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A new episode of Floertube is out! In this video, Guido discusses the three different structures of laminate and vinyl flooring. Floors can have a flat structure, a textured structure, and a 3D structure, which is also referred to as “Register Embossed”. But what do these different textures mean, and what are their benefits? Watch the video to find out!

The three structures of Laminate and Vinyl flooring

If you’re searching for a laminate or vinyl floor with a realistic wood look, or a floor with minimal texture, it’s important to understand the different structure options available. At Floer, we offer three different structures: smooth, textured or tactile, and 3D. Let’s take a closer look at each surface option.

Smooth & flat

A flat-textured floor has no perceptible structure in the top layer and is completely even. In Guido’s video, he shows a Herringbone Laminate floor with an almost-flat top layer in the colour Matte White Oak. It’s interesting to note that a standard parquet plank also has a flat, even top layer. To feel the wood structure in an oak parquet plank, it must first be lightly brushed.

You can feel it!

Floors with a tactile texture have a slight structure in the top layer, but this texture does not necessarily match the visible wood pattern of the floor. However, there are still advantages to having a textured floor. Textured laminate and vinyl floors have a more realistic wood pattern that feels real when you walk barefoot or with socks. Additionally, this tactile wood pattern becomes even more visible when light falls on the floor.

Floer Nature Rigid Click Vinyl – Biesbosch Beige

Are you curious about a floor with a tactile texture? Check out the Nature Rigid Click Vinyl – Biesbosch Beige or the Herringbone Rigid Click Vinyl collection! In addition to Rigid Click Vinyl floors, there are also Dryback Vinyl floors with a tactile structure, such as Tile Vinyl, Village Vinyl, and Whalebone Vinyl.

3D structure / Register Embossing

Can it get any more realistic? Of course! Laminate and vinyl floors are now available with a 3D structure. This structure is not only tangible in the top layer but also follows the exact same pattern as the design on the plank. However, the structure is often even coarser and deeper in the top layer, which makes the Register Embossing feel even more authentic when walking on the floor. This 3D structure also enhances the credibility of a Laminate or Herringbone Vinyl floor when exposed to light from outside. No one will be able to tell that it’s not a real parquet floor!

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