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You love the colour and design of the Whalebone Vinyl – Orca Untreated, but the XL herringbone pattern isn’t quite the look for you? No worries! The same beautiful colour is also available in the Herringbone Vinyl range. But then you run into another problem: your home is not suitable for herringbone vinyl. Not a problem either! Orca Untreated is available in both straight planks and herringbone patterns, from dryback vinyl to click vinyl. Just like Whalebone Vinyl, the choice is endless! Discover all Orca Untreated variations here.


Same colour, different Floer

“Is the Orca Untreated also available in straight plank? I’m looking for the same colour for upstairs.”
“Can I also lay the Orca Untreated straight?” “Is there also a click vinyl floor in the same colour?”

These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions. We now answer all these questions once and for all, and the answer is a huge YES! Yes, Orca Untreated is available as a straight plank. Yes, you can install this floor straight, but why would you do that when you can choose a straight vinyl floor or a click vinyl floor in larger sizes? And yes! All Whalebone Vinyl floors are also available in the Whalebone Click Vinyl collection. You will notice. The possibilities are endless! For your convenience, we have listed all the available options below. They have the same finish, structure, heat resistance and so on. The difference? The plank size and the type of floating!

  1. floer-Whalebone-Vinyl-floor-Orca-Untreated-product-30
    Floer Whalebone (Click) Vinyl in the colour Orca Untreated

    Village Vinyl – Casares Cream White Oak

    Not a fan of herringbone? The same colour is also available in straight plank. At 121.9 cm long and 22.86 cm wide, you’ll bring a contemporary look into your home with the Village Vinyl floor.

  2. Herringbone Vinyl – Pure Oak
    Do you prefer something less extravagant? Then go for the Whalebone Vinyl’s little brother, the standard Herringbone Vinyl.
  3. Chevron Vinyl – Untreated Oak
    Do you prefer an authentic and unusual pattern? Choose a Chevron Vinyl floor! When you choose chevron pattern floors, you choose flooring with MEGAMAT finish in a unique design.
  4. Whalebone Vinyl – Orca Untreated
    The most popular floor in the colour Orca Untreated; Whalebone Vinyl. Whalebone Vinyl flooring is an XL herringbone floor that is glued directly to the substrate.

  5. Whalebone Rigid Click Vinyl – Orca Untreated
    Are you a real do-it-yourselfer? Then the Whalebone Click Vinyl floor is for you. It contains a Unidrop connection that allows you to easily click the floors together.
  6. Nature Rigid Click Vinyl – Ordesa Untreated
    Want to lay the same colour in straight plank yourself? Then the Ordesa Untreated is your floor. The Nature Click Vinyl floor features a handy Variclick connection, making laying this floor a breeze.
Floer Village Vinyl – Casares Cream White Oak
Floer Nature Rigid Click Vinyl – Ordesa Untreated
Floer Herringbone Vinyl – Pure Oak



Floer your staircase with Untreated Oak

With Floer Stair Tread Covers – Untreated Oak, you can bring the Orca style to your entire home, from the ground up. Create a complete look with the solid oak stair treads. To complete the look, there are also matching risers, nose strips and LED preparations!

Chevron in the colour Orca Untreated

But that’s not all! We know too well that you can’t get enough of this colour. So we have also launched a new product; a Chevron floor in the same colour as Orca Untreated… Plenty of choice!

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