• 15 - 35 Year warranty
  • 100% sustainable

A floor that combines the warm and authentic charms of real wood with the durability and user-friendliness of a modern floor: that’s the Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors! This collection of herringbone floors are made of real wood while offering the same benefits as Vinyl and laminate floors. With a hybrid herringbone floor, you add timeless elegance and extreme ease of use to any room in your home. Also, the Hybrid Wood herringbone floors are extremely scratch-resistant, thanks to the special Wood Powder technology. This makes herringbone hybrid floors an ideal flooring choice for large families with children and pets – a truly revolutionary product! The Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors are resistant to wear and damage thanks to advanced technologies, as well as being waterproof for 4 hours. Hybrid Wood floors are extremely durable, which can be seen from the special plank construction. With a low thermal resistance of 0.07 m2K/W, these floors are also excellent to combine with underfloor heating. At 70 cm long and 14 cm wide, the Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors are indistinguishable from real oak herringbone parquet. The herringbone pattern adds depth and sophistication to your interior, instantly giving you an extra touch of luxury within your home. Hybrid Wood floors are also available in various straight plank sizes. With a 20-year guarantee and a handy click connection, you can install this luxurious herringbone wooden floor yourself. Are you ready to take a floor into your home that brings functionality, durability and style? Quickly discover and experience this new generation of herringbone floors for yourself!

Dealerkaart-Nederland-Belgie-kleine-f-knop-ENG-web.jpgHybrid Wood Herringbone floors

Enter the world of revolutionary Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors – where advanced technologies and high-quality materials are merged to create a great flooring experience! These hybrid floors bring together all the pluses of real wood, laminate and Vinyl flooring in one unique collection. With features such as water resistance and a finish that effortlessly repels dirt, maintenance is a breeze. The special coating in the lacquer makes these floors highly scratch-resistant, with the unique Wood Powder technology ensuring a pressure-resistant floor. So you have the perfect floor for busy households with children and pets. Discover these durable hybrid wood herringbone floors, for which even underfloor heating is no problem.

Benefits of Hybrid Wood Herringbone

Curious about what the benefits of Hybrid Wood Herringbone have to offer? Be surprised by the floors below and learn the four essential core values of Hybrid Wood: water-resistant, incredibly scratch-resistant, pressure-resistant and dirt- and moisture-resistant. Hybrid Wood is available in an XL plank and in the trendy herringbone pattern. Get to know these special floors here!

Herringbone hybrid floor

Discover the world of Hybrid Herringbone flooring! Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors are not only a visual feast for the eyes, but also a pure statement of timeless design and elegance. The herringbone floorboards have a length of 70 cm and a width of 14 cm. With these dimensions, these herringbone planks bring a unique pattern and timeless charm to any room. The robust thickness of 1.1 cm ensures a durable floor that can withstand daily use and wear and tear. Classic or robust, modern or minimalist – the Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors add a touch of sophistication to any room! Be inspired by these herringbone floors and create your own spectacular interiors.

Sustainable herringbone floors

Floer-Hybride-Hout-3-technologieen-recycle.Did you know that Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors use only 10% of the oak wood compared to traditional herringbone parquet floors? The unique construction of Hybrid Wood floors consists of multiple layers, one of which is a wafer-thin and extremely reinforced and sealed oak layer. The rest of the plank is composed of a High Density Fibreboard core – pressed from recycled wood chips and mixed with environmentally friendly Wood Powder. The Wood Powder technology uses extreme heat and wood powder, without any chemicals. Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors are therefore a sustainable and environmentally friendly product that also contributes to a healthy indoor environment.


Herringbone and XL plank

Besides the trendy and timeless herringbone pattern floors, Hybrid Wood XL planks are also available! With an extra-long and wide dimension, these extra-large floorboards bring a sense of space and grandeur into your home. The XL Hybrid Wood floors are a real eye-catcher and take your interior to a new level!

And they literally do! These extra-long planks are the longest in all our collections! With an impressive length of 237 cm and a generous width of 27 cm, these XL planks create a visual effect, giving your floor a grandiose and luxurious appearance.

23 cm wide Hybrid Wood

Do you have a soft spot for Hybrid Wood floors but are looking for a plank that is slightly narrower than the standard 27 cm width? Floer got you! Everyone should be able to experience the pleasure of a Hybrid Wood floor, which is why the XL planks are also available in different sizes; including a narrower plank of 23 cm. Although these narrower planks are the same thickness as the “standard” XL hybrid wood floorboards (1.1 cm), they are slightly shorter at 219.7 cm long. That’s a difference of more than 17 cm! Would you like a narrower Hybrid Wood floor? Discover them now at your nearest dealer.

Maintenance Hybrid Wood

Forget the regular maintenance of standard oak parquet floors! With these exceptionally strong Hybrid Wood floors, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Enjoy the authentic wood look of a wooden floor, without having to bother with regular cleaning. The Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors feature a special lacquer that makes them extremely scratch-resistant. In addition, the floors effortlessly repel moisture and dirt. Maintenance of a Hybrid Wood Herringbone floor, you ask? Simply regular vacuuming and mopping will do! It doesn’t get any easier than this 😉

Underfloor heating under wooden floors

Who says wooden floors and underfloor heating are not a perfect match? Although oak parquet floors take longer to spread heat compared to Vinyl floors, oak parquet floors can also be combined with underfloor heating! However, pay attention to the thickness of the parquet plank. Are you going for a thicker plank structure with a herringbone parquet floor? Then you will soon run into the maximum thermal resistance. With Hybrid Herringbone floors, you don’t have to worry about this! With a hybrid floor, you are always right – regardless of the thickness of the boards. The combination of plank construction and revolutionary Wood Powder technology results in a low thermal resistance of only 0.07 m2K/W. This means that with a Hybrid Wood floor, your feet will soon be warm!


