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The world of flooring has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, especially among Vinyl, laminate and parquet. Innovations in technology, durability and design have taken these flooring solutions to new heights, giving consumers more choices than ever before. Let’s dive into some of the exciting developments that have changed the flooring world.

Floer Whalebone Vinyl – Cetus Crème

MEGAMAT certification

One of the latest and most innovative technologies is the MAGAMAT© finish. As pioneers in the Dutch market, we have once again raised the bar by taking the gloss value of our floors to unprecedented levels, so with this finish, you won’t be bothered by shimmering floorboards. MEGAMAT© is not just another technology; it offers numerous benefits for homeowners, businesses and interior designers. The non-reflective surface enhances the visual appeal of any room and gives a sense of spaciousness and sophistication. The new PU coating, with ‘ceramic-bead’ technology, makes the floors ceramically strong and more scratch-resistant. Although Vinyl is naturally prone to scratching from sharp objects, MEGAMAT© technology ensures your floor retains its beauty even in high-traffic areas.

Wood floors with the advantages of laminate and Vinyl

Oak parquet is loved for its warm look and timeless elegance. However, modern innovations within the parquet world have led to a remarkable shift towards durability and practicality. Indeed, Hybrid Wood is a real wood floor with the benefits of both laminate and Vinyl. The XL floorboards feature an advanced click connection, making it easy to lay the floors yourself on a matching subfloor. Would you like to glue the floor together? That is also possible! In addition, the floors are suitable for installation on a floor with underfloor heating. And as if that is not enough, the floors are also water-resistant for 24 hours. These revolutionary floors with unique technologies are available in both rustic and subtle designs. Discover for yourself the many benefits of the Hybrid Wood collection.

Floer Whalebone Laminate – Livyatan Light

Ease of installation

Traditionally, one of the frustrations of installing laminate flooring was the complicated process of clicking the planks together. However, modern laminate floors have improved click systems that reduce installation time and increase precision. This makes laminate flooring installation more accessible to DIYers and professionals alike, making the installation process more efficient and less labour-intensive. This is especially true for Whalebone Laminate floors, which feature a universal click connection. This eliminates the need to work with left and right parts, making the process even more efficient!

Water-resistant innovations

Although laminate has traditionally been susceptible to moisture, recent innovations have led to the development of water-resistant laminate floors. These floors use advanced technologies, such as ‘water-resistant’ coatings and improved sealing between planks, making them less susceptible to water damage. For example, the extra-wide laminate floors are water-resistant for up to 4 hours. This innovation broadens the application possibilities of laminate, making it suitable for kitchens too.

Big, bigger, biggest

Floer Landhuis Lichte Eik ruimtelijk effect met breed laminaatSfeer
Floer Country House Laminate – Light Oak

The innovations mentioned above were mainly aimed at practical convenience, but as the saying goes: the eye wants something too. In this day and age, nothing seems big enough, and we at Floer understand this all too well. We have given several floors a larger dimension to meet this trend. Take for example the Whalebone Click Vinyl floors, a longer and wider version of the well-known herringbone click Vinyl floors. An XL slab herringbone floor? No problem, the Whalebone Click Vinyl floors are also available in a slab version. Or consider the Authentic Laminate, whose planks have impressive dimensions of no less than 220 cm! By opting for an extra wide or long floor, you create the illusion of a room that appears optically wider than it really is.

Innovations within the flooring world, especially in Vinyl, laminate and parquet, promise an exciting future for consumers and designers. With sustainability, advanced technology and contemporary design as driving forces, consumers have more choices than ever before. Whether it is water resistance, realistic textures or durability, flooring is playing a very important role in creating stylish and functional spaces.

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