• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Floer Chevron Vinyl, classic and modern. This collection features oak vinyl flooring in a traditional Chevron pattern. With a 60 degree angle, the classic floors create a dynamic look. Combined with the tactile wood texture and MEGAMAT© finish, they are indistinguishable from real parquet. Floer vinyl floors are produced in an environmentally friendly way, as evidenced by labels such as Green Guard Gold, Floor Score, Eurofins Gold, Emission Class A+ and ISO14001. So you can be sure of an environmentally friendly floor that is phthalate-free. Add classic and modern style to your interior with traditional Chevron floors.

Chevron Pattern

Dealerkart-Netherlands-Belgium-small-photo-web-1Chevron floors with a 60 degree angle bring classic style to the home. The sharp angles add to the unique pattern, especially when compared to 45-degree chevron floors. Chevron Vinyl creates a flowing pattern thanks to the diagonally cut planks at a 60 degree angle. With the arrow effect, this pattern gives a sense of continuous movement due to the continuous and even V shapes.

Chevron Vinyl

Modern Chevron Vinyl is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms and more. The vinyl floors are 100% water resistant, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Do you want to combine the floor with underfloor heating or cooling? Then vinyl floors are an excellent choice thanks to their thermal resistance of 0.019 m²K/W. Floer vinyl floors are produced in an environmentally friendly way and carry various quality labels such as Eurofins Gold, Emission Class A+ and Green Guard Gold. So you can be sure of a phthalate-free and clean vinyl floor!

Mat Vinyl

Chevron Vinyl floors feature the revolutionary MEGAMAT© finish. What makes it so special? Because of the matt finish, there are no annoying light reflections on the floor. This makes the realistic oak design stand out even more!

More MEGAMAT© Vinyl

In addition to the Chevron vinyl floors, other floors feature the revolutionary MEGAMAT© finish. Think Country House Click Vinyl, Whalebone Vinyl, Whalebone Click Vinyl, Nature Click Vinyl, Village Vinyl and several Herringbone Vinyl floors. And if that’s not enough, even the Stair Tread Covers have the unique MEGAMAT© finish.

Did you know?

The MEGAMAT© Stair Tread Covers are available in the same colour and design as the Chevron Vinyl floors. This allows you to seamlessly combine your floor with your staircase!

Same colour, different Floer

Love the colours of the Chevron Vinyl collection, but not quite a fan of the pattern? The same colours are also available in several flooring variations. For example, the colours are available in Whalebone (Click) Vinyl, Village Vinyl and straight plank Click Vinyl. This means that your favourite colour is available in several flooring options.

Laying Chevron floors

Installing Floer Chevron Vinyl flooring is not an easy task. As it is a glued installation, we recommend that it is done by an experienced flooring installer. Before gluing the vinyl floor, the sub-floor must first be levelled. Then the floor can be glued to the sub-floor, because after all, a good sub-floor is the basis of your dream floor! Did you know that it is also possible to install a Chevron Vinyl floor with boarder and trim? This creates a luxurious floor finish in your home.

Chevron or Herringbone Vinyl

Chevron-versus-herringbone-patterns-blog-10Although the Herringbone pattern looks similar to the Chevron pattern, there are some differences. The Herringbone Vinyl is laid in a zig-zag pattern to create a geometric design, whereas Chevron floors have a more arrow-shaped effect. In addition, the Herringbone Vinyl planks are slightly larger than the Chevron floors. Want to go big? Then discover Whalebone Vinyl, the big brother of the standard Herringbone Vinyl. Discover all the differences between Herringbone Vinyl and Chevron Vinyl.

There is no difference between Chevron and Hungarian point; they are two terms for the same floor.

No, the Floer Chevron Vinyl floors are only available in a 60-degree angle. This 60-degree angle subtly emphasises the classic pattern, making the floor look extremely calm.

Yes, Vienna point is available as an installation pattern for floors. It differs from the standard laying pattern by the way the planks are laid, resulting in a unique pattern.

We recommend that you leave the installation of Chevron vinyl floors to an experienced flooring installer. This is because the installation of this glued vinyl floor is not an easy job.