Laying a hybrid herringbone

How do you lay a hybrid herringbone floor? It’s in the name! Thanks to the UniZip click connection, these herringbone floors can be laid either floating or glued down. Both laying methods produce a beautiful floor, but it is very important to choose the appropriate method before laying. Which situation suits you best? Are you looking for a Hybrid Wood Herringbone floor for life and your own home? Then choose a glued installation. In this case, the hybrid floor is glued directly to the substrate, so your floor is super-sturdy. It literally can’t go anywhere! Do you live in a rented house, or are you planning to move in the near future? Then lay the floor floating. You can do this all by yourself, thanks to the handy UniZip joint. So roll up those sleeves! The Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors have no left or right sections, making it even easier to lay these floors. With a floating installation, you lay the floor on a suitable subfloor. So in this situation, you do not use glue, but the UniZip click connection. An appropriate underlay could be, for example, Floer’s Non-contact underlay. This underlay reduces impact sound by up to 25% and is also suitable for combining with underfloor heating.

Optical effect herringbone floor

Have you had your eye on a Hybrid Wood Herringbone floor? You’re not the only one! The herringbone pattern is, of course, hugely popular, but we are often asked whether a herringbone floor will fit in a smaller room. And we can proudly answer “YES” to that! But… there is a condition. The herringbone floor has to be laid in the right direction. Would you like to optically enlarge your room with a Hybrid Wood Herringbone floor? Then lay the point of the herringbone floor in the direction of the largest light source. This way, you will emphasise the pattern of the floor. Don’t have a large light source in the room? Then lay the floor with the point along the length of the room. That way you have more points in the floor area, which will make it look optically larger. Want to create an extra enlarging optical effect? You can do that with an XL Hybrid Wood floor, but also with the extra wide Country House Laminate. With a width of more than 32 cm, these laminate floors proudly bear the ‘XL floor’ label. Naturally, you also lay these floors with the end facing the light, for an extra magnifying effect.

Water-resistant for 4 hours

Oopsie, a glass of water knocked over can happen! Or maybe your head wasn’t quite there when you poured your first cup of coffee in the morning. Don’t worry, because wet accidents are cleaned up in no time with hybrid flooring. Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors feature a water-resistant coating that lasts for up to 4 hours. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the aforementioned puddling or splashing water – even in the kitchen and/or bathroom! Enjoy a warm look of hybrid wood flooring without worrying about moisture damage! And don’t forget the convenience of quick mopping! With these floors, you can grab the mop and get to work without worry. With a few simple steps, you can give your floor a fresh look and ensure a well-maintained wood floor.

Water-resistant floors

Do you love the XL Hybrid Wood? Then you will definitely be amazed by our other extra-large floors! Discover our various Whalebone floors within the different collections. A whalebone floorboard is significantly larger than a “standard” herringbone plank. And they feel like a fish in water; whalebone Vinyl floors are in fact completely waterproof! Of course, there are also herringbone laminate floors, these are water-resistant for 4 hours – just like the Hybrid Wood Herringbone floors. Are you a do-it-yourselfer and like to roll up your sleeves? Discover the Whalebone Click Vinyl floors: easy to lay yourself using a rubber mallet. The ‘rigid mineral core’ makes the plank extra strong, so they won’t budge. So your Whalebone Click Vinyl floor is as heavy as a real whale!

More XL floors

Looking for an extra-large plank, but with a straight strip pattern? Discover the wide Vinyl range of the Forest Vinyl collection! This collection offers floors that are more than 1.5 metres long and 24 cm wide. The bonded Vinyl flooring is accentuated by subtle micro bevelling around the plank, putting your floor in the spotlight! Still want to lay an extra-large floor yourself? At Floer we believe: the bigger, the better! That’s why we’ve made our Authentic Laminate collection even bigger than it was before. The extra wide, extra thick and extra long laminate planks of no less than 220 cm (!) long and 24 cm wide are 0.9 cm thick. This ensures a solid walking sound, just like oak parquet flooring, making them barely distinguishable!


Are you totally in love with straight or XL herringbone Vinyl? At Floer we have something new that we are very proud of, namely the most matt Vinyl in the Netherlands! These ultra-matt Vinyl floors offer countless benefits for homeowners, businesses and interior designers! Thanks to this new gloss, the Vinyl floors in the Village Vinyl collection, among others, have a non-reflective surface, which enhances their visual appeal. And that matt look? That one creates a sense of space and sophistication. The new PU coating on the MEGAMAT floors features ceramic-bead technology, making them extra sturdy. Currently, the hugely popular Herringbone (click) Vinyl floors and also two Herringbone Vinyl floors feature this fantastic MEGAMAT finish.

XL oak wall panels

Not just a Floer on your floor, but a Floer on the wall too! Besides XL floors, we are fascinated by extra-large acoustic wall panels. With an impressive length of 300 cm, a Floer Akupanel covers almost the entire wall at once, even in new-build houses! Would you prefer a shorter panel? Floer also offers Akupanels with a length of 240 cm. Both the 3-metre panels and the 2.4-metre panels improve acoustics in rooms with an echo and at the same time add a stylish touch to your interior. Combine your XL wall panel with an elegant Whalebone Vinyl floor for a perfectly chic hotel interior!