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Which underlay do you use for a laminate floor?

Once you have chosen from all those beautiful floors, it is important to select the proper underlay for your laminate floor. The appropriate underlay will depend on your specific situation and the type of floor you have chosen. It is essential to consider the differences between the various underlays available. Are you looking for an underlay that can minimize contact sound or one that can level the surface? Guido, in this informative video from FloerTube, will provide you with all the details about the different underlays and help you make a choice on which one to use for your laminate floor.

Basic Underlay – Alufoam

We begin with a cost-effective subfloor option: the Alufoam Basic Underlay model. This underlay possesses strong compressive strength, which safeguards the click connection of the laminate floor. Furthermore, the roll includes an aluminum moisture barrier, rendering it waterproof. The subfloor satisfies all the minimum EPLF requirements, which is essential when it is used in combination with laminate floors.

An underlay with 10 dB sound reduction

Do you live in an upstairs apartment? Are you concerned about disturbing your downstairs neighbours? If so, you must be able to demonstrate that you can reduce noise by 10 dB. Fortunately, we have developed the beautiful pink Silent Underlay, which has a 10 dB sound reduction TUV certificate. This subfloor is also very compressive and equipped with a moisture barrier. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to install and give your downstairs neighbours the peace and quiet they deserve.

Non-Contact Underlay: perfect for underfloor heating

If you have underfloor heating in your home, we recommend choosing an underlay that can be combined with it. Our top pick is the Non-Contact Underlay, which has the lowest heat resistance on the market. This ensures rapid heat conduction and optimum efficiency of underfloor heating. Additionally, the Non-Contact underlay provides strong support for the click connection and long-term use, making it the best option in terms of quality. The underlay also reduces walking noise in the home, resulting in a more solid walking sound instead of the typical laminate click sound. The Non-Contact underlay is not only suitable for laminate floors but also works well in combination with Oak Parquet flooring.

Green Slabs Underlay

If you have an older home or surface, you may want to consider Green Slabs Underlay as a solution. These slabs can level up to 3mm and reduce walking noise, making them a practical choice for those who prefer a quieter home. Additionally, they provide insulation, making them a good choice for colder surfaces. To ensure a watertight surface, we provide a moisture barrier for free. It’s worth noting that this underlay is produced using wood fibers in an environmentally friendly way.

Even more underlays from Floer

If you require further information on the most suitable subfloor for a laminate floor, we recommend exploring the range of accessories available from Floer or contacting your nearest dealer for comprehensive advice. For optimal performance and a 20-year warranty, we highly recommend using the Rigid Click Vinyl underlay in combination with any of our Nature Rigid Click Vinyl floors. View our full range of high-quality parquet, laminate, and vinyl floors from Floer.

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