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By: Iruna
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When you hear the phrase ‘Viennese Point’ you probably think of Viennese waltzes or the magical architecture of Austria. But we won’t be talking about any of that this time. Instead, we are going to introduce you to Viennese Point as a floor design. So read on and discover all the features of this unique pattern!

Herringbone pattern vs Viennese point

Viennese point in essence

As the name of the pattern suggests, this unique style of flooring originated in Vienna, Austria. The actual pattern is derived from traditional design aesthetics found in Viennese architecture and other interiors. So, theoretically, if you choose this pattern for your floor, you will be teleported to the great palace of Vienna 🤭. But now you are probably asking yourself: what does this pattern look like? To put it simply: It is the same popular herringbone pattern with Chevron planks! But because the planks are cut at a 60° angle, the familiar herringbone pattern is completely transformed. Therefore, Viennese Point becomes an option in creating a flatter version of herringbone.

Installing viennese point

The overall installation method for the Viennese Point pattern is very similar to the herringbone pattern. The main difference is the angle at which the planks are installed. In Viennese Point, the planks are installed at a 135 degree angle as compared to the 45 degree angle used in herringbone. This 135 degree angle creates a repeating pattern of elongated hexagons, giving the room an elegant and refined appearance. In general, the pattern is slightly less sharp and more subtle compared to the herringbone. Have you just purchased chevron vinyl and are planning to install this pattern yourself? Then we recommend you read our step-by-step dryback vinyl installation guide to ensure you are well prepared!

Floer Chevron Vinyl – Untreated Oak

What are the benefits?

The benefits of this pattern are also pretty similar to those of Herringbone floors. Because of it’s geometric appearance, this pattern also creates a sense of movement and can make the room seem longer. A slight difference we can point out is that this pattern looks even better in larger and wider homes, as the lines in this pattern are much wider. But in any case, we can assure you that this pattern will fit and add a visually interesting feel to any space you choose! And you don’t have to worry about the pattern clashing with your interior either. The Viennese Point is quite versatile and complements both traditional and modern interiors.

Although this pattern is not as well known as the herringbone pattern yet, we hope that we have given you a brief insight into this unique flooring installation method. Whether you are renovating your new home or just want to add a touch of class to your space, this pattern will add charm and elegance to any room!

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