• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Discover the XXL size of Country House Click Vinyl floors! Thanks to its generous dimensions of 150 cm x 30.5 cm, XL Click Vinyl floors create a spacious effect in your home. When you choose Country House Click Vinyl, you choose a trendy oak look with an advanced MEGAMAT© finish. Easy to maintain, Country House Click Vinyl is produced in an environmentally friendly way. This is reflected in the various certificates and quality marks, including GreenGuard Gold and Eurofins Gold. The i4F click connection makes this vinyl click floor easy to install. Suitable for use with underfloor heating and cooling and 100% water resistant. The XXL Click Vinyl floor is guaranteed for up to 20 years when combined with a Rigid Click Vinyl underlay. Click Vinyl Country House floors where size, design and sustainability come together.

Extra wide Click Vinyl

Dealerkart-Netherlands-Belgium-small-photo-web-1The Country House Click Vinyl floors are virtually indistinguishable from authentic wood floors, thanks to the tactile wood pattern. The extra width of 30.5 cm is further emphasised by the four-sided micro bevel of the Floer XXL Click Vinyl, which accentuates the various wooden patterns in the floor around each plank. Despite the strong similarity to real oak floors, these Rigid Click Vinyl floors offer all the advantages of Vinyl. The extra wide floors are completely waterproof and very easy to maintain.

30 cm wide Vinyl

Are you looking for a unique Floer floor? Then the Floer Country House Click Vinyl with its impressive width of 30.5 cm is an excellent choice! Thanks to this unique width, you can create a more spacious effect in your room. The Country House Click Vinyl floorboards can be installed effortlessly thanks to the handy click connection. Are you wondering how you can install a floor with an extra generous width of 30.5 cm? It’s surprisingly easy! The convenient click connection makes laying this XXL Click Vinyl floor a breeze. Consult the installation instructions to install the floor yourself without any hassle or problems.

Click Vinyl in combination with underfloor heating

Are you installing a floor in combination with underfloor heating? Then the Country House Click Vinyl floors are the ideal choice, as the floors have a thermal resistance of only 0.039 m2K/W. This makes them particularly suitable for combination with both underfloor heating and cooling! In addition, even without underfloor heating, Country House Click Vinyl floors are comfortable and warm to the touch!

Install your own Country House Vinyl by clicking

Floer-I4F-icoon-1With the Country House Click Vinyl you can do it yourself! The extra wide floorboards are equipped with the i4F click connection. Clicking these Vinyl floors is just as easy as it is with laminate. With just a simple tap of a rubber mallet to attach the floorboards, it’s child’s play to click the planks together! Start with the handy step-by-step plan for this DIY project. Do you want to know which underlay is suitable for Click Vinyl? Discover everything about the right underlay for Click Vinyl.

Country House Click Vinyl

The Country House Click Vinyl floors are the ideal combination of spaciousness and durability, offering the perfect balance between style, functionality and ease of use. This is mainly due to the MEGAMAT finish on these Country House Click Vinyl floors. Thanks to this finish, reflections of light and sun have no chance. Whether you have a modern, contemporary or minimalist design, the 30 cm wide floorboards contribute to a visually more spacious living environment. In addition, the Click Vinyl Country House floors are extremely durable and very wear-resistant. They are resistant to moisture, dirt and commercial use, among other things, making them ideal for spacious households and commercial spaces. The floors also feature ‘ceramic bead technology’, which provides extra protection for the floor.

Country House Click Vinyl for commercial spaces

It may not be the first thing you think of, but the floor is the most intensively used part of a building. That is why a high-quality floor is essential for your office, canteen or showroom! The Country House Click Vinyl floors, as well as other Click Vinyl floors such as Nature Click Vinyl are particularly suitable for business use. These floors are designed to withstand frequent use and are therefore extremely durable! The MEGAMAT© Floer Country House Click Vinyl has an impressively high usage class of 23/33/42. This means that the floors are suitable for both domestic and commercial to industrial use. Spilled on the floor? No problem, because these Vinyl floors are completely water-resistant. They are easy to mop and keep clean; everything you are looking for in the perfect office floor!

