistic oak colours, from black laminate flooring with a herringbone pattern to light oak.

Laminate click floors

Do you prefer straight plank laminate flooring? Then check out the City Laminate or Authentic Laminate collections, available in light to dark oak. The Authentic Laminate collection features over 2 metres of laminate and is 9mm thicker than other laminate floors. Prefer a laminate floor with an aged look? Check out the Reclaimed Wood Laminate collection. Prefer a real wood floor? Then choose from a straight plank or herringbone floor. The lamella parquet is made from oak and is available in a range of finishes from white oiled to black oak. The herringbone parquet is available in the same finishes and colours.

Sneak Peek?

Having trouble making a choice and need a little inspiration? Then take a look at the inspiration page. You can always browse the website, visit one of our Floer dealers or request a catalogue. Want to see how a particular floor will look in your home? Order a sample and find out! For advice on the different Floer floors, you can always contact us.

Questions about Tile Click Vinyl

Rigid Click Vinyl Tile floors are Click Vinyl floors that resemble concrete. This gives you a floor with all the benefits of Click Vinyl flooring while also creating a robust and tough interior.

The Floer Rigid Click Vinyl features a stable, low-impact core composed of vinyl and stone minerals, also known as ‘Rigid Core’. Vinyl, like wood and laminate, naturally exhibits movement under different conditions. Rigid Click Vinyl products are thicker than Dryback Vinyl products and therefore more sensitive to this effect. However, adding stone minerals to the core of the Rigid Click Vinyl planks makes the floor less sensitive to impact.

Tile Rigid Click Vinyl floors feature a concrete look and have a convenient click connection. If you want a beautiful concrete-look floor that is easy to install, then go for the Vinyl Rigid Click Tile!

The Tile Rigid Click Vinyl flooring features the Floor Fastclick connection. Thanks to the fast ‘drop down’ click system, you can easily lay these Rigid Click Vinyl floors yourself.

The Rigid Click Vinyl tile is available in four different colours: anthracite, light grey, grey, and dark grey.

The Floer Rigid Click Vinyl Underlay is the ideal underlay for Tile Rigid Click Vinyl. This underlay has a high kPa value, making it the perfect choice. Its value of 400 kPa provides sufficient resistance for heavy click floors.

It is common for Rigid Click Vinyl to be mistakenly referred to as Vinyl Laminate. If you come across the term Vinyl Laminate, it usually means Rigid Click Vinyl.

Are you looking for a Laminate Tile floor? We have a better option for you! Tile Rigid Click Vinyl is the perfect combination of click vinyl and laminate. This makes the floor sturdy, 100% waterproof, and features a strong click connection.

Installing a Dryback Vinyl floor requires a different method than installing a Rigid Click Vinyl floor. Generally, it is a more complicated process, so it is recommended to have a professional do it for you.

Rigid Click Vinyl can be installed directly over tiles without levelling, but the floor cannot have more than a 2 mm height difference per meter of stretch. If this is not the case, then you should level the floor before installation.