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If you’re in the market for a new floor, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the wide variety of options available. It can be difficult to determine which flooring is the best fit for your specific needs. After all, the right flooring can truly make a house feel like a home. That’s why it’s crucial to make a thoughtful, informed decision. Do you know what to consider when purchasing new flooring? In this episode of FloerTube, we’ll provide you with 5 useful tips for buying a floor and making a smart choice.

Tip 1: Consider the layout of your home

Which room will have the new floor? What shape does this room have? Will the floor be installed only in the living room, or also in narrow spaces like a corridor? Is the room large and wide or narrow and long? The first tip is therefore very important: pay close attention to the layout of your home.

Floer Country House Laminate – Untreated Oak

Do you have a normal to large living area? Then you have enough room for an extra wide floor, such as wide laminate or an XL herringbone floor. Alternatively, you can choose a herringbone floor with normal dimensions, such as Herringbone Laminate. If you’re worried that this will make the floor space look crowded, think again! The Country House Laminate floors have a continuous pattern that helps to make a large room look calmer, emphasizing its dimensions. The Floer Whalebone Vinyl floors have a micro bevel that also makes extra large herringbone floors look beautiful in a large living room.

Is the room where the floor will be laid narrow? Then a patterned floor is a must! Make sure the pattern faces the light to create an optical illusion. This will make the room appear wider or deeper.

Tip 2: How will you use the floor?

Floer Whalebone Vinyl – Orka Untreated

One of the most important considerations when choosing a floor is how it will be used. Do you have a large household with children and pets? Will the floor be in the kitchen and bathroom as well as other rooms?

Visualize how you will use the floor. Do you want a strong floor with low maintenance? A laminate floor can be a good choice. If you are looking for a floor that can withstand heavy use, choose vinyl. Or perhaps you prefer the charm of a real oak wooden floor? In that case, oak parquet is a good option. These floors require careful maintenance to fully enjoy their beauty. If you have a household with children or pets and a wooden floor, we recommend more regular maintenance.

Tip 3: Use the light

Lighting can significantly impact the ambiance of a home or space. For instance, it can add depth to a room or accentuate the shape of a patterned floor by following the light. Additionally, light can enhance the color of a floor, with a floor appearing darker in a room with little light and lighter where there is a lot of light. To better visualize how a floor will look in your home, request a test sample. You will receive a small sample at your home, which will allow you to see exactly how the floor will look in your space without any surprises.

Tip 4: Consider the underlay

Please consider whether the house has underfloor heating before selecting a floor. If underfloor heating is present, choose a floor that is suitable for it. Be sure to pay attention to the thermal resistance of the floor, as lower thermal resistance means that heat will be transmitted more quickly. There are several laminate floors available with low thermal resistance. If you are looking for the best return on your underfloor heating investment, consider vinyl flooring. If you are interested in combining a wooden floor with underfloor heating, it is important to note that this is possible. Care should be taken to minimize temperature differences.

Floer Herringbone Oak Parquet – Untreated Oiled

Before installing your floor, it’s important to ensure that the subfloor is flat and level. If your subfloor is made of wooden planks, make sure they are even. You can use wooden leveling underlay boards for this purpose. If your subfloor is not level but made of a different material, consider having a parquet installer level the surface for you.

Choosing the right underlay is also crucial for both the installation and longevity of your floor. So be sure to select the appropriate one to ensure you can enjoy your floor for as long as possible!

Tip 5: Overall picture of your interior

Here is the last of five useful tips for purchasing a new floor: remember to consider the overall aesthetic of your home. What interior style are you aiming for? The type of flooring you choose will depend on this. If you already have a particular design in mind, you’ll want to know which flooring options best match your style. Check out our website for a variety of blog posts on interior design and flooring. Are you aiming for an industrial interior with sturdy furniture? Or do you prefer a Scandinavian style? Perhaps you’d like a bohemian interior? Reading our interior design blogs can help you choose the right floor color to complement your home and situation.

These were the 5 useful tips for buying a floor. Would you like to watch more FloerTube videos? You can! Are you curious about the differences between Dryback Vinyl and Rigid Click Vinyl floors? Or are you wondering how to lay an oak herringbone parquet floor? Check out our selection of floor videos to learn more.

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