• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Installing a herringbone vinyl floor by yourself? With the Floer Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floors it’s possible! Thanks to the convenient Floer Unidrop system, you can easily install this Rigid Vinyl Herringbone floor yourself. With the rubber mallet, you fix the planks quickly with ease. The so-called ‘rigid mineral core’ layer ensures an extremely stable vinyl herringbone floor that will stay in place! The click herringbone vinyl floors carry the REACH certificate and Emission Value A+ label, which shows that the floors are produced from 100% clean vinyl. The 100% waterproof rigid click vinyl floors feel nice and warm to the touch and are also suitable for underfloor heating. The charming herringbone pattern is clearly visible in the floor thanks to the luxurious V-groove around the planks! Discover this beautiful matte collection with a textured oak structure. We give a 20 year warranty on the Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floors, as long as they are combined with the Rigid Click Underlay, specially designed for these heavy floors.

Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl

Floer-dealer-kart-netherlands-picture-7The textured vinyl herringbone floorboard patterns make the Rigid Click Vinyl floors indistinguishable from a real natural wooden floor. The luxury V-groove around the planks of the Floer Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl accentuates the different boards in the floor. Despite the real oak look, the floors have all the advantages of vinyl. For example, these rigid click vinyl floors in a luxury herringbone pattern are 100% water-resistant and very easy to clean.

Installing a rigid click vinyl floor on underfloor heating? With a low heat resistance of 0,039 m2 K/W, this do-it-yourself vinyl herringbone floor is very suitable for underfloor heating. Moreover, thanks to the soft vinyl surface layer, Floer rigid click vinyl floors feel comfortable, soft and warm to the touch.

How to Install a Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl Floor

How to install your own Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor? In this FloerTube video we show you how you can install herringbone vinyl flooring, without a floorer or an installation service. Thanks to the click system, you can easily install a herringbone rigid click vinyl floor on your own. Do it yourself with the convenient installation video and installation guide below! Want to know which underlay to use? Read here which underlay to use with rigid click vinyl.

Extra large Herringbone Click vinyl

Floer-Unidrop-visgraat-click-PVC-verfloerdLove the herringbone click vinyl but want something a little bigger? Then the Whalebone Click Vinyl is for you! The most popular colours from the XL Herringbone Dryback vinyl collection are now available with the Unidrop Click connection. This click joint has been specially developed for the tough, rigid click boards in the herringbone pattern. Click vinyl floors are as easy to click together as laminate floors. Simply tap the planks together with a rubber mallet and voila! Floer installed – job done!

Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl without V-groove

In the spotlight at Floer: Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl without V-grooves! Our existing floor, Eems Natural Oak, has been given a makeover. To make the floor even more sleek and quiet, the V-groove of this rigid click vinyl floor has been replaced by a subtle microbevel. This gives this vinyl herringbone floor a consistent light oak look, which makes the oak wood pattern stand out even more. Want to see more of this sleek light oak herringbone rigid click vinyl floor? Check it out here!

Click Vinyl Herringbone

Herringbone Click Vinyl floors combine a classic pattern with durable properties, making them the perfect blend of style, functionality and ease of use. The distinctive zig-zag pattern adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, whether you have a classic, modern or contemporary interior. The herringbone pattern instantly conveys a sense of class and timeless beauty. In addition, click vinyl herringbone floors are extremely sustainable and hard-wearing. They are scratch, stain and moisture resistant, making them perfect for busy homes and commercial spaces alike.

Does a Vinyl Floor warp?

The Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl collection includes low-impact floors. This means that the floor will react little to nothing to differences in temperature and humidity compared to, for example, parquet or laminate floors. This allows you to install the floor tightly against a window or door frame. The minimal space left between the floor and the window frame can be sealed afterwards. This allows you to create a super sleek result!

Vinyl Laminate

The Rigid Click Vinyl floors are sometimes called ‘vinyl laminate’ by accident. The reason for this is fairly obvious: rigid click vinyl floors are equipped with all the benefits of a vinyl floor, and have a super convenient click system just like a laminate floor. So, if you read or hear the terms ‘vinyl laminate’, then this usually refers to a rigid click vinyl floor. Do you want to know all the differences between rigid click vinyl and laminate floors? You can get to know it via the FloerTube video below!

Herringbone floors

Looking for a herringbone floor, but want to look beyond herringbone click vinyl? Take a look at the herringbone laminate collection – these floors can also be laid completely by yourself! The herringbone laminate floors are available in a range of oak colours, from dark to light. Also available in an XL version called Whalebone Laminate. These floors are larger than the ‘standard’ herringbone floors – no less than 85cm by 14.3cm. Looking for dryback vinyl? Discover the herringbone vinyl or the extra large whalebone vinyl planks! Both the standard herringbone dryback vinyl floor and the XL version are completely waterproof – perfect for large families with children and pets!

