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We all love a good quality vinyl floor, and its durability and versatility have made it a popular choice for homeowners. But as the years go by, more and more technologies and innovations come into play. MEGAMAT vinyl is one of them, it came on strong and has quickly became a major player in the market. If you are still a bit confused about what it is and how it differs from regular vinyl, we’ve got you covered! In this blog we will give you some insights and explore the key differences between standard vinyl and MEGAMAT Vinyl.

MEGAMAT vinyl vs standard vinyl

Gloss level and appearance

So first of all, let us look at the specifics of what makes MEGAMAT vinyl truly mega-matt. In general, it all comes down to the gloss level of the vinyl, which is determined by the PU lacquer layer. And if you know anything about gloss levels, you have probably heard the rule of thumb: the lower the gloss level, the more matt the floor. Standard vinyl has a gloss level between 3 and 5. Whereas our MEGAMAT vinyl has a gloss level of 2, making the floor extremely matt. Wondering why the more matt the floor, the better? Well, although in some cases higher gloss level can be aesthetically pleasing, in most situations, nobody wants to see a window reflection on the floor 😉.

In fact, the MEGAMAT finish not only eliminates reflections, but also enhances the oak appearance which creates a more subtle and sophisticated look! What’s more, standard vinyl tends to show dirt and other scratches on your floor a little more, while the new finish hides imperfections and makes everyday wear and tear less noticeable.

Durability and maintenance

Floer Whalebone Vinyl – Cetus Cream

Although standard vinyl is popular for its durability, the surface of the standard vinyl can make imperfections stand out a bit more easily. Therefore, regular maintenance is required more often to keep it looking its best. MEGAMAT Vinyl, on the other hand, takes durability to an even higher level. The PU finish in this coating is equipped with ceramic bead technology, which in simple terms is microscopic ceramic particles built into the top layer of vinyl. This technology makes the floor even more resistant to scratches and general wear, thus it is an excellent choice for high traffic areas as it requires less maintenance. And we are sure you would rather have a relaxing weekend than cleaning your floor 🤭.

Design versatility

Standard vinyl offers a wide range of colours, patterns and textures, giving you endless possibilities to replicate any material you want. However, for those looking for a more sophisticated look, vinyl with a MEGAMAT finish may be a better choice. This finish further enhances the realistic texture, making the floor almost indistinguishable from real wood! It is therefore more suitable for those who want to achieve an elegant and more minimalist interior.

Floer Country House Rigid Click Vinyl – Grey Oak

A safe floor, a happy life…

Although all our vinyl floors are sustainably produced, MEGAMAT vinyl floors have even more quality marks and certifications. At Floer, we always want to make sure that your new floor is as safe as a children’s playground!

MEGAMAT Vinyl floors

Since the launch of our MEGAMAT Vinyl, we have been adding more and more floors with this special coating. And we have built up quite a collection so that everyone can find what they are looking for! Are you in love with the herringbone pattern and would like to have it with the MEGAMAT finish? Then take a look at our XL Herringbone Vinyl collection which is also available with a click connection or our newly launched Chevron Vinyl. Would you rather prefer straight planks? Then check out our Village Vinyl, Country House or Nature Click Vinyl floors. The possibilities are endless!

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