XL Herringbone Laminate

At Floer we like to make things unique, that’s why we have the extremely popular Whalebone Click Vinyl collection. With well-known names such as Orka Untreated and Cetus Cream, we could not resist creating a do-it-yourself XL floor in a herringbone pattern. So there is something for everyone! And if you are looking for a laminate floor, but absolutely love the XL herringbone patterns, discover our beautiful Whalebone Laminate; extra large herringbone laminate floors that are water resistant for up to 4 hours! With four beautiful colours, this collection brings a unique combination of laminate and an extra large herringbone pattern to life.

Waterproof Oak floor

Fascinated by real wood floors, but do you want to roll up your sleeves and install them yourself? Then the Hybrid Wood floors are the perfect choice for you! These oak floors combine all the advantages of Vinyl and laminate in a beautiful hybrid floor! Both the XL planks and the herringbone planks are finished with a special lacquer, making them water-resistant. They are also extremely hardwearing and great for use with underfloor heating. And best of all? You can lay them yourself! The harmonious combination of stylish oak and the powerful technology of Wood Powder makes these floors really strong. They are perfect for families with children and pets! Have a look at our Hybrid Wood collection!

Herringbone pattern floors

Looking for a floor with a classic herringbone pattern? We have various herringbone floors available within our ranges, including click-and-stick Vinyl and laminate herringbone floors. The Herringbone Laminate floors are easy to install yourself, have a realistic oak design and are available in different colour tones. With a thickness of over 1 cm, these floors are designed to last. Thanks to their authentic appearance, these attractive laminate floors fit perfectly into any interior. Also discover our beautiful dryback Herringbone Vinyl floors. These dryback Vinyl herringbone floors are 100% water-resistant and have a tactile wood structure and subtle micro bevel for an extra natural look.

Country House Laminate

At Floer, we like to work with you to find the perfect floor for you. If there is no Country House Click Vinyl floor that suits your needs, we would like to introduce you to our Country House Laminate. Our popular collection of 32cm wide laminate floors offers a choice of ten different designs, ranging from light to dark oak. The variety of Country House floors is as great as the width of the floor itself: in other words, the choice is huge!

Other floors

Looking for something different? Then check out our Tile Vinyl flooring that you can glue down. As well as tiled floors, we also offer laminate floors, such as the unique Reclaimed Wood Laminate. These floors have an aged and vintage design, ideal for those with a cool and industrial interior. More of a fan of extra long rather than extra wide? Then be inspired by the Floer Authentic Laminate floors that are longer than 2 metres!

If the surface level is adequate and you are using the correct underlay, you can install Rigid Click Vinyl on concrete.

When using the sturdy Rigid Click Vinyl underlay, a 20-year warranty is offered on the floorboards. With an impressive compressive strength of 400 kPa, this underlay is ideal for protecting extra-wide Click Vinyl floorboards.

Nature Rigid Click Vinyl flooring does not come with an integrated underlay. Rigid Click Vinyl with an integrated subfloor does not provide sufficient support for the joint. To ensure the longevity of the click vinyl, high compressive strength in the subfloor is crucial. Only a subfloor with a high kPa value can guarantee this support. Floer offers the Rigid Click Vinyl Underlay, which is specially designed for heavy-duty floors. This underlay has a compressive strength of no less than 400 kPa and protects the click connection of the Floer flooring.

Floer Rigid Click Vinyl floors have a thermal resistance of no less than 0.039 m2 K/W, making them ideal for use with underfloor heating!

Rigid Click Vinyl floors are easy to install thanks to their click-connection, making them a popular choice for do-it-yourself projects.

Rigid click vinyl is a type of click vinyl flooring that has a hard core made up of a mixture of vinyl and stone minerals, also known as “rigid core.” This mixture makes the intermediate layer of the rigid click vinyl floor hard and stable, resulting in minimal impact.

Wide Vinyl Laminate is often referred to as ‘wide Click Vinyl’. Although this term is not used too often, it is important to note that laminate, like Country House Vinyl, has a convenient click connection.

The Country House Click Vinyl floors can be used in both large and small rooms. Thanks to the XXL size, you can create a visually more spacious effect in any room.