Straight Click Vinyl

Floer ComfyClick Visgraat PVC Rubberen Hamer

Are you a big fan of Click Vinyl, but are you looking for long planks for a standard oak floor that is also 100% waterproof? Discover Floer Rigid Click Vinyl – available in several oak designs and extra long lengths! Are you looking for a tile floor for your industrial interior, but need it to be completely waterproof? Discover the extra-large Rigid Click Vinyl tiles. These XL tiles create a cool atmosphere. Looking for a dryback tile floor? Discover Tile Vinyl. Could you use a little help choosing a floor? Take a look at our inspiration page.

Straight Click Laminate

Do you prefer a straight click laminate floor? See the Floer Country House Laminate 32cm wide floors with an oak design. A little less wide? Don’t worry, we also have laminate floors that are less wide, over 24cm wide. Looking for laminate flooring with a unique design? Discover the vintage laminate floors in our retro Reclaimed Wood collection. If you want an extra long, wide and thick laminate floor, check out the Authentic Laminate collection. Here you will find laminate planks that are over 2 metres long, over 24 cm wide and 9 mm thick, which creates an extra solid sound when you walk. This means that the laminate is indistinguishable from real oak parquet!

Straight strips dryback vinyl

Straight or herringbone? That’s the key question! If you are planning to glue a vinyl floor to a level surface, then the Village and Forests vinyl collections are perfect for you. With an extra wide vinyl floor, your interior is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. Curious about the differences between dryback and click vinyl floors? Check out the useful and informative floor videos on the Floer Blog, also called FloerTube. Would you like to see a Floer in your home? Order a sample or the Floer collection book and discover it in your home.

Oak wood floors

Do you want an authentic oak floor in your home, but don’t want the hassle of maintenance? Meet Floer Hybrid Wood! These oak floors offer a whole new world of all-in-ones: they combine all the benefits of parquet, vinyl and laminate in one floor type. Hybrid floors are water resistant, scratch resistant and incredibly strong thanks to the groundbreaking Wood Powder Technology. Prefer an original parquet floor? Floer’s engineered oak parquet floors are assembled in our factory to your exact specifications. You can choose from a range of wood species and finishes. Choose a brushed, smoked or aged look. And for those who love the herringbone pattern, oak floors are also available in the beautiful herringbone parquet. And would you like to see a Floer floor in real life? Order a sample or the collection book and discover it in the comfort of your own home! Let the beauty and versatility of Floer floors surprise you!

Questions about Herringbone Click Vinyl

You can easily install a Herringbone Click Vinyl floor by yourself thanks to the convenient Unidrop click connection. With an installation set, rubber mallet, helpful installation video, and installation instructions, you can lay a herringbone click vinyl floor on your own!

Yes! Thanks to the low thermal resistance of 0.039 m2K/W, these Herringbone Vinyl floors are ideal for do-it-yourself installation on underfloor heating.

Are you planning to lay your Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor yourself but don’t know where to start? A Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl starter pack can help you get started! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Take 3 A planks and 3 B planks, and click them together to form a point.
  2. Draw a line from the highest point of plank A (left) to the lowest point of plank B (right).
  3. On both sides, mark off the 1-floor section along the line.
  4. Cut the point to size using a jigsaw or vinyl cutter.
  5. Congratulations! You now have a Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl starter point.

The Floer Rigid Click Vinyl features a stable, low-impact core composed of vinyl and stone minerals, also known as ‘Rigid Core’. Vinyl, like wood and laminate, naturally exhibits movement under different conditions. Rigid Click Vinyl products are thicker than Dryback Vinyl products and therefore more sensitive to this effect. However, adding stone minerals to the core of the Rigid Click Vinyl planks makes the floor less sensitive to impact.

The Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floors feature a four-sided V-groove around each plank. This emphasizes the size of the planks and the oak appearance of the click vinyl Herringbone floors.

You can purchase installation services through your nearest Floer dealer. If the dealer does not provide this service, the Floer team can usually help.

A choice of Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor because of its realistic appearance of oak. Furthermore, these types of floors are easy to maintain and can be easily laid by oneself.

The Rigid Click Vinyl Herringbone flooring collection features unique oak designs, including a beautiful Light Oak Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor, a Herringbone Rigid Click floor with an Untreated Oak look and Beige colour, a special Dark Oak Herringbone floor, and a Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor with Grey shades and Oak look. There’s something for everyone!

To ensure a 20-year guarantee on your Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floorboards, you must combine them with the Rigid Click Vinyl Underlay with a high kPa value of 400. Using any other underlay may void the guarantee.

It is common for Rigid Click Vinyl to be mistakenly referred to as Vinyl Laminate. If you come across the term Vinyl Laminate, it usually means Rigid Click Vinyl.

When you use the Rigid Click Vinyl Underlay with a Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floor, you will receive a warranty of no less than 20 years.

Similar to Dryback vinyl flooring, Rigid Click Vinyl floors are also 100% waterproof. This means that you can confidently lay Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl in your bathroom or other wet areas.

The Floer within the Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl collection carries various quality marks. These labels indicate that these floors meet strict standards for low emissions and good indoor air quality. As a result, Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl flooring can be considered environmentally friendly.