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Floer goes Hybrid! For months, we have been working hard behind the scenes to develop new flooring options, and now we are excited to share our latest creation. We proudly present the new Hybrid Wood flooring collection! These beautiful real wood floors combine Wood-Powder technology, durability, and design to create the perfect mix. Read on to discover why Hybrid Wood is the ideal choice for your interior!

Hybrid Wood Herringbone – White Oak

Herringbone pattern or straight-plank floor

As always, the selection is vast, even within the Hybrid Wood collection! In addition to the standard XL straight-plank floors, Hybrid Wood floors with a herringbone pattern are also available. The main difference between these two variants is that the XL Hybrid Wood standard floors feature the reliable Fastclick click-connection and measure an impressive length of 237.5 cm and width of 27 cm. This means you can easily lay these extra-long real oak floorboards yourself!

It’s impossible to lay a herringbone floor with planks longer than 2 meters. That’s why the herringbone floorboards in the Hybrid Wood collection are smaller than the straight variant, measuring 70 x 14 cm. However, these dimensions are larger than standard herringbone boards, resulting in a quieter floor surface. In addition, the herringbone floors come with the handy UniZip click-connection, allowing for quick and easy installation. All of this makes for a floor that can be laid in no time at all!

Want to learn about Hybrid Wood Flooring benefits and techniques? Keep reading!


Water-resistant and easy-care

The Hybrid Wood collection boasts water resistance and ease of maintenance as its key features. These floors can withstand damp conditions for up to 24 hours, making them suitable for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, and other humid areas. Additionally, they have a dirt and moisture-resistant finish, making it effortless to clean and maintain your Hybrid Floor. With just a few simple steps, you can restore your floor to its pristine condition. Enjoy your floor without worrying about leaks or spills!

Hybrid Wood – Rustic Black Oak

Pressure and scratch-resistant

Hybrid Wood is designed to perform in busy households with pets and children. The special lacquer on the surface layer makes these floors extremely scratch-resistant, keeping them looking like new for years. Additionally, oak is a relatively soft material that can easily dent. However, by using Wood-Powder technology to fuse the oak design layer with an extremely pressure-resistant oak layer, one strong and beautiful layer is created. This fusion beautifully fills open knots and cracks in the oak layer, providing a worry-free flooring experience for years to come.

Hybrid wood floors: easy to install

Laying an oak wood floor has never been easier than with Hybrid Wood. Hybrid floors can be glued down like real oak parquet, but they also come equipped with the handy Fastclick and UniZip click joints, making it easy for you to lay the floor yourself! The joints ensure a seamless transition between the planks and keep them firmly in place. Simply click, click, and your floor is ready! So why wait? Create your dream floor with these hybrid floors today!

Stylish wooden finish

Hybrid Wood flooring provides you with the freedom to choose the finish that best suits your preferences. You can opt for a subtle look with few knots and grains, similar to a 1-bis oak parquet wood grading. Alternatively, you may decide to go for a rustic look with more visible wood characteristics, such as large knots and attractive wood designs. With this flooring, you can express your personal style and create the perfect atmosphere in your interior. It’s your Floer, and it’s your choice!

Hybrid Wood – Subtle Pure Oak

Added comfort with underfloor heating

With Hybrid Wood, you can not only enjoy a beautiful floor but also the comfort of pleasant warmth under your feet. This is because these floors are relatively thin compared to a standard parquet floor, which is typically 1.2 to 2 cm thick due to its multiple layers of wood, resulting in higher thermal resistance. In contrast, Hybrid Wood has a thickness of only 1.1 cm thanks to the layers fused together, and its thermal resistance of 0.07 m2K/W makes it an excellent choice for underfloor heating systems. This means your floor will always be comfortably warm! The durable construction of the planks ensures even heat distribution, saving energy and allowing you to enjoy a cozy atmosphere. Treat yourself to the perfect combination of style and comfort!

Experience the revolution of Hybrid Wood

Hybrid Wood is an innovative flooring option that combines water resistance, pressure and scratch resistance, easy installation, and low maintenance. With its subtle or rustic design, extra-long planks, beautiful herringbone pattern, and the option of underfloor heating, Hybrid Wood adds a unique dimension to your interiors. Get ready to embrace this revolution in the flooring world and transform your home with this extraordinary Floer!

Plank structure Hybrid Wood Flooring


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