• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Orca Untreated

Discover the popular Floer Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl in Orca Untreated. Install the click connection yourself and achieve a realistic light oak look! With its light oak colour, the Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl – Orca Untreated imitates the appearance of a real oak wood floor but offers all the benefits of click vinyl. These large rigid click vinyl floors come in a herringbone pattern and are bigger, wider, and longer than the “standard” herringbone rigid click vinyl floors. Thanks to their rigid mineral core, they are extremely stable and 100% waterproof.

Light Oak Whalebone Click Vinyl

These extra-large herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl floors have a 0.55mm wear layer and a usage rating of 23/33/42, making them suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes. When paired with the right underlay, the Floer vinyl can last for up to 20 years. Additionally, the Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl – Orca Untreated is ideal for floors with underfloor heating or cooling. This is possible due to its low thermal resistance of 0.039 m2K/W. Enjoy the benefits of this durable and long-lasting floor for years to come! And did you know that this floor is also available as dryback Whalebone Vinyl?

The Unidrop click joint, designed for Rigid Mineral Core floors, makes these floors easy to lay even for experienced DIYers. The Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl floors are exceptionally large, measuring 90 cm in length and 15 cm in width, much larger than their counterpart, the herringbone rigid click vinyl. The size, combined with the extremely matte MEGAMAT finish, contributes to the realistic light oak design of the rigid click vinyl herringbone floors and is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and easy-to-install flooring option.

Herringbone XL Rigid Click Vinyl

The Eurofins, Emission Value (A+), Green Guard, and FloorScore labels indicate that this Floer flooring is produced in an environmentally friendly manner. These floors are phthalate-free, contributing to a healthy indoor environment. The light oak extra large herringbone rigid click vinyl floor is suitable for all areas of the house, including the bathroom and kitchen. With realistic patterns, an extra-large size, and a MEGAMAT finish, the Orca Untreated Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl floor is as impressive as its namesake, the whale. Fan of the Orca colour, but in a different floor? Discover the same colour, different Floer.

Article number



90 cm


15 cm


0.5 cm


Rigid Mineral Vinyl


Brown, White



Wearing Surface

0,55 mm





Underfloor Heating & Cooling


Water Resistance


Manufacturer's Warranty

20 Years (only with Rigid Click underlay)

Quality Mark

Eurofins, FloorScore, GreenGuard, Emission A+ Certification, EPD, ISO14001



Thermal Resistance


Free from harmful substances

Yes, phthalate-free

Also available in

Herringbone Vinyl, Nature Rigid Click Vinyl, Village Vinyl, Whalebone Vinyl

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Ambient Microbevel and MEGAMAT Structure

4-sided bevelling and textured oak structure

Eurofins Gold

For a healthy indoor environment

Extra large herringbone rigid click vinyl

Luxurious long and wide Whalebone plank