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Waterproof laminate; it exists!

Wait, what! Yes, it exists! At Floer, various laminate floors have been given a water-resistant finish. The laminate floors have been given a special waterproof coating, on the floorboards and into the grooves. As a result, the floors from the City Laminate collection, Authentic Laminate and the extra wide laminate from the Country House Laminate collection carry the label waterproof. Whalebone Laminate is, as you would expect, also water-resistant! Looking for a laminate floor that will not warp or break when water gets on it? Choose the floors with a “waterproof” sticker!


Waterproof, even in the groove!

But how does that work? Well, it’s actually quite simple. The top layer of the laminate floors were already water-resistant. But with these ‘waterproof’ collections, the grooves have also been treated with the special waterproof coating, making it less likely to let water through. Perfect!

This means that (small) puddles may remain on the Floer for up to 4 hours, without the water affecting the laminate floor.

The small print

A Floer is only waterproof if it is installed properly. A small gap between the grooves? Chances are that water will still affect the floor. Moisture under a laminate floor can damage the floor. There is a chance that this will cause the laminate to bulge, rise up and develop mould under the boards. To avoid this, we recommend removing any water or moisture as soon as possible and drying the parts. Installing the floor properly is essential to take advantage of the benefits of waterproof laminate.

Click PVC tegels in badkamerPrefer a floor that is 100% waterproof?

One of the great advantages of vinyl is that this material is 100% waterproof. This applies to both dryback vinyl floors, which are glued to the subfloor, and Rigid Click vinyl floors (vinyl with a click connection system). When water gets onto a vinyl floor, you don’t have to worry about the material warping. This makes these floors ideal for families with pets and children and suitable for any room in the house. Vinyl in the living room, kitchen and bathroom? It can be done! Take tile vinyl for example, with a beautiful concrete look the perfect floor for the bathroom!

Vinyl floors are also available in the popular Herringbone and Whalebone looks. Would you like to know what these beautiful floors look like? Order a sample and see it at your home or come and take a look inside your nearest dealer!

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