• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

Floer Stair Tread Covers – Untreated Oak

Floer your stairs with the Untreated Oak Stair Tread Covers! These stair treads are perfect for giving your staircase a beautiful finish that perfectly matches the Orca Untreated flooring options. The Floer Stair Tread Covers – Untreated Oak measure 100 cm x 32.6 cm. They are specially designed for easy installation using the Floer High Tack Adhesive Sealant.

Oak stair covers

Want a longer step cover? No problem! We also offer the same stair covers in an XL length of no less than 138 cm (Double Tread), which is ideal for wide staircases or staircases with curves. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, Floer Stair Tread Covers make it all possible. Do you have an open or spiral staircase that you would like to cover with Untreated Oak stair covers? Then we have the solution for you with our Under Steps, which allow you to completely cover your staircase with the same design.

Whether you already have an Orca Untreated floor or are planning to buy one, these solid tread covers will perfectly match the design and colour of your floor. To complete the look, we also offer risers in the same colour. For those who want a complete stair renovation and want to go big, modern skirting boards are available with LED preparation.

Stair tread coverings

The Floer Stair Tread Covers – Untreated Oak are scratch-resistant, easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Moreover, they are extremely safe to use thanks to the MEGAMAT finish, with an anti-slip rating of R-10. You receive a manufacturer’s warranty of no less than 15 years on the Floer Stair Tread Covers. Contact your nearest dealer to order the full range of Floer staircase materials to match your vinyl floor!

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100 cm


32.6 cm


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Manufacturer's Warranty

15 Years

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