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Floer is best known for its Parquet, Laminate, Vinyl, Hybrid Wood floors and acoustic wall panels. But Floer also has a range of Stair Tread Covers and it has recently been extended with Untreated and Natural Oak. These new Stair Tread Covers are available in two popular vinyl colours. They can be used on different types of staircases, such as closed, open or spiral staircases. Read on to discover what makes these stair tread covers so special!

Floer Stair Tread Covers – Untreated Oak

Combining stairs with the floor

The new Stair Tread Covers are available in Untreated Oak and Natural Oak. These colours can be perfectly combined with the Orca Untreated and Nordcaper Natural floors to create a harmonious whole. As well as sharing the same design and colour, the stair treads also feature the MEGAMAT finish. This finish not only gives a contemporary look but also provides extra grip. Thanks to the non-slip MEGAMAT vinyl, these stair treads are not only visually attractive, but also very user-friendly.

Open or spiral staircase renovation

Now you’re probably thinking, “I’d love to have the MEGAMAT Stair Tread Covers, but I have a spiral staircase”. Luckily, there are the Double Treads! With the 138 cm long double treads you can give your open or spiral staircase a new look with Untreated or Natural Oak treads. As the name suggests, this is a double tread. So if you cut it in half, you will have two treads. You can use the Untreated or Natural Oak on the bottom step. Then you can use the 100 cm or 130 cm long treads to fit the top step. This way you can cover the whole step with these pearls!

Floer Stair Tread Covers – Natural Oak

Stair Tread Covers accessories

The solid stair treads allow you to continue your floor from top to bottom. And if you really want to finish in style, we also have accessories to match the treads. These include risers in the same design and nose strips to give the staircase a nice nose finish. And if that’s not enough, you can make it even more luxurious with the LED preparation. Available in the same designs, this preparation has a notch where you can insert an LED strip. It doesn’t get any more luxurious than that! So plenty of reasons to go #gefloerd not only on the floor, but also on the stairs